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In Topic: Jewish woman claims rape.

22 July 2010 - 12:55 AM

Love (as in sex) knows only one language and it was consensual.
this is a racist action deployed by Israel. Not the guys fault she believed in his lies
she deserved it (karma)

In Topic: SB1070 Immigration Bill passes in Arizona

28 April 2010 - 03:24 AM

I'm not going to support any anti-immigration laws until America or the states pass more anti-crime laws with their own people AND be more anti-drug.

You're complaining about illegals commiting crimes here when you got whites and blacks doing [cabbage] here. You complain about drugs when whites and blacks from America make up the majority of the drug buyers of this hemisphere.

Because it makes NO sense to try and enforce one law to a better degree until you can do the same for EVERYTHING. Ye. That doesn't make sense.

About time they did something more. We actually NEED racial profiling. Last time I checked it wasn't white Christians flying planes into towers, or bombing subways.

wasn't the Oklahoma City Bombing done by Timmothy McVeigh and he definitely had accomplices but I think only one got charged. These guys were white, and christian. Oh and this wasnt even 20 yrs ago

In Topic: Stephen Hawking warns against aliens

26 April 2010 - 09:45 AM

Yea I know. My mom says that somewhere in the Bible it says God only made Earth for humans. I can't find the verse, so shes probably making [cabbage] up like she usually does. And I know there probably is life out there, but you can't say there are aliens. If you're looking at it from an atheistic stand point, theres actually more proof for God than aliens. IMO.

I don't understand, why couldn't there be God and aliens? I don't think the bible ever says that aliens don't exist.

ya, cause that would be the next best scapegoat reason religion would have to keep believing in god

In Topic: SB1070 Immigration Bill passes in Arizona

26 April 2010 - 02:08 AM

i have heard the time for a MEXICAN CITIZEN to get a green card to come to US from the time they turn in the application to by the time its processed and accepted is 15-20 yrs. who the [bleep] in the right mind is gonna wait that long. and if u want to argue the stat than i suggest u research it up. it took my dad's side of the family 10+yrs alone to get their cards to come live in the US from the middle east.

In Topic: Stephen Hawking warns against aliens

26 April 2010 - 02:04 AM

the chance of there not being thousands, if not millions of other populated planets among the countless billions upon billions of planets out there amongst our 100 bilion plus galaxies is so stupidly small, it'd be a cruel joke of nature if we're the only advanced biological lifeform out there. the chance of this life having evolved into a form resembling our own is however roughly the same, there are so many minute differences in the evolutionary chain from the single celled organism that life must start out as, its just imposible that many of these worlds have actually evolved a humanoid lifeform that has then survived.
and as for people saying well why would aliens come along and throw us into oblivion for our small, crowded planet, well because the opposite would require morals, and morals are a very human thoght pattern.

the evolutionary chain/cycle on another planet, solar system, galaxy can possibly have a huge variance of speed faster or even slower than our own.... your post sounds as if it's assuming evolution is only a slow progression as if it were a Constant when in fact there are instances of fast progression of evolution on our own planet