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trawler + humidify, morally wrong? or just smart?

26 August 2008 - 10:22 PM

I was wondering if this is acceptable? I would like to see more people in general on the boat but also, more workers as well. Personally dont care if you freeload as long as you stay up top.

I am sure some of you know about this, so save those kind of comments of "old news", please.

You can NOT alch on the trawler. Sucks doesn't it? Well, you can use humidify for the same, cheaper exp. But, since you can't alch people believe why should you be able to cast this spell? is this acceptable? is it a bug in your guy's opinion? should jagex update the trawler to exclude this spell. It does nothing to help us get more fish or anything.

The fishing trawler runs on world 116 almost constantly between 9am EST and Midnight EST it runs pretty regularly and rarely sinks. You can get a considerable amount of fish from it.

Humidify is apparently faster, however I am not sure of this for a fact. But it seems so. The runes are cheaper and even with a steam staff its automatically just astrals.

So anyway, by combining the two, after 76 fishing you are most likely going to profit off of this method of humidifying while doing the trawler. This is frowned upon as it is "freeloading" which some consider bug abuse and against the spirit of the game its self.

Now the real tip, with the hotkeys (F4 & F7) this spell can be casted quickly, you have to empty your vessel however. With the boat running usually 1k catch each trip i typically get 14 manta ray, its no 91 RC or anything but, it still makes $. And with the PVP update coming manta rays have been going up in price and will probably be in demand when the update is then released. If you were to do humidify at the trawler until the PVP update and you plan on doing PVP your self, now you have a considerably higher magic level and some nice fish.

trivial facts

also, if your going to do this, please go to the top of the boat and bring ONE single rope just in case everyone runs out of rope. That way we ALL get more fish, and ropes are only like 20GP ea.

and again this is a discussion involved on if it is OKAY OR NOT that is why i decided to explain it some people aren't questioning the details. But of course I wont deny anyone an answer.

couple new items, but why? foreshadowing an update??

06 August 2008 - 09:24 AM

so, i browse the GE database like once a day to check on a particular set of items. However i notice things occasionally on the movers/shakers list. I am familiar with most items in the game but, these caught my eye.

Crayfish, well that came with the lumbridge A/D


Button Mushroom

these two, i however have no idea what they are. And the Button mushroom is on a 750% rise, so I assume they are in fact new.

does anyone have any idea what these are used for currently? if their is one? because i can only see it being an addition to cooking. No, sorry this isnt something like OMFG WE GET ARCHEOLOGY. Unfortunately, it just might mean we get a bit of an interesting cooking/herblore.

also, no seeds to these items were found, ruling out a farm update.

if anyone knows or can find out where these two items grow in real life maybe we might have a clue to a possible new area(s)

but, i am going to bed now.

racist question

11 July 2008 - 12:24 PM

How would you feel if you were labeled a racist person?

flying, which would you prefer?

26 June 2008 - 03:16 AM

Choice one: superman style levitation?

Choice two: wings

Wings types consist of:

"angel" type, large feathered bird wings, each wing is probably as tall as you are. Can fold.

Demon,bat,pterodactyl: leathery wings thin and thus, show your veins/aterries. Most likely similarly sized as angel wings, perhaps smaller. Also can fold

Fairy, dragonfly: extremely thin, Unlikely to fold at all. 2-4 wings, typically smaller then the angel/demon wings


Various, black, white, red,blue. typical colors as such. Some suggest fiery wings.


PRO: wingspan, large wings. Very powerful most likely.

I would use my wings to stretch out in a theater. Or something like that. Also, they seem more dramatic.

CON: tiring, difficult, awkward.

Imagine finding clothes for your wings?


Limits: unknown, however possible.

no awkwardness like wings, clothing would be very much the same.

Holding the arms out like superman does, Not required.

possible "sleep" flying.


A child of the 90's, this is what shaped my world.(few pics)

21 June 2008 - 07:58 PM

this might belong in the TV section of this forum, since the pic's are from tv of course. But, before a mod moves this I want them to know this thread is not about just TV and such.

anyway, this is what i grew up watching, among other things.

I grew up riding a big wheel, remember those? maybe they aren't all 90's but they were fun. I had tons of Teenage mutant ninja turtle stuff to, Infact i still have like 10 inch plush doll like things stored away in an old Coke-a-cola chest.

this was what it was like to be a product of the late 80's and the 90's I feel for our children of the coming generations. These shows had quality to them. The toys, have not changed much. But still they rely less on the imagination factor in my opinion.

Also, feel free to tell what toy/game/tv show was your favorite.

feel free to comment on whatever, share, relive your life.