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In Topic: asdfsdiofjioasdf

20 November 2008 - 08:29 AM

Like many people, I like the fundamental ideals of socialism and communism. Who wouldn't want an economy in which nobody suffers from poverty or illness? However, neither Socialism nor Communism in their purest forms stand a chance of actually working in a real-world society unless the entire public is selflessly dedicated to the good of the whole. Obviously, this isn't the case, and it never will be the case.

I've noticed that this thread has been focusing on the outrageously rich and the hopelessly poor, rather than the middle class. I find it pretty absurd, seeing as the middle class is the largest social class in the United States. Though the lower class benefits from Socialism, and the upper class makes an acceptable sacrifice for Socialism, the middle class takes quite a hit from Socialism.

First of all, the true bane of middle class is tax brackets. http://taxes.about.c...8_tax_rates.htm

If you'll notice, the bottom three tax brackets have the steepest increases on the entire chart. Advancing from the bottom tax bracket to the second lowest will increase a working single's taxes by 5%, and advancing from the second lowest bracket to the next bracket will increase their taxes by a whopping 10%! The lower middle class is more adversely affected than any other bracket. Here's how:

Say a person has a salary of $32,000, placing them in the 15% tax bracket. After paying their taxes, the person walks away with a total income of $27,200. Let's say the same person is offered an increased salary of $33,000. This would place them in the 25% tax bracket, meaning they'd now walk away with $24,750, rather than $27,200. The person would require a new salary of over $36,000 in order to pocket the same amount of money he was making with a salary of $32,000. My example may have been a bit situational, but tax brackets are the greatest opposition to the advancement of the lower class. Why would anybody want to work harder if it means they make less money in the long run?

Socialism would only exacerbate this barrier. Universal Healthcare, contrary to popular belief, is not free. It is funded by public funds, meaning higher taxes for everybody. Sure, we could increase the tax rates for other brackets, but that would only discourage advancement for other social levels. Discouraging advancement encourages laziness, and a lazy lower class leads to the collapse of the economy.

The main enemy here is the system of tax brackets. I really wish we could do away with them entirely. However, graduated income tax and proportional tax systems aren't much better. America needs a system which encourages personal economic advancement in order to recover from its economic crisis, and Socialism delivers anything but.

In Topic: Un-Reliable Wikipedia?

20 September 2008 - 07:41 AM

When I have to do a research report about a topic, I usually start out by reading the Wikipedia article for ideas, then confirm information by checking out the links at the bottom as well as other websites. When I have to cite my sources, I'll cite the links at the bottom of the wikipedia article, NOT the article itself.

The best part about this method is that Wikipedia usually cites the best sources available on the web, so I don't have to trawl through a bunch of junk google gives me.

In Topic: 21 Upcoming Wii Games to Drool Over

17 September 2008 - 06:30 AM

For anybody who had any doubt: Shadow is being completely sarcastic.

I used to be a fairly strong fan of Nintendo. However, after reading this list (In Nintendo Power), some part of me just died inside....

Then again, I guess this was expected, since Nintendo has already exhausted all of its major franchises for the Wii....

In Topic: RuneScape: Boom de Yada - FINISHED and Updated! (Page 6+)

13 September 2008 - 07:52 PM

Yeah, sorry to be critical, but the voices and the transitions in between were either too slow or too fast. Also, a lot of the male voices were stuck in one pitch. Overall..... I didn't like it very much/as much as I wanted to. :(

However, I know how hard it is for a group of people to collaborate over long distances, and how hard it is to work with what you have in terms of video and audio clips. The effort that went into this video was amazing.

In Topic: 28-Aug-2008 Postbag from the Hedge

29 August 2008 - 12:26 AM

Postbags are always cool to read.. but one (stupidly) stood out to me.

how you know you have an addiction

lmao #-o

I noticed that too. Also, "Guilty Spark" is some kind of reference to Halo, but I forget exactly what it is. (I don't actually own any Halo games, or even an Xbox)

There are probably more references that I'm missing, as well.