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#5572630 Graphical error defintion

Posted by Omali on 24 August 2015 - 10:06 AM


The game loading upside down is not a graphical error.


Are you talking about the camera facing south? That was an intentional update done to fix a bug until a permanent solution could be put into place.

#5572430 Disease ticks

Posted by Omali on 21 August 2015 - 06:10 PM

I am going to quit after my year is up. Screw this game and all of you that play it.


Feel free to stop posting here since you hate the game and all of us.


I think a more interesting discussion is could Runescape survive an entire year of no new content to retrench and fundamentally fix the game. Would it be worth it to reinvent the game a bit. I certainly don't think their current model is good for the long term health of the game.


Probably not. The current model isn't healthy

#5569201 Raids - The Liberation of Mazcab (13/07/2015 Update)

Posted by Omali on 20 July 2015 - 03:25 PM




Yeah, it's pretty dumb. There's no real reason to log on more than every 2 days lol.

There's no more reason to log on...

Then quit.

I have, more or less. I don't pay for membership anymore. I log in to do some f2p stuff every now and then.



Luckily there's old school if you don't want basic MMO features implemented ten years too late and on an engine that can barely support it.

#5566608 Dev Blog: Elite Skills

Posted by Omali on 27 June 2015 - 03:51 AM



Sweet. Been waiting 8 years for them to mention Archaeology as a possible skill... Well now elite skill.

So maybe we'll finally get to finish that boat they have been building the last how many years?

Oh hell, this game is littered with the half baked ideas that never became anything.



I miss the old days when Jagex would do some minor update and then do a graphical upgrade on Lumbridge, promise to update the other towns, and then never follow through on it up until their next engine upgrade when the cycle would start over again.

#5557545 Polls General Discussion

Posted by Omali on 01 May 2015 - 07:13 PM



totally not asking for minigame spotlight nope


This is the RuneScape equivalent of "so your birthday's coming up. Just as a side thought, what's your favorite band? Also you know how to rip CDs, right?"

#5549369 16-Mar-2015 - Ninja Graphical Updates | Skillcapes | Pyramid Plunder

Posted by Omali on 19 March 2015 - 03:34 AM

The idea of doing a quest speedrun is okay, but the fact that the rhetoric used to explain it is that it's supposed to be a competition for everyone doesn't make sense when not everyone can participate.

It doesn't mean there'd be no complaining if they simply explained it as a newbie account quest speed run challenge, but it hardly incentivizes people to do quests like they're claiming nor is it a fair challenge. plus then it'd be crystal clear that they're just using it as a way to make people create new accounts to get another month's worth of membership from them and boy, can't have that


I'm sure that it's partially to boost account creation for Jagex's next Guinness Book record.

#5546372 Behind the Scenes - March 2015

Posted by Omali on 28 February 2015 - 01:49 AM



I hope the 200th quest includes more frustrating action mechanics that neither the game's tickrate, shoddy controls, wonderfully unstable servers can handle, because that wasn't annoying enough in the Zamorak Heist quest.

#5544337 [16-2-15] Ninja Update – Return of the Wildywyrm

Posted by Omali on 16 February 2015 - 02:24 PM

The wildywyrm rare drops have a global announcement so if you do manage to get lucky you'd better hightail your ass out of there.

#5544328 [16-2-15] Ninja Update – Return of the Wildywyrm

Posted by Omali on 16 February 2015 - 01:34 PM

Wow Jagex, removing cups of tea as elf rewards? 0/10, do you even know balance?


Then again, Jagex has always hated people who play tea party, so this update isn't so surprising. Back to Varrok then.

#5540841 Hati & Sköll - The Wolf Pack Returns

Posted by Omali on 25 January 2015 - 02:17 PM

Nub question: After I get all the rewards from Hati, Sköll, and Eir, I don't need to return and do the stuff again the next day, right?  This is just an event you do once and you're done?


Correct. If you didn't get the head/cloak or didn't do the spear/helmet trade, you could go back and keep trying to kill it but both drops are pretty common.

#5534412 Future Update Discussions

Posted by Omali on 14 December 2014 - 02:56 PM

Most people work/have classes between 1 and 5pm. 7pm pushes towards dinner time. 9 and 11pm seem appropriate, but maybe that's family time for him.


But to be fair: 14h between spawns were a horrible design, I'm glad it's now every 3 hours, as I have irregular hours for my classes, work and studying.


Family time? Ech.


Don't quote me on that, and don't tell my family.

#5523492 [DISCUSSION] Ironman mode

Posted by Omali on 13 October 2014 - 04:35 AM

Super iron man hardcore mode...

You must eat every hour in game and take one hour "naps" and a six hour "sleep".


You're eating and sleeping way too much.

#5517841 [DISCUSSION] Ironman mode

Posted by Omali on 10 September 2014 - 05:28 AM


Not a bad idea to have a separate topic for this, honestly, so that folks who don't frequent the 200m topic can find their way into the discussion.

My Suggestions: I made a post on the 200M All Skills topic about Ironamn mode. NO MTK, Only Drops are Coins, Bones, Ashes.

The idea is that Jagex is adding official support for the existing community varient of DIY; they're just renaming it "Ironman." They aren't creating a new hard game-mode from scratch.

The widely-accepted DIY rules say nothing about MTK or fiddling with monster drops; it'd actually be impossible to obtain most high-end equipment if you couldn't get it from monster drops and also couldn't buy it from players! And MTK is an excellent source of resources for DIY players that doesn't involve interacting with other players, so there's no reason to exclude that for DIY players. I see no reason to alter the drops Ironman characters get from monsters or to bar MTK.


With MTK: That is an Easy way to get resources though. DIY means: Get the resources yourself. You want Herbs? Farm. You want Logs: Cut Trees You want Coal: Mine it

Monster drops: They shouldn't drop: Armor, Runes, Arrows, Gems, etc Resources.





That isn't how Ironman mode works.

#5517500 Stigma with Sexual Orientations and Identities

Posted by Omali on 08 September 2014 - 03:47 PM

why would i troll about something i believe in? something i wanted and thought other people wanted, if you believe i am not genuine and use a charecter from a tv show which really is just an abuse on gay people, daffyd was just a sterotype of what people find gays to be, making them into a mockery, the fact you have even used that as an example looks to me as though you have no respect for the gay community.


So you can better understand Daffyd's character: 

#5517478 Stigma with Sexual Orientations and Identities

Posted by Omali on 08 September 2014 - 02:34 PM

well i have decided to join that are accepting to the gay community and the leader is brilliant i am glad that someone pm'd me on here telling me about the clan, i wont say who they are through fear of them being shunned or rejected like i seem to have been by the community on here, luckily one person managed to speak up but had to hide in pm to avoid being ridiculed by the people on here, sadly i dont think people are ready for us gays yet in rs but luckily this clan is highly accepting, i just hope that one day the people here can finally accept this is life and not have to be against who we are :(


The more you post, the more sure I become that you just joined to troll. Ignoring the numerous openly gay members of Tip.It, several of which have posted in this thread, and claiming an anonymous person had to hide their post because they were being harassed by people on this forum? I don't believe you are genuine at all, and your presence here is to stir the pot and since you see that it is obviously not working, you're just throwing everything you can to try and rile people up, calling this community homophobic and claiming that you're being rejected because you're gay and we're homphobes. You're about as authentic as Daffyd from Little Britain.