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In Topic: What happened to these forums?

07 February 2019 - 02:02 PM


What are you talking about? I still get an email on my AOL account every time the Tip.it MySpace has an update.

Your Tip.ItSpace account still works? Dag. I lost the password to mine years ago.


I too am disheartened that there aren't posts on the forum.


But then again, I'm also incredibly guilty of not posting on the forum very much..

It's something everyone's guilty of at some point or other.
Also, some of the busiest posters were also some of those who got in the most trouble (I'm looking at you Arceus, you bad apple :lol:). Not all mind you, but some. They pushed discussions forward and sometimes they would descend into arguments which would sometimes drunkenly stumble into rule-breaking territory. Goodness knows I dealt with enough of them before I left. Mrs Chips said earlier that the staff and mods here were corrupt and working against the community, and except for obfuscator taking bribes ( :P) I know that we weren't and most of you know that we weren't (Kim dealt with that wonderfully already so I really don't want to get into it again, but bear with me here). Unfortunately there were some who we would give warnings/suspensions/bans to who certainly felt like that and, yes, some of them left for what they felt were greener pastures with looser rules. Some just moved to different sections of the forum with looser rules (some are still there!). I still remember a point a several months after I became a mod where thing seemed to quiet down nicely (for us anyway) and the worst things we had to deal with were spambots and the odd infraction. Maybe we were too late though. Maybe the damage had already been done and once we got things quieted down again, too many people who didn't like seeing that kind of stuff on the main discussion board had already left never to return.
It's hard for me to speculate having been gone so long, but from what I understand Jagex has stopped fansite support and that certainly wouldn't have helped us any either.


Well, the thing is, the forum should be moderated as well as every public place. Btw, I feel you so much about this, that I clean up even my Instagram account. I use the https://spamguardapp.com/ app.