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UK population could soar to 90m

25 November 2007 - 05:04 PM

http://www.telegraph... ... pop125.xml

The population of the United Kingdom could soar to 90 million by the middle of the century, government statisticians will say this week.

Such an increase, driven by immigration and a rising birthrate, would add 50 per cent to today's population.

It would be the equivalent of building a new city the size of Sheffield every year and would put extreme pressure on housing, transport and public services.


The highest birthrate in the UK is among Pakistani-born women, who have an average of 4.7 children each. Last year, 22 per cent of births in the UK were to foreign-born women.

Also a small point at the bottom casts fears over education: Britain's schools are being pushed to breaking point by the rising tide of immigrant pupils, according to the National Association of Headteachers.

It said that many schools could not cope with the influx, which threatens to change the culture of some schools.

Since the EU expanded in 2004, about 170,000 children from Poland, 30,400 from Lithuania, 28,700 from Slovakia and 12,900 from the Czech Republic have joined classes in British schools.

Time continue sticking our heads in the sand to stay "PC" and keep the liberals and immigrants in our country happy? or is it time to do something about the threat of immigration to the UK. Ok i'm not going to try to say "you should all join the BNP and agree with me that multi-culturalism doesn't work" but at least try to get the likes of the tories and Labour to give us some concrete plans to stop immigration in such numbers. Some fake proposals to keep the British people happy is not good enough at the moment, and strict measures need to be in place. Lets discuss this and not take it to a "is the BNP evil or not" thanks.

The Autoer Gestapo.

25 August 2007 - 01:12 PM

After spending some time killing green dragons lately i've been pondering ways to get rid of macros from our game once and for all, the most logical way would be to have jagex mods standing around places banning suspicious looking people. This, of course is unpractical, so i propose to you, the honest member of runescape to install an "anti macro" team or unit if you will.

There are many types of macros in runescape, but the ones i think this "macro gestapo" team would be effective against would be the ones in the wild killing green dragons for hides and bones. Of course reporting these obvious rule breakers is the way to get rid of them now but we all know jagex have to trawl through useless reports and often miss these. If my idea was used here are what the team would have in their arsenal:

The ability to temp ban people for 3 hours, this, twinned with jagex customer support would check the bans and judge whether the offender was a macroer or an innocent player. The main flaw in this is the question "how do i know this is an autoer?", well deary, i have made a test:

Posted Image

How to spot the autoer.

If you think the subjects on the left and right of the shot are autoers/gold farmers then you'll be correct. How did i come to this conclusion? I'm not politically correct but it seems obvious to me that a vast majority of people killing green dragons in the wild with chinese sounding names, bald heads and the same 3 items (rune chain, legs and weapon) are autoers. Another way to detect the autoer is where they stand, i've been using the green dragons above the graveyard and most autoers stand in a similar spot. (below) which means they dont have to move or attack as the green dragons will be aggressive. The gold farmer is another kettle of fish and one i will address later.

- Problems and a way to solve them. -

I'm not saying all chinese sounding names with the same 3 items are autoers or gold farmers but anyone who isn't trying to be ridiculously PC would agree that if a member of this group temp bans 20 autoers at least 18 will be autoers. This would be a massive increase of these pests getting banned and would benefit the community immensely.

I cannot stress the need for common sense if this were to be implimented, if someone does not fit the description above but look obviously like they are autoer, or are a gold farmer then the report button would be the best way to go.

Power hungry people with the ability to temp ban: First of all i think this privilidge should only be given to people who have been playing runescape for a good amount of time, they must be active in killing green dragons because unlike mods, they need to be somewhere most of the time. (not all the time, no one kills green dragons all day, apart from autoers). Members of the "unit" would also only have the ability to temp ban 4 people an hour (a rough guess) to avoid abusing the system, and anyone who is caught abusing the temp ban ability would be banned from the game itself.


The gold farmer. When i look at someone i'd not be able to tell if they're gold farming, the outfit and name could be a giveaway but considering there is someone at that computer they aren't breaking rules by killing dragons, and the real world item trading is another matter and not one i'm trying to solve with this.

I don't think this is full-proof, many people will believe that this is a a brutal way of stopping autoers, but as a person who wants runescape back i think its worth it, if a few innocent people get banned its worth it in the long run, all we do in this purge of autoers is for the game we enjoy to play and it would be, in the end up to the jagex customer support to ban or leave the players playing.


Jagex mods do not have the time or resources ingame to combat autoers well so this idea is one worth thinking about. Player moderators serve a small purpose and upgrading some of these to this new rank would be an idea, having said this i dont want this, if used to turn out the way player mods are, where they don't have to help people or do their job so they rarely do. The amount of people getting this rank would also be small, a select few would get the right because its a big undertaking. And one you would have to be active to do properly.

Final thoughts.

If this idea was used, it could be extended to other places autoers are thriving, popular woodcutting spots, other dragon enclosures and fishing spots. The same rules would apply and this would bring the message to the game that jagex, and the players want these aliens out of our game. This idea would be a large undertaking by jagex and the players they'd pick, it would be an example of jagex trusting their loyal players in cleaning runescape up for them and would install a sense of power that everyone can have in believing that they can make a difference by pointing out autoers to nearby "unit" members, because the report abuse button certainly isn't enough.

If you've read this i congratulate you, you're already closer to improving runescape before the autoers win.

Are protection prayers too powerful?

08 August 2007 - 06:44 PM

Weirdly i don't think theres a debate on protection prayers but whatever, i'll put this in.

Lets set the scene, i'm on a quest deep in the myre, theres scary level 190 monsters closing in on me and i'm a level 70 with no armour on, whats going to happen in this situation? Of course i'm going to stick on protection from melee and walk around for a while while the monsters hit 0's on me for as much prayer potions i have. Theres a flaw in this and one i think ruins questing as a challenge, this basically means a level 60 could kill a level 228 (or whatever) black dragon if they had enough prayer potions which is obviously not what is meant to happen.

I think protection prayers are ridiculously powerful against monsters for the effort in getting them, i can get 43 prayer in a few days training and it makes me immune to any attack from a monster as long as its using one combat style. This makes questing a "how many prayer potions have i got?" problem instead of "can i work out how to kill this monster with what weapon".

A solution to this would be making protection prayers similar to that against players as monsters, 75% or whatever it is would be much more realistic than the 100% that renders most quests easy as long as you don't mess up which protection prayer to stick on. There would be much more challenge involved in completing quests and weapons achieved through quests would be more of an accomplishment.

Of course getting rid of protection prayers would mean some quests would be close to impossible and many things such as DKing would be impossible so i think the 75% would be better for runescape and better for creating a bit of a challenge in getting the best items. It may be too late for this to be implimented because so many people have used the protection prayers to get items which is why i've put this in the debates forum over the rants.

I hope i got my point across well, discuss.

92 Range

25 June 2007 - 05:22 PM

Hello, i've recently got 92 range and after 600k xp at the caged ogres in king lathas training ground i need a change of scenery. I've been to bandits before and fire giants in the waterfall and i'm wondering if anyone knows a decent spot to train range. I want a spot with a few spawns which isn't too crowded and i can farshoot easily enough.

Any decent ideas are welcome! (Please dont say pest control).

Do you like being good?

17 June 2007 - 12:04 PM

A question that has been through my mind lately is: do you like being good at runescape? at first it seems like an obvious answer "yeah of course, if im good at rs i enjoy it more", but i'm wondering if people (who are rich) enjoy the game as much considering they can just buy anything they want.

Runescape used to be a very "olden day" like game for me, where i'd work up my money killing zombies or whatever for some cash to spend on a new sword, but as you gain the ranks you start to realise that runescape isn't an "olden day" game. People buy loads of herbs for herblore, they buy fletching levels and no one seems to be sitting in a field making bread anymore which is what personally i think of when i think of runescape.

Do you miss the old days when you started? do any of you want to make new account so you can capture the "magic" of being a newbie. Many would say that "magic" has gone as you know all the best ways of training, others may have made new accounts simply to "get back to basics" and play rs in a less money driven way.

Comments. (i dont think this is the wrong forum but if i am wrong i'd be happy for it to be moved).