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Everything is cooler when it's doubled.

25 September 2010 - 10:40 PM

Everything is cooler when it's doubled:


Posted Image


Posted Image

And ofcourse also...


Posted Image

Rate/hate - I'm quite happy with it, although you don't have to do it for the cash anymore.

An Alternative Use For The Ape Agility Course.

29 April 2010 - 08:35 PM

Posted Image

Finally! :^_^:

The lack of junior clans.

22 December 2009 - 05:19 PM

Junior clans like Phobia, 'The' Futures, ... have been closed quite a long time ago. I wonder why, I never understood why junior clans aren't popular anymore, since I personally was in 1 and I can assure you it's a great way to train up to join a big clan. I also think that if you're in a junior clan you can have a lot of training & clan experience before actually joining a senior clan, so it would be a good way to get more quality members, if done correctly. I think that the junior clan world is an important factor to get the senior world back on their feet, because it could make some smaller clans stronger by hosting joint trips. I also think that there is an underestimated group of people around combat 80-90 who want to join a clan but can't, because they are too low and or quit or don't train up anymore and join a skill clan for example.

So I have a few thoughts, pick the ones out you want to discuss or state why you're for/against them:

- If you're in a clan, as a staff member - would you consider making a junior clan? (note: a junior clan are members of around level 75-100 who can train up for a senior clan)

- Do you think junior clans will come back, or have a future in RS?

- Could junior clans improve the quality of the members eventually joining the senior clan?

Clan loyalty, less important these days?

28 November 2009 - 11:31 PM

I've been amused lately with the recent happenings, because I think the current clan situation is the consequence of the declining importance of clan loyalty in RuneScape. I'll explain what I mean.

These days the amount of clan members who have been in 1 clan only are very rare. Most clan members are loyal, but only for as long it goes well. I often compare those people with sheep. They follow the herd, if a clan is "hot" or "strong" they just join it and so on. True loyal clan people stick to their clan for as long they play RuneScape, for me the only reason to leave a clan is when your vision has become completely the opposite of the staffs ones, or even of your fellow clansmen. However, most RS players are a bit weak, they want succes now, they don't want to build up. I think the succes of clans like VR isn't that they have an exceptional history, that they have legendary leaders but just that they have the numbers. I admit, it's fun to be in a clan that goes out, cleans wild and then act victorious on helpsite forums. Nowadays there are few 'big' clans left, and more & more people are starting their own clan, or joining a clan without really taking the time to explore it. Back when I started to be involved in clans, around '05, people would really compare clans, hang out for a few days (even weeks) before intro-ing/applying & then after a lot of consideration join a clan. Nowadays, you leave your old clan and almost immediately join a new one. I couldn't do that, but a lot of people apperantely can.

Ofcourse the declining quality of some clans could be a reason there are less loyal clansmen, but I wonder if that's such an issue. It may sound far fetched, but in RS(2) everything has to go fast. Hardly no building up to something, hardly no patience which is reflected in the insanely fast training methods, the insanely high rewards from bosses and so on. I see that same trend in clans, if it all goes bad, why stay and wait until it becomes better? Let's join another clan which is better now. So I have 2 questions where I would like to see your answers on:

1. How important is loyalty in clans these days? 
2. Do long lasting members in a clan still recieve the respect they deserve?

Just an FYI.

24 October 2009 - 11:09 AM


I've posted my resignation from the clan staff about a week ago. It's still in process (I might stick around to moderate classic boards) but I have no time anymore to be an active clan mod. RL has been very busy lately and will be in the near future, so I couldn't offer you the activity you guys deserve. I wish the rest of the clan staff best of luck, I got faith in them they will do their best and will keep helping to continue the great work we as clan staff have done so far. It was a honour working with all you guys and it makes me very happy to see that the TWR is running great and tip.it has clan boards again that are an asset to the fansite.

Certainly with these new forums I see a very bright future for this clan section, so keep posting, warring & discussing stuff here. I'll stick around or at classic boards or just as regular user, and ofcourse on #clans.

Thanks for the good times guys!