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In Topic: Auras

07 July 2011 - 05:43 PM

Sharpshooter is useful if you Nex, reverence for lots of things that require staying power but saves only 10k per use, knock-out is the only one that increases melee kph but only slightly, surefooted doesn't work beyond 93 agility, call of the sea doesn't seem to do very much, oddball is fun to watch?

Reverence is arguably just as good at Nex, for the very reason you just said. For RSOF teams, Reverence is generally better, as the purpose is to deal the minimum damage needed to remain on the team, while staying as long as you can so that you aren't forced to teleport prematurely. In teams where loot is actually shared, it depends heavily on how experienced your team is. Teams that are coordinated to bank, restock, and return quickly benefit more from the increased kill speed, while teams that spend a significant amount of time banking are better off prolonging their trip by a kill whenever possible. Also, members with better gear benefit from Reverence more, as later in the trip, they will be using their Super restores primarily for prayer and not so much for stat restoration (I have personally gone through several 4-man and 5-man kills using one Saradomin brew or less, usually just to heal off Overload damage.) In contrast, someone constantly using Saradomin brew will find themselves using a lot of Super restore anyways and losing their excess prayer to Nex's draining tactics.

As far as which aura to buy now, I would make a list of the ones you like most. Then purchase the one with the most expensive normal price, assuming you don't need them soon. By buying the more expensive one now, and the cheaper one after, you will have more points remaining than if you did it the other way around - points that can be saved for future possible upgrades, other auras you may decide you want after all, or emotes/titles.

In Topic: Actual in dungeon reward -minor spoiler inside-

05 July 2011 - 06:13 PM

You should be able to buy every bindable item from the rewards shop. Though they should cost a ton of tokens and have skill+dg reqs. Such as 99 smithing for prom 2h or 99 slayer and 99 dg for a hex.

Because that wouldn't be at all overpowered.

Imagine Castle Wars with a Guardian's ward + grounding boots and full sagittarian, or Nex with a hexhunter bow. Corp with a primal spear, etc, etc. It would make Dungeoneering essentially give out the best items in the game, making almost all other methods redundant, as well as making the current chaotics useless, why would you ever choose a chaotic crossbow over a hexhunter bow, what monster do you actually range that doesn't use magic?

Nex with an HHB would be kind of crappy. The average Ruby bolt hit is around 280. Even if HHB hits 800s, its average hit will only be around 340 thanks to the 500 damage cap. Improving your average hit by 60, at the cost of a shield and like 90 ranged attack? That's not even considering curses phase where it becomes even worse, with your average hit dropping to around 270, while Diamonds average around 240. This is again, assuming the HHB hits 800s, and at the cost of a shield and around 90 ranged attack.

In Topic: 05-Jul-2011 - Salt in the Wound

05 July 2011 - 05:59 PM

Why are they forcing dungeoneering onto people so much.. >_>

It's a skill, quests are going to require it and use it just like any other skill.

Bleh, it's a minigame, not a skill.


1) It appears on the list of skills in the skills menu.
2) You gain experience points and it levels up following the same formula as any other skill (only going past 120)
3) It is included in the sum of your skill levels
4) It comes with skill capes, that incidentally also trim other skill capes

It doesn't matter if you personally feel it is designed more like a mini-game or a skill, because it's officially a skill and will be treated as such.

In Topic: 05-Jul-2011 - Salt in the Wound

05 July 2011 - 05:34 PM

Why are they forcing dungeoneering onto people so much.. >_>

It's a skill, quests are going to require it and use it just like any other skill.

Did you complain about All Fired Up forcing Firemaking on people so much? Or the Void series forcing Smithing, Crafting, and Construction on people? Or maybe While Guthix Sleeps forcing people to do Herblore Farming and Hunting? How about all the quests that have used Summoning since Summoning was released?

The only difference is that when you add Crafting to a quest, it's to build a device or solve a short puzzle to build something, and when you add Dungeoneering, it's a short foray into a Dungeon with NPCs. Conceptually, it's the same - a skill being incorporated into a quest.

In Topic: Chance of getting nex item?

04 July 2011 - 02:19 AM

The Nex Hunters, a Nex team that started out as high level Tip.Iters. Most of us are fairly inactive on TIF now, if we haven't left completely. Check out the link in my signature for more information if you'd like.