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#5563939 Behind the Scenes - June 2015

Posted by Blofeld on 05 June 2015 - 03:46 PM

Really excited about his month , however one thing has me worried : ' These raids feature stealth elements ', please God no, why do they keep adding stealth activities in quests. With the tick system they just do not work, isnt it enough they ruined Dishonor Among Thieves without ruining another quest with them.

#5540411 Rune Labs Discussion

Posted by Blofeld on 22 January 2015 - 04:26 PM

The Runelabs ideas page has depressed me more than anything in RS in a long time and really is the definition of 'this is why we can't have nice things'. No one seems to have read or listened to anything related to what it was supposed to be about, or the guidelines, let alone that ideas needed to be for a 'medium sized piece of content. Instead  it seems it is being treated as a rebadged forum where you can post whatever the hell you like , regardless of its usefullness.   It's hard not to come away with the conclusion that the game is played entirely by 11 year olds based upon the posts.


I know that this community and ones like Reddit tend to be a bit more obsessive than the average player, and a lot of us follow very closely everything Jagex announces. But I at least hoped those posting would have a vague awareness of what jagex has said is not viable , or not likely to ever happen.   The amount of posts I have seen saying things along the line of 'my idea is that smithing should be reworked', or 'my idea is that minigames should be made so people play them again'  as if they believe theyre the first ones to have come to such a genius revelation makes me fuming mad.            Every one knows half of the problems being posted about in one line suggestions, the entire point of Runelabs is for people to suggest ways to fix the problems, not just point them out.


My biggest worry currently is how much time is going to be wasted by Jagex staff moderating and monitoring Runelabs to the stage where a feasible idea can be picked, not to mention with this much community involvement how much extra time it will take to develop the content.    I think  the man hours it will have taken to secure each release will probably be 2-3 times more than a typical update, I dont know about other people, but I would rather have 2-3 normal updates updates than one that was 'designed by the players'.

#5540067 Rune Labs Discussion

Posted by Blofeld on 20 January 2015 - 02:50 PM

Is there a way on Rune Labs to view the suggestions that are getting the most attention/support. All I can see currently is to view the most recent support which seems 99% full of ridiculous spam suggestions like 'add more quests and 'raise the skill cap'.    I was under the impression it would function similar to reddit where the most popular ideas would be at the top. Currently things just get buried by new posts.     Am I just missing a really obvious button somewhere?

#5535549 Future Update Discussions

Posted by Blofeld on 22 December 2014 - 10:52 AM

By voice acting being disappointing do they mean not many players turn audio on for quests, so its not financially worthwhile to do it? If so thats frustrating because I love the voice acting

#5535476 Future Update Discussions

Posted by Blofeld on 21 December 2014 - 10:18 PM

I would really like an emphasis on updating the graphics as well as the skills this year. In the second half of 2012 and the first half of 2013, they had a massive push on graphical updates that came seemingly out of nowhere. They completely overhauled Al-Karid, Draynor, Rimmington, The Wizards Tower, Castle Wars, the GE and pretty much all of the dungeons, all while keeping a regular weekly update schedule. It really showed how quickly they can update things when they want to. I would really like to see another push on rejuvination like this again.


I personally would like port phasmatys redone the most, because whilst theres not a lot specifically in the town, i go through it a heck of a lot heading to celestials, araxxor, farming runs, penguins etc and it looks dire. Others in need are places like Ardy and Yanille, thoough ardy would deffinitely be a massive project.  If the game is going to survive it needs to be completely updated to the standards of 2014.

#5534688 15 December 2014 - Snowboarding & Tirannwn Task Set

Posted by Blofeld on 16 December 2014 - 03:04 AM

I always strangely enjoy doing the task sets , even though they're largely pointless trivial tasks theres something worryingly satisfying about gradually ticking off a list.

#5530728 Another new game for Jagex

Posted by Blofeld on 20 November 2014 - 03:11 PM

I hope it works, because Jagex really needs to get some success outside of Runescape. From what I can judge, Transformers really doesn't seem to be doing so well so far, though it does seem to be stuck in perpetual Beta, or has it been properly released yet already? I really can't tell as when they first they released the Beta they marketed it a hell of a lot as if it was already a finished product and not a demo.


My big concern is they seem hell bent on copying the flavours of the moment, just tweaking them slightly currently:


  • Transformers- trying to get in on the MOBA market
  • Chronicle-repackaging Hearthstone 
  • Block N Load-seems to be ripping off Minecraft far more than makes me comfortable

This lack of innovation and desperation to get a 'Twitch hit' seems to be their Achilles heel.

#5529718 10th Nov 2014 - Prifddinas - Lost City of the Elves - Part 2

Posted by Blofeld on 14 November 2014 - 03:25 PM



Comp Capes aside, a lot of Batch 2 is a severe letdown:


-The Prayer method is awful; too much gp/xp, inferior to practically every other preexisting method.


-The Divination training method (Shadow Cores) is completely impractical. The monsters take significant effort to kill, and the Shadow Cores (which give the divination experience) are actually uncommon drops.


-Edimmus are a complete joke. They have 32K hp, yet give 800 slayer experience (Kalgerions which also have 32k hp give 1800+ slayer experience); they have shit loot; shit charms (Kalgerions give triple charms), are aggressive so they can be annoying if you get gang-banged by multiple Eddimus, and yeah. Even the Shadow, the Manifest one, I believe, gives 930 slayer experience, despite having half the hp the Eddimmu does, being non-aggressive and being much easier to kill - that's a complete joke. The Blood Necklace doesn't work on bosses - another drawback.


- The agility course is good, but the camera zooming is very annoying (like Livid).


- Crafting is pretty meh.


- What they did to thieving is a travesty. Significantly reduced the brawler rate, the coin rewards, and a lot of the clans have unnoted shit troll loot that clogs up your inventory and interferes with AFK'ing.


-Harmony Moss was advertised as an alternate way to train farming, yet despite the tremendous effort required, it gives shit farming experience.


-The MAW/Shards has a variety of absolutely shit rewards which are a complete slap in the face of the effort that it took to obtain the shards (each shard took 1 hour, 10 are required for 1 prize, and half the time it's 10-20K gp or some rune item; absolutely unacceptable).


-Still no altar and obelisk in Max Guild.


But yeah, so much potential wasted in Elf City. A major disappointment.


Really at the moment the problem does not lay with the content itself, its the fact that the balancing is absolutely atrocious. I want to do many of these activities, but the numbers are just ridiculous


The divination part is so clearly broken due to how uncommon the shadow cores are, it genuinely seems like no one ever tested it. Not to mention how surprisingly strong the monsters are.


The thieving was previously fine-1-2m gp/hr was not game breaking at all. Again, what mod thought single divination energies and cups of tea were okay as drops.


For the amount of effort taken to grow it moss should reward several thousand xp per harvest, not the pitiful current amount.


As for the prayer training method I found it really amusing that in the Q&A last week when asked about the rates, the developers commented that the poor cost and xp rates wouldn't matter because people would do it so they could socialize due to it being more afk.   Have they even met the current community, or played the game. Cost and xp rate trump everything.



I really hope they stick to what they boast about most: listening to us. But I fear we'll be fobbed off with an excuse again.   Has anyone listened to the latest podcast to see if it addressed anything?

#5528994 10th Nov 2014 - Prifddinas - Lost City of the Elves - Part 2

Posted by Blofeld on 10 November 2014 - 07:32 PM


Nope, all new reqs are just normal.

edit: Misread your question; none with this batch, buying the ability for fero ring to tele to Morvran was from last batch.


Well that itself speaks volumes, it seems obvious to me there should have been about a 50-50 split.   Don't get me wrong I think some of them are perfectly reasonable and I look forward to trying all the content out (can't wait to get home from work currently). However it is clear that some of them are unreasonably grindy/RNG dependent. Why was it needed to both get the journals from the agility course and do 200 laps for example?

#5525356 Future Update Discussions

Posted by Blofeld on 23 October 2014 - 01:53 PM

I think they could have tried a lot harder to meet there goal of 8 quests at the start of the year.  Its quite strange that they openly said, we have taken on board feedback that there wasn't enough quests, so will be doing more, and then did nothing to even try achieve it. Seems poor leadership to me. Perhaps the elf city has just taken far more time and resources than they thought.   But given that 2 of the 5 quests we've had so far this year used recycled graphics, and shadow over ashdale was pretty menial, the amount of genuine time invested in quests is arguably even less this year.


There was such momentum with the dawn of the sixth age last year, now it seems if we have 2 more pieces of content related to the sixth age in the next 12 months we'll be lucky. I know the world events were controversial in that they required quite a bit of time just for a temporary event, but there seems to be very little intention to do one of  a similar scale to the last ones again any time soon.

#5523168 Runefest 2014 Discussion

Posted by Blofeld on 11 October 2014 - 12:49 PM

Could people post information/pictures today please? I'm not able to tune in.

#5522668 Runefest 2014 Discussion

Posted by Blofeld on 08 October 2014 - 04:09 PM

Are they planning on there being a formal big launch for Transformers Universe, or was the launch of the beta that launch? I'm confused as to how and when they plan to transition from beta into the proper game. I'd also love to know how many people they have actually playing it.

#5522552 Runefest 2014 Discussion

Posted by Blofeld on 07 October 2014 - 07:31 PM

I think the biggest problem Jagex has with coming out with new games is that a lot of us view that we've sunk so  many hours into this one, we wouldn't want to start a fresh with a new game or take time out of progress in Runescape.


Therefore my hope for this would be a standalone game in its own right, that gives benefits and/or bonuses in Runescape itself as well. Perhaps even something suitable for phones or tablets.  

#5519858 [Update] Prifddinas - Lost City of the Elves

Posted by Blofeld on 22 September 2014 - 01:28 PM

I have never begrudged being stuck at work more in my life. I am very much looking forward getting home and exploring/getting stuck into the comp reqs this evening!

#5518465 Mod MMG leaves Jagex

Posted by Blofeld on 13 September 2014 - 08:59 PM

In all honesty in my opinion its not RS he's getting out of before it goes south. I would say its just as likely he's getting out in case Transformers completely tanks, because the investment in that and has been done entirely under his leadership. Theres a lot to lose career wise with it.