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Behind the Scenes October

01 October 2011 - 10:35 AM

I often think back to boss monsters I fought when I was merely a low level adventurer with nothing but full mith and a few hundred herring to my name. Back then, killing Delrith or going toe to claw with the evil chicken was a major achievement, but it would be awesome to be able to fight them again with all my shiny stats and equipment...just to show them who’s boss now!
Imagine a sentient tower that can trawl through your memories, allowing you to relive those fights in a new, purpose-built combat arena. Imagine a tower that can give you challenges based around those unlocked bosses, giving you arcade-style bonuses and weaknesses as you progress to the top. Imagine a tower that can reward you for completing those challenges with unique gear, allowing you to show off your progress and flaunt your success in the battered faces of your enemies.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...for at the very end of this month we will be bringing members... the DOMINION TOWER!


Fight over fifty different boss monsters; engage with multiple fight modes to test your skills from endurance mode to climber mode; cope with over 20 new combat handicaps; battle in 8 brand new speciality battles, using dominion weapons and bombs. Once you’re done, chuck down a marker with your achievements, see how you’ve competed on the high score table and mock your rivals as they fail.

As well as generous Combat XP and new consumable items to use on the surface world, you’ll also have the chance to unlock the dominion glove sets, designed to offer new “unarmed” combat options and offer some of the best stats available for the glove slot. Plus you’ll get to play with the deadly dreadnip; a new ally to help you in your hardest and toughest fights yet to come. We are even intending to run a special sneak preview session at RuneFest this month to allow those attending to have full access to the tower on special test servers, and even invite the players there to design their own, brand-new dominion boss!

Chat Changes and Camera Controls

We’re adding new ways for you to control your camera movement by adding a new mouse cam. Sadly, this isn’t a small rodent with CCTV strapped to its back (which would be cool too), but it does allow you to use your middle mouse button to change your camera angle - which means you can navigate the game world using solely the mouse. To use the feature, you’ll simply need to hold the middle mouse wheel to pitch and rotate the view. Our chat features are going through a massive overhaul too, and will soon be able to offer features like auto wrapping text and chat “modes”, allowing you to change your default typing mode from “public” to “Clan”, “Friends”, “guest clan” etc. This is designed to make chatting in different modes even easier but will still allow users to stick to their old “//” methods if they prefer.

It’s worthwhile noting that all of these camera and chat changes affect both the free and members versions of the game, and were based on suggestions from our players via our forums and fan sites, as well as those in game.

The Pit (Agility Distraction and Diversion)

If you find yourself training your Agility skill towards the end of this month you might find yourself bumping into a mysterious talent scout who’s interested in finding some candidates for “The Pit”, RuneScape’s newest and least forgiving D&D. It’s somewhere you’ll only be able to reach via an invite, though, as you take on one of 6 different madcap events designed to give you a well-deserved break from your favourite Agility spot and test your luck and skills. Those that do well will earn generous XP rewards, unique cosmetic gear and the respect of the crazy characters at the course. Are you good enough to catch the talent scout’s eye? Start running laps and find out if you’ve got what it takes!

Halloween 2011 – Deathcon 2

Where better to hold a Halloween event than the citadel of Death himself? Grim is inviting all comers to his own Halloween-themed castle to help out with Deathcon 2, a 2 week convention to celebrate all things spooky. Meet new characters and old favourites as you engage with perplexing puzzles and catastrophic conundrums, earning you new cosmetic items, a new emote and a chance for non-clan members to see what citadels are all about. There’s even an exceptionally cool hourglass item available only to RuneScape members for this Halloween, so be sure you’re subscribed during Deathcon 2 if you want to get your hands on it. There’s plenty to see and do as you help Death and his horsemen get everything ready for the evil event of the year.

With both RuneFest and Deathcon 2 happening at the same time, I wonder if Grim has anything special in store for us. Don’t forget....nothing is certain apart from Death itself.

Have fiendish fun!
Mod Mark
Lead Designer

New Year Message - 31-Dec-2009

31 December 2009 - 02:18 PM

A very happy New Year to you all! We hope that you are filling your boots with good cheer and Party Pete-like celebrations.

During the first half of 2009 we learnt a whole lot from our community and focused mostly on improving our underlying technology and switching back to weekly updates. While this was possibly less exciting to some, it was very necessary to set the stage to make possible the updates we had planned for the second half of the year. Looking back at 2009, there have been some pretty big updates. A few highlights include:

Finishing the goblin storyline with The Chosen Commander.
High-level training updates for several skills with the Living Rock Caverns, the Agility extensions and the Woodcutting sawmill.
New rewards for skills, like the ancient curses, the extreme potions and the dragon pickaxe.
The Evil Tree.
Cool quests like Curse of Arrav, Blood Runs Deep, Hunt for Red Raktuber and The Temple at Senntisten.
The Objective and Advisor systems.
And let’s not forget about new support for resizing the game window (even in Standard Detail mode) - no more playing in a tiny window!
So, what is the new year going to bring? For one, we want to continue producing quests at the rate and quality that we have been, which means expanding the most popular storylines and bringing a couple to dramatic conclusions. We’ll also be casting a critical eye over our existing skills, searching for holes, and filling them with new training activities and rewards. That’s before we even mention the new skill that is coming in 2010! And yes, there will be new combat equipment as well, and also a new Grandmaster quest – but more on that closer to release.

Of course, we haven’t planned every single update yet because we want to take on board your ideas for RuneScape content as well, and naturally give ourselves the spare resources to make it happen. RuneScape’s success over the last decade wouldn’t have been possible without your passionate input, and we promise to continue to solicit and take on board your feedback. So, go to the forums and get your ideas seen, heard, then - in some cases – even played in 2010!

We hope you have a great one!

Andrew, Mark Gerhard and Mod Fetzki

My bank 6 days after i found out i got hacked

07 December 2009 - 03:34 PM

On Thursday morning, i tried logging in to funorb to play armies of gielinor and i find out my pass got changed.
did pass recovery and it got denied(my fault, put some wrong info :P) and then my acc got locked.

did another recovery and after 3 days it got accepted.
I login to find that my pin got changed, my recovery questions gone and all my friends deleted lol( i only got 12 friends in my list now) :P

The hacker tried to make Uaexkiller his by changing everything and also made it member
since i didnt know the new pin...i had to wait 3 days for it to get deleted and this is what i find in my bank today

Posted Image

Spotlight Suggestions

10 June 2009 - 09:13 PM

Mod Crow started a new suggestions thread that allows people to suggest their ideas for a particular topic which changes every week.

Current Skill: Runecrafting, PVP Weapons/Armour

Topics can be found at Suggestions - PvP and at Suggestions - Skills

Greetings all!

Here at Jagex we are always happy to hear every suggestion which you may have. These suggestions help us shape the game and introduce the content that you want us to provide. We know that you all have many opinions on what we could do to make the game better, but you might not always choose to share these suggestions.

This thread aims to change that! The way this thread will work is that we're going to put up a weekly topic for discussion where you can give us the suggestions you think would make an excellent addition to the game.

This is not a guaranteed content thread, so we can't promise that the things you suggest will definitely make it into the game, nor does it refer to any content which may be under development or planned for development.

The topic for suggestion this week is:

Extensions to the RuneCrafting Skill

We would like you to let us know what further features you think RuneCrafting could feature. We're specifically looking for further extensions rather than changes to the existing method.

In order to make your suggestion please try sticking to the following template. This will make it easier for us and everyone else to review your idea:

Suggestion Title: The name of the extension

Brief Description: Aim for around 100 words

Requirements: What levels do they need, whats quests do they need to have done

(Optional) Detailed Description Say as much as you like!

Remember that this is not a reflection on planned content and that we cannot guarantee that anything suggested will be a feature in the game. However, we think that the best people to ask about the game are the people who play!

Please also ensure that your suggestion focuses only on the discussion topic stated. If you want to make suggestions for another topic then use the regular forums or wait for the next thread in a weeks time.

Development Diaries Q&A ~Update-new Diary Q&A~

29 May 2009 - 01:03 PM

Every week when a diary is released, Jmods answers some questions about the diaries that people ask.

If a diary is not here, its been eaten by the 51 page monster in RSOF forums so i can't get them :lol:

Ill be updating this every week with the new Q&A

Latest Update - 8th June - New Diary Q&A and few more Q&A for dwarf 4

Design Review

New Dwarf Quest

Dev diary

QA Development Diary

Development Diary

Dev Diary Fairy Graphics 2

New Dwarf Quest