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In Topic: Player Moderators: Are They Really Worthy?

16 November 2008 - 02:44 AM

Copied from a different forum, obviously by the pics from quite a while ago. But nevertheless goes with the points in this topic quite well...

Starts not too bad....

Posted Image

Posted Image

Then there's 2 of them...

Posted Image

Getting noobier...

Posted Image

Posted Image

How the hell do jagex pick these guys? :wall:

In Topic: A Godly Man's blog and guide to the perfect pure

10 November 2008 - 03:02 PM

Explain to me how you're pure at all, if you have prayer. That is a 1 def pker, not a pure. But good luck anyway.

In Topic: bloodrain69?

17 March 2006 - 07:05 AM

Just pm him. :P

In Topic: ranged...(rangers check this out)

17 March 2006 - 07:04 AM

The thing is, that it's stupid to pk as ranger, mage or melee.

Hybrid is the way to go, I my self use melee + mage or ranged + melee.

At the moment im getting 99 ranged, its a good help when you meet mages/mage melees.

Just get 94 mage and barrage like the other million "good" pkers that just use the same monotonous strategy. :x

In Topic: ranged...(rangers check this out)

17 March 2006 - 06:42 AM

thnx all for the replies i didn't expect this much,well and about the 30 hitting i ment with a special.altough that's 1 x30 and u have to wait a long time to hit it again

Still Can't hit 30. :wink:

well guys some of you are wrong.... mages were actually owning rangers.

Dont tell that mages are not way overpowered now...Block you from teleing then beat the cabbage out of you with damage spells. Ok rangers can still use this spells too... but did u see the -magic attack bonus on ranged armors. You will tell then use mystic mixed with ranged... less accurate with range now?

Thats why the seercul came out... but it didn't change anything... they forgot the dam stats restore pots

o well... i agree with this dude... rangers are not good anymore

two words...bull ***. the only adavantage a mage has over me is freezing or entagling me...but then i simply use crystal bow and hit with no problem. and i would be happy to prove it :D

Mage is over-powered lol. Oh, and mage short bow with rune arrows is better than crystal bow, and karils x-bow is even better than that.

Ranged has the ability to hit constantly and at distance (with Karils x-bow), but what it lacks is the ability to KO.