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Blaze The Movie Fan

Blaze The Movie Fan

Member Since 10 May 2005
Offline Last Active Today, 12:56 AM

In Topic: Ok, what happened?

Today, 12:57 AM

I mean, we all accepted that like 10 years ago but yeah


10 years ago? Are you sure about that? Because the site was really active back in 2009. 2016 is the year the site really started to die.

In Topic: Ok, what happened?

15 November 2019 - 08:23 PM

Well, I think it's time to say rest in peace. This place has been fun for years, but it's clear the site will never be as lively anymore as it was back in 2006. That is sad, but that's something we're gonna have to deal with.

In Topic: Ok, what happened?

05 November 2019 - 10:03 PM

Yeah, it's really sad to me. I have been a member here before I even was aware of YouTube. It really is sad how much of a wasteland it's become. But there is nothing that can be done sadly.


I'm surprised the site is still here to be honest. If no one's here who the hell is gonna pay to keep it running? I mean I know it's not free.

In Topic: It's offically time to say goodbye to this website for good.

09 December 2018 - 11:29 PM

It's a shame to see you finally go. You were around back when I was.


Yeah, it was fun while it lasted.

In Topic: It's offically time to say goodbye to this website for good.

02 December 2018 - 06:13 PM

Just a note I will still be going back to this thread every once in a while, but asides from that I'm done with this site.


No don't go!

I'm sorry, but there really is no point in using this message board anymore. If I need help with something I can just go to the official RuneScape discord server and I get answers within seconds. As a matter of fact the advice I get there is better than the advice I get on this message board.


It's been real Blaze. We'll always have the forum games

Yeah, I'm sorry I don't find forum games fun anymore. I used to but I don't anymore. Even if the forum games were active I doubt I would be there much.