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In Topic: Today...

Yesterday, 11:42 PM

TODAY I watched a pre-recorded rerun of "The Little Mermaid LIVE" with my son. 


I liked the part where Shaggy played Dracula.




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In Topic: Today...

Yesterday, 07:41 PM

my wife and i swore to celibacy at our wedning


I've never been married. Btw, here are some more pics of me & my son:


nrpUOJt.jpg WsmB8Gc.jpg



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In Topic: Today...

Yesterday, 07:36 AM

Now back to my evil nemesis, Justin GED Ead aka Jebrim...




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In Topic: Today...

Yesterday, 05:36 AM

Since I'm already talking about it, I'd like to point out that I went back to college for Math & Civil after I had been raped & had a kid. I had a knife held to my throat & was raped when I was 16. They caught the guy who did it around a year later, after he had raped a 5 year old & 12 year old (The guy was in his 30s). Because I was 16, I would've had to testify in court, when I didn't want to talk about it at all at the time. But because I didn't testify, I never received child support. Ever. 


It was my choice to not have an abortion - choice being the operative word.


Anyway, I play music for dances & teach dancing, because I'm able to bring my family with me. I don't like going anywhere alone. I'm not afraid of dudes...actually, I just wish I could kick a lot of them in the crotch for being idiots. But ppl seem to have some kind of problem with me being in poverty. Idfc if I'm poor. It is a lot better than if I had to be around men all the time irl & be annoyed by them.


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In Topic: Today...

Yesterday, 03:15 AM

So anyway, I wanted to be a singing, dancing, cartoonist movie director when I grew up. There are no film schools around here.


I dropped out of college when I was 16 as a Music major. My dad wanted me to be a Music major & my mom wanted me to be an English major.


I was going around to various music festivals & dance conventions shortly after this time. I was at a music fest, when some musician dude there was bragging about his Philosophy degree. I was like, "lol, what an idiot," & decided to enroll back into another university. 


Well, I had to figure out what I was going to major in & thought, "What is the most random ass thing I could major in that has nothing to do with anything I do?" I went through the list of majors & choose Engineering because it was the most unexpected thing to do & would most definitely piss off that Philosophy dude...along with other dudes. However, I did choose Civil because of the first Sims game. Plus, my dance teacher from when I was younger had her Accounting degree she never used (her dad managed her money) hanging on the wall of her dance studio & I thought that was random and awesome af.


It wasn't until a few semesters into the Civil program that I picked up the Math major, after being nagged my professors in the Math department to major in it.


One time, my Differential Equations professor told me I was an enigma & I got all mad about it and was like, "NOU." Then I went & looked up "enigma" in the dictionary because I didn't know WTF it even meant.




I still want to be a singing, dancing, cartoonist movie director when I grow up.


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