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Member Since 08 Jun 2005
Offline Last Active Jan 30 2015 01:40 AM

1900+ total, bank/stats/miscellania pics

17 October 2007 - 03:38 PM

Hi all, I have managed to get to 1900 total level. Feel free to rate, hate, whatever. I don't have any 99's, and I don't intend on going for any in the near future. Enjoy :)

1900 achieved

Posted Image


costume room pics: (treasure trail chest)

Posted Image

Posted Image

my armour case also has every set except lumberjack (no top grr!), rock-shell, and void helms

and finally, my most recent miscellania pic:

Posted Image

85+ slayer, getting abyssals on assignment

24 July 2007 - 12:26 PM

I read somewhere a long time ago that you had to be 86 slayer to get abyssals on assignment. I was pretty sure that this was not true until i got to 85 slayer. I have had about 50-60 tasks from chaedler and duradel (including 30+ immediately swopped) and heve not had a single abyssal task.

Am I just being unlucky or do i need to get to 86 slayer?

Rate my 1800+ total, 70+ all stats + bank (curanir1)

04 April 2007 - 09:40 PM

Hey all, any comments/rates/suggestions etc all appreciated.

Posted Image

That's my 70+ stats and total level. Bank below:

Posted Image

Posted Image

and i thought that I would just post my best miscellania rewards to date.

I'm going for 85 slayer at the moment. If anyone has any suggestions as to what to do with my stats, then feel free to comment. Btw, i have almost no money after spending a fortune on construction, guthans and herblore!

Hate/rate. Cheers!


Order of Muppetry: First Class

06 September 2006 - 11:31 AM

I don't know how you all approach potentially tricky situations, but I tend to have a mental checklist for most things. For example, going to barrows: I check that I have all the right runes, armours, arrows, pots, spade etc. This always leaves exactly the same amount of space each time for food. If I have too many spaces then I know that I have forgotton something, so this works as a kind of failsafe device. Similarly, I take care when going to the wild: which items do i want to protect, drop etc in case of getting pked. For most things in RS, I have this strategy, and generally it has worked pretty well.

But I digress. I was in Lost City last night, thinking that I could do with killing a few bronze dragons for the bones before I headed off to bed, maybe even getting lucky with a drop. So my mental checklist kicked in: pretty straightforward - armour, super set, pots. So there I was in LC with full rune, dmed, rune boots, obby shield, glory, ROW, whip, with my inv nicely stacked up with food and pots. However, having not managed to get to the dragons several times, I have a second checklist. 3 unusual items.

Item 1: 875 coins to pay Saniboch

Item 2: axe for the vines in the dungeon

Item 3: ... It'll come to me I'm sure.

So I glory tele to Karamja. This is useful because I can stop off at Tzharr to pick anything up that I have forgotton. And indeed I have. Yup, it's my antifire potions - very handy for making my food last longer. (last time i managed 20+ dragon bones just on monkfish and and base prayer level). Glad I remembered that.

So I was wandering down to the bronzies, thinking about all those barrows twins that I had killed pointlessly (good thread Leesters) and headed off to the dragons.

BANG *33* "what the...?" I start to run, realising in horror my muppetry. *43* Meh, I've already made it to the black demons in the next room. I hasitly turn prayer on to protect my precious 5 hp. Phew!

*5* Noooo! A trailing firebreath caught up with me and robbed my of my last few hp. *sigh*. Hello Fally. The other person training on bronzies didnt even get a chance to insult me for my stupidity, but got a pretty tasty death pile off me nonetheless. Lesson learnt the hard way. Perhaps next time I have a check list I'll actually try to remember the items, not just some vague cryptic clue as to what I need.

At least I kept my whip. :)

barrows/slayer dart/armour

24 August 2006 - 03:22 PM

I have read a few conflicting reports about magic dart. Some say that your mage level doesnt affect it, others say that it does. Having read several barrows guides, they all suggest having good mage armour to cast it.

In the case of the barrows brothers, they are all pures, and I decided to go in in full initiate (for prayer boost) instead of ahrims and didnt notice much difference. Does anyone else have experience with using non-mage gear in barrows and casting slayer dart? I can pack a whopping 97 bonus with ahrims, but if it doesnt count for anything, then maybe I'd be better off with the prayer bonus instead? (p.s. on my second trip with initiate, I got my best chest ever - points to sig)