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Warning - Fake email scam

31 March 2007 - 12:19 PM

From : Jagex Staff

Sent : 31 March 2007 06:49:45

To :

Subject : Urgent Information Regarding Your Account

It seems your account information may have been compromised. Please reset your password here or your account will be permanently banned. You have 3 days before action is taken against your account. All black marks will be removed upon completion and we recommend that you scan your computer for any spyware that may be infecting it. Thank you.

I removed the link too, if anyone gets it it is a scam

|My Goals and Achievements| - A Stakers Blog - From 2M to 725M in 7 days

25 March 2007 - 10:23 PM

My goals and achievements!

2011 Bio

2007 Bio

In runescape I hang out on world 36 most of the time, and I am the Co-Founder of FFDN, www.ffdn36.com . I've and have played RS since early 2002 and have an active classic account.

Currently i'm Staking

Latest News

Apologies for some pictures not showing, been a long time and hence some have been removed from the hosting site.


Firstly, my aim isn't to show pages and pages of stakes i've won. I'm simply posting here a "blog" of my day to day profits/losses when staking in the duel arena.

Of course if I win an abnormally large stake, i'll post it.


Initial cash pile (1st Feb): ~2M
Current cash pile (5th Feb): 765M
Overall profit: 763M
Overall gain: 38250%

9th Feburary

The 8th was a bad day. From 725M I lost 230M putting me back down on 495M. Mostly staking to the same person in a range stake - he was 75 range.

However today I bounced back with winnings of 270M putting me back on track. No pictures of big stakes saved.

Started with 725M (7th), finishing on 765M(9th). Profit of 40M, gain of 106%.

Posted Image

7th Feburary

Wow, today has been a big day. Started of with 272M from yesterday, and I had a 20M stake getting my to 295M. Then a guy with 80 range 4x's me his santa, and I win (here).After that some lower stakes leaving me hovering around the 300M mark (+ a santa). I then log into W54 and i r proddd approaches me and we start some box stakes. Starting lower to begin with 20M, 50M stakes, then a big jump as we do a 300M stake. One of the closest fights ever, but I lose. He rematches me, and I win back 150M (didn't save picture). We re-do the 300M stake, and I win (here). I then clean him (here).

Finishing for the evening on 720M (+ some junk).

Started with 272M, finishing on 725M. Profit of 453M, gain of 267%.

Posted Image

Big stakes

Santa, 20M, 50M, 100M, 300M, 80M

6th Febuary

5th Febuary

4th Febuary

3rd Febuary

2nd Febuary

1st Febuary