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Member Since 08 Feb 2005
Offline Last Active Jun 18 2015 06:47 AM

In Topic: Behind the Scenes - June 2015

05 June 2015 - 03:46 PM

Really excited about his month , however one thing has me worried : ' These raids feature stealth elements ', please God no, why do they keep adding stealth activities in quests. With the tick system they just do not work, isnt it enough they ruined Dishonor Among Thieves without ruining another quest with them.

In Topic: Aquarium – Player-Owned House Update

23 April 2015 - 12:39 AM

Agreed , it's a classic case of forgetting something rediculously obvious, then treating the fix as if it's a great update to it and that they're listening to the players. It clearly should have been there all along. Did they learn nothing from the "kill 1000 elves " debacle.

In Topic: Aquarium – Player-Owned House Update

21 April 2015 - 11:40 AM

I don't know if i'm just very lucky, or its just not as bad as initially thought. But through a,combination of prawn balls, pennies and crackers I have gotten 7 of the fish in around 3 hours.

In Topic: Aquarium – Player-Owned House Update

21 April 2015 - 01:03 AM

Darn it. I wax just about to ask that very question. Why on earth didn't they include a list! I too am losing track of the smaller fish . I think I just need the leaping trout and the regular salmon. But when I went into the aquarium to verify this I just got even more confused

In Topic: Update Size vs Frequency

27 March 2015 - 03:13 AM

What's MMGS new thing?