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Hunting Help (Level 55+)

06 November 2010 - 02:54 AM

I just got into hunting a couple days ago, and now I'm level 55 hunting. I'm currently at Orange Salamanders (in the desert), but I was wondering if I should go back to Falconry, move onto Chincompas, or stay at Orange Salamanders for a while longer.

After that next phase, whats the next spot I should go to? I've read that Red Salamanders at 59 is good, and then Red Chincompas at 63, but some of those guides may be outdated, and I believe Red Chincompas are currently infested with bots, so training isn't so viable.

Also, I heard that once you lay a trap (such as a bird snare or net trap) stepping a few squares away increases the chances for success. Is this true? And on a related note, how helpful is smoking your traps with a torch? Worth it or waste of time/clicks?

Any help appreciated!

How about "Special Items" Reclaim stands?

17 September 2006 - 12:32 AM

As f2p'ers (and quite a few p2p'ers) know, bank space is hard to manage, especially when you have holiday items and random even items to store in addition to your everyday gear. Increasing bank space would take more resources on JaGEx servers. However, I believe I have created a solution that should prove to be simpler than expanding bank space and use up fewer resources on servers:

The Special Items Reclaim Stalls/Shops

The basic premise here is that these shops allow you to reclaim untradable "one-of-a-kind" items, such as the newer holiday items or Random events. Once you get one of these items, you head over to the Reclaim stall closest to you and "Register" it with the shop for a fee (ranging from minimal costs (around 100 gp) for holiday items to 1000 gp per item for Random event clothing or one time Quest Items like the Blurite Sword and Dark Dagger). Once registered, if you lose an item, you can recover it for half of what you paid to register the item. For instance, suppose you register a Mime Mask with the stall. This would cost you 1000 gold. Later, if you drop the Mask, either by dieing or just voluntarily, you can go back to any branch of the reclaim stalls and pay a 500 gold fee to get a replacement. Your item is still registered, so if you were to lose it again, you can pay 500 gold to get yet another copy.

These shops and stalls would be located in popular cities and towns, providing for ease of use. In f2p, this would include Varrock, Lumbridge, and Falador, most likely Al Kharid as well, and maybe Draynor and Edgville. Though I am not too familiar with the members world, likely candiates for branches of the shop include Ardoungne, Taverly, Burthrope, Seers Village, Relleka, Yanille, and Canafis, with possible branches in Burgh de Rott and Brimhaven.

A few points I anticipate would come into discussion are:

Why the rather high costs?

Will this not lessen a f2p player's desire to get members for more bankspace?

Would this not make Thesellia and Diango useless for recovering items?

Why the rather high cost?

The cost is there so that JaGEx has an incentive to add this feature in game besides convenience to the player: it can serve as a gp drain. We have seen that JaGEx clearly wishes to remove gold from the game, especially with the high costs of training Construction. While this would not be a drain of the same magnitude, in the longrun it can have a decent effect on balancing the market.

Will this not lessen a f2p player's desire to get members for more bankspace?

I really doubt it will have much of an effect. F2p players have a hard enough time managing a bank without random event clothing, and extra bankspace is rarely the perk that attracts them to membership. Usually, its the extra skills, quests, equipment, and minigames that attract players.

Would this not make Thesellia and Diango useless for recovering items?

Maybe a little bit. However, since these two places do remain a free way to recover holiday items, many players in proximity to either NPC may choose to simply visit them and recover items for free.

Feel free to comment/criticize on this idea.

A few questions as I prepare for membership...

17 June 2006 - 01:19 AM

When I get members, I plan to start abyss rune crafting. I have seen guides on how to do the actual runs, but my question is more about the actual equipment. First, the Glory Ammy: where can you teleport with it, and how many do people reccomend taking? Should I do Hero's first to be able to charge it myself, or will people charge them for me if I ask?

Second: which armor is reccomended: rune or draghides? I think it would be draghides, but then I dont want to assume anything.

Third: What level of theiving and agility do you need for those passages?

Where should I train for fast f2p exp?

23 April 2006 - 12:02 AM

Well, right now, my mage is 60, my range is 42, my attack is 52, and my strenght and defense are 50 apiece. I was wondering, where would a good place to train range and melee be? For melee, I have gotten two suggestions: Pirates near Thurgo and Red Spiders in karamja volcano. I personally do no care for drops, as I am full of food anyways, and the Red Spiders do attack automatically, making training that much easier. However, is it faster exp per hour?

Also, where should I train range? i used to train on dwarves north of falador, but Jagex removed the fences to use for safespots with the Falador Graphic Update. Do you have anyother suggestions? I will most likely be using bronze arrows, with some irons thanks to a friend. I want to get range up to 70 if possible (so that I can get a Crystal Bow when I get members, along with full black dhides :))

Diango's April Fool's Toy.

29 March 2006 - 02:28 AM

Since April 1, 2004, from what I gather a new type of toy is added as an April Fool's Joke, based on highly desired updates, to Diango's Toy Stand.

On April 1, 2004, the Toy Horses were released, Stating that Horses were added to the game.

On April 1, 2005, the "Dragon" Spinning Plates were released.

My guess is that Jagex will continue with this tradition of mocking highly requested items.

I have listed the possibilities for toys that Jagex might add:

Model/Doll House (Player Owned Houses).

"Dragon" Tooth Pick.

A dragon design flying Kite.

Post your guesses for the new toy on this thread, or discuss any that I have predicted.