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In Topic: ~ .:: Wyvern mystery finally solved ! - no elem shield ::. ~

21 July 2007 - 06:43 PM


Ya, I made a guide like this over a year ago, not sure if defenders were out at the time because I quit RS 6+ months ago and dont remember when updates were.


So gratz on telling people something thats been known for 15+ months....

In Topic: An odd idea in the shower this morning...

18 July 2007 - 03:22 PM

Well, I was taking a shower, and thinking... about just random stuff really, but then it dawned on me... there is a major reason why RuneScape is the way it is right now (a.k.a. bad), and I think I know how to help it along in the right direction.

Well, one day I was playing Castle Wars, and a guy on my team was clearing the tunnels so the enemy could get through with our flag. I told him to stop, and explained why we needed it to be closed, and he said the two famous words, "make me." Make me! The nerve of that kid! He was level... I believe 74, or 76, but that doesn't matter. Now, most people do mean things because no one can do anything to them... no lashback if you will. What were to happen if we did add a "lashback"? What if, we brought back world-wide pking? I know, it started off being that one team owns everyone else, and that's why the wilderness was made, but, why not have better rules on it? I mean, WWPking could do some good. I mean, this way, if someone were being annoying, we really could make them stop, and they would learn not to do it again, or stop when asked to. Have it so that you would need to be within 20 levels to attack, and it wouuld be single-combat areas. Or maybe a few multi areas where most problems occur; this way everyone can kick his can. With this however, there would be a lot of pkers going "yes! I support this completely!" and clans would amass in sizes, but it might just save RuneScape.

Of course, this wouldn't save it, but it would help it along. We'd need to make the game harder, in order to weed out the people with short attention spans, and only get the serious gamers in here. I would rather have 50k people on at most than have these kind of players around. And yes, I do play on rs2.

Then all the "pures" would go kill the low leveled people.

In Topic: The 132 Signs You Play Too Much RuneScape!!

18 July 2007 - 03:16 PM

I'll be adding more as I think of them, and scanning through the replies for more (you can submit your own).

1: When you sense any ignorance in a real person, you call them a noob.

2: You say "nub" in real life.

3: After a nasty spill, you suggest your mom make you lobster for dinner.

4: You've made a life-size RS item that doesn't exist.

5: There's a salty sweat mark outlining your fingers on your mouse.

6: Whenever you see the tabloids, you say, "Pfft, Zezima's way better."

7: You believe Gielinor is a real planet.

8: When you've beaten someone or are better than someone in something, you say you own or pwn them.

9: You go to a farm and slaughter the chickens, just so you can go fishing later.

10: You think a Random Event is going to save you from a long test of some sort.

11: When your mom makes you go with her to the bank, you yell, "wave:flash2: Selling lobbies 200ea!!"

12: You either: throw a round rock in a fire, put it in water, bury it, put grass on it, throw it in space, smash it against your skull, toss it into the wind, or try to break it; to try to runecraft Fire, Water, Earth, Nature, Cosmic/Astral, Mind, Air, or Death Runes, repectively.

13: You try to eat a shark (or another large food) in one bite.

14: You try put 28 sharks (or other large things) in your backpack.

15: You try to pickpocket a fully armed guard.

16: You call your mom a noob because she burnt shrimps.

17: You make a paper party hat and try to sell it for $225 million dollars.

18: You cut down a tree and wait for it to respawn.

19: You think pumpkin farmers are rich.

20: When someone holds you at knifepoint, you laugh and say, "Haha noob, I have Protect From Melee."

21: You have nightmares where you get PK'd.

22: When daydreaming, you hum the intro tune of RS, or as you call it, "the Gielinor national anthem."

23: You go out into international waters to PK.

24: You play RS at school, work, or in public.

25: You try to buy an axe or pickaxe from the Home Depot and you yell at them saying, "Whaddya mean you only have up to steel???!!!!"

26: You try to sell a Halloween mask you bought for $15 for $25 million.

27: You steal your parents' half jug of wine and put it on eBay for 28.5 mil.

28: You try to sell a purple Frisbee for 8 mil.

29: You're still reading this.

30: You buy a pumpkin at Halloween but instead of making it into a Jack-o'-lantern, you try to sell it for 7.5 mil.

31: You paint an Easter egg at Easter, and try to sell it for 7 mil.

32: You attempt to deposit weapons in your bank.

33: You bury leftover bones in the hopes of being able to (insert Prayer abilities here).

34: You have a mould of where you sit to play RS.

35: You go all the way to Greenwich, England, to hug Andrew Gower.

36: While there, you visit Stonehenge and try to Runecraft.

37: You draw on stones while trying to runecraft.

38: You drop your computer tablet on the ground and wonder why you didn't get teleported.

39: You make fire lines..... in real life.

40: You kill a mosquito (not a RS one) and say "Pwnt" or "Ouch 99."

41: You say "Owned" after beating someone at a real-life game.

42: You can't go a day without playing or thinking about RS.

43: You keep speaking in 1337 after killing Elvarg.

44: You report a real person to the police for a breaking a Jagex rule (that isn't already illegal, like scamming).

45: You train Woodcutting in real life, then get thrown in jail for vandalism, arson, and destruction of public property.

46: You put your pet cat into your backpack. (Of course in real life. :wall: )

47: At sports bars, you laugh and call people noobs who use steel darts on the dartboard.

48: While in Vegas, you laugh at all the steel-wearing knights in Medievil Times.

49: In the Wilderness, you can attack any player with one click. (i.e, you're level 126)

50. When you tell your mom you're going to bed, you say you're gonna log out.

51: You kill a real person and tell the police you were training Attack.

52: After finding something comical, you make the laughing gestures, but not the sounds, and a yellow "lol" appears over your head.

53: You play RS more hours than you go to school/work.

54: At the gas station, when some shifty guy walks up to you and asks if you can spare some change, you shout "Scammer!!!!"

55: While waiting in the doctor's office, after 3 seconds, you say "Z0mg s0 muc4 7ag!! (Translation: "Oh, golly, so much computer slowness!")

56: At the local Swap Meet, you say to the vendor, "You call that a b sale???"

57: j0v [4^/ v^/)32574^/) 7#15.

58: While camping in the wilderness with your family, you attack a neighbor in an attempt to PK.

59: You go to Egypt because you'd fancy a game of Pyramid Pluder.

60: You go out into the street and throw chunks of ice at people, yelling "Ice Barrage!!"

61: At a boxing match, you yell at one boxer, "Eat a lobster, stupid!!"

62: You have a trick wrist.

63: You claim 1337 is your natural language.

64: You've paid Jagex to be the only one who can mine and make black and dragon bars and ores.

65: After hopping a large trench, you get a little bloodthirsty...

66: At dept. stores, you ask the stats of the clothes you buy, and bargain with the cashier.

67: You try to note coins.

68: When you pay TzTok-Jad a visit, he says, "Oh no, not you again."

69: The Evil Chicken gets bored of you before even attacking.

70: You have 26 sets of the royal frog costume.

71: You throw red-hot charcoal at your dog, and then explain to your parents that you were casting Fire Strike.

72: Your computer has "lost" its power button.

73: You read the Terms and Conditions.

74: You sleep next to your computer.

75: When you pray to God (or other religious deity, if you do) at night, you ask if He could maybe-possibly-with-cherries-on-top-plzplzplz "Put a hedge of protection around me as I go through another day of RuneScapery."

76: You get a message saying, "Welcome to your fishing spot."

77: Your mouse is missing buttons.........mainly the left one.

78: You special-ordered a globe of Gielinor.

79: You've tried to make sense of those three weird books in the Wise Old Man's personal library.

80: You suggested Gnome Ball to the Physical Dept. Director as a new season sport.

81: Your purposely switched to cell-phone-bill payment as a thank-you.

82: You have RS paraphernalia in your room. (Well, I'm guilty of that one. I made a tiny sword like the one on the logo out of aluminum foil.

83: There's footprints in the game of where you've stepped 100,000 times.

84: To break the monotony of skilling, you let randoms teleport you to God-knows-where.

85: You think mad scientists must have 99 Herblore.

86: You call your fellow 'Scaper-friends by thier RS names.

87: You know the RS map better than your own block.

88: When a noob asks where a city is, you answer by direction and number of steps.

89: Thinking it will raise your strength by 2, you chug a pint of beer.

90: You have the time to look at this sentence. Now get your nose away from the screen.

91: You've been to Karamja so many times, the customs officers and the seamen (or sailors) have a one-click to get on board.

92: You've made a list of real-life RS monsters to train on.

93: You find change on the ground and wait for it to respawn.

94: You try to get your bank to accept 83 willow logs you somehow can fit into one backpack.

95: When you see a flipped-over semi carrying a full load on the highway, you yell, "Drop party!!!!!!!111!!!0n3!!!!"

96: After buying a pickaxe, you spend hours on end smashing a rock, then realize it's..............just plain rock.

97: You somehow obtain a CD with the RS songs.

98: You have dark circles that look like Oreos. Oh wait, I mean Oreo ™ brand cookie confections. Whew, almost got sued there.

99: Your index finger muscle has surpassed your heart, tongue, and gluteus maximus as the strogest muscle in your body.

100: w00t 100 roflzmao !!! f33l th3 1337n355!!!

101: After a controversy, you tell the opposer, "Wanna take this to the Wild?"

102: You play so much, after a while, your hand expands from the heat and gains a pound (.45 kg) weight, making your gameplay flawed.

103: After Mass, you ask the priest if you could pray at the altar before you kill people.

104: You convince your chemistry professor to include mithril, adamantite, and runite in the experiments.

105: When held at gunpoint, you tell your attacker, "Go ahead and shoot me!! It's a free trip to my house, and I only got 23gp on me!!"

106: You try to run straight through a person, and come home with a black eye, or a red cheek (depending on the gender of the run-through-ee).

107: You write your RS name as yours in school or at work.

108: You can make full rune in 5 minutes.

109: You have more friends on your friends list than you do real life.

110: You prospect every rock you see, and on the family vacation to Vegas, you somehow get "lost."

111: You explain to the police that you were just trying to make a str pot. Then you realize, (Crap, I said pot to the police).

112: You go up to complete strangers and ask if they have a quest to be done.

113: You scream your head off when you hear Wal-Mart is selling party hats for 87 cents each.

114: Your lungs nearly explode after you've been running in the woods for 3 hours. After the Park Rangers find you, you say you were training Agility.

115: You try to cook food by sticking it in a fire (along with your hands) for 1.5 seconds.

You,sir, are 100% right because Runescape is and will be the only online game.

In Topic: computer games stole my son

18 July 2007 - 03:15 PM

I thought I would never give up on Runescape until I gave it a try and didn't log in for 150+ days. True story.

In Topic: Runescape Players Racist/Sexist?

18 July 2007 - 03:14 PM

Everyone knows you can choose the color of your skin and your gender at the beginning of the game. But apparently, now this effects the gameplay entirely. Recently, I saw these 2 scenarios play out.

Rs player 1=Light-colored skin man

Rs player 2=Dark-colored skin man

Rs player 3=Light-colored skin man

Rs player 1:selling full zammy!!!

Rs player 2:I will buy for 2.2mil

Rs player 1:I don't believe you really have that much

Rs player 2:I do, I will show you

Rs player 3:I will buy it, trade me

Rs players 3 and 1:Thanks

This struck me as amazing, I made another post about the decline in the community, but this was too far.

Here is the second scenario that I saw.

Rs player 1=Light-colored skin man

Rs player 2=Light-colored skin woman

Rs player 3=Light-colored skin man

Rs player 1:selling 3k willows 60k!!!

Rs player 2:ill buy all

Rs player 3:no i will buy all

Rs player 2:ill buy all for 70k

Rs player 1:no thanks i want to sell to him (Rs player 3)

I thought this was totally unfair. But also, usually the women players in Runescape get better deals, and people are a lot nicer to them. However, a lot of guys who play Runescape think that an online relationship will actually work as a real relationship (most likely because they can't get a girlfriend in real life). They also think that they can somehow have sex through an online game (which is frankly the stupidest thing i have ever heard).