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My first two 99's - At the same time?!

08 August 2007 - 01:08 AM

Today, I achieved my first two 99 skills: Magic and Cooking

Sounds boring? There's a catch: I reached them at the exact same time using the lunar bake pie spell!

Posted Image

Posted Image

I might get a Bank pic up, but it's pretty messy right now...

Salamandars as weapons?

18 March 2007 - 09:02 PM

Well, the other day after hunting red salamandars, I decided to make some tarromin tar and test out the salamandar as a weapon. To my surprise, I did a lot of damage with the makeshift flamethrower.

So, to decide if I want to keep one as a secret weapon or not, I have the following questions:

Do strength bonuses affect the damage dealt by the salamandar?

Does each attack style actually do the specified style based attack?

(If somebody I'm fighting uses protect from magic. and I use the strength option, would it bypass the enemy's prayer?)

Is the damage dealt affected by the style I'm using?

(Would I do more damage with the magic attack style than the ranged attack style, because my magic is higher than my strength?)

If you knows anything about salamandars used as weapons, please post it! Thanks!

Small question...

27 December 2006 - 08:38 AM

Can I trust links for Megaupload? Is there any chance I could get a keylogger from a link to megupload?

Stories from the Abyss

26 December 2006 - 07:17 PM

I was runecrafting through the abyss last night while private messaging a friend, when I looked up, and realized that I was snared and teleblocked, as a pker was running up to me with a dds. Suddenly, he was struck with the infamous Runescape disease of uncontrollable legs (He was running back and forth, not where he wanted to go). Thinking the snare would wear off before he finished being addled, I decided not to drop my items, and waited to make a run for it. When he reached me, he proceeded to unleash devastating dds specials on me. By the time the teleblock wore off, I had 15 hitpoints on me. I approach the zamorak mage and....

BOOM! 10. I teleport into the abyss.

As the screen loads, I think to myself, "5 hp, most likely poisoned, teleblocked, surrounded by those pesky abyssal monsters. Great."

When I arrived, I immediately clicked the nearest obstacle. Three 0's appeared on my character, when I reached the "Small Gap". As my character was doing his little animation or whatever, I thought, "What does it matter, the poison will kill me in one hit anyway...". At the same time, I searched my chat box for the "You have been poisoned" message. There wasn't one. If I made it through the gap, I would survive. If I didn't, I would receive 4-5 attacks from the monsters, and most likely die (Avid runecrafters will know what I'm talking about). It was an extremely tense moment, until my character appeared on the other side! Again, I searched the chat for the poison message, but it was nowhere to be found. Still in shock, I crafted my runes with 5 Hitpoints left, logged in and out, and teleported back to edgeville to nurse myself back to health.

That was probably my closest call in a long time at the abyss. If things like this happened all the time, I'd probably never get bored of the skill!

So, I thought it would be interesting to hear anybody else's Abyss stories. They can be dramatic, silly, strange or anything, as long as they're true.

As a side note: I thought you were automatically poisoned if you were dealt damage during a dds special attack.

Anyway, post away!

The Rest of Hunter?

23 November 2006 - 07:30 AM

By now, we all realize the scarcity of rewards from the new Hunter skill.

The furs have limited uses, the different colors of feathers could have more impact on fletching or fishing, and 71 is a low cap for a skill.

It just seems a lot more could have come from this new skill.

Now, Jagex did whip this skill out compared to construction (3 years vs. 7 months), so I never expected the skill to be that big. The point is, will Jagex expand the skill, and if so, when? How?

Of course, the natural response is "Over time, you impatient noob.", but an idea popped into my head while I was toying with my falcon.

Could next week's quest see the release of the second half of Hunter? (Or at the very least, a major addition)

The new quest will be centered around Eagle's Peak, where we will have to track down some rare ferret (Taken from the Behind the Scenes). Matthias (Or whatever his name is) lives close by, and I have a hunch that birds will play a big part in the new quest.

I personally enjoy hunting with the falcon, and would be thrilled if we could own a hunting bird as a "Pet" to help fight off certain creatures. Maybe this new quest would see new bird hunting (And training) on eagle peak, along with some other addition to the skill (I hope).

That's just my wishful thinking. Is there anybody who thinks I'm just crazy? Post! :D