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In Topic: RuneLabs Ideas

18 December 2015 - 11:33 AM

New Runelabs competition is up. This time they want an area to develop, but not the specific content that goes in the area.


My submission "Fossil Island-Continent"  https://secure.runes...idea?idea=49047


"North of Morytania lies a lonely continent, long ago inhabited but since then the people have all fled or died. The Anima Mundi on the Continent has been heavily damaged. At its centre is a castle inhabited by a Dragonkin focused on solving the curse that has damned his species. The surrounding lands are covered by the ruins of a civilization long gone, the bones of creatures long dead, and the results of the Kin's experiments. With dark forests, open plains, shattered ruins, and deep dungeons the Continent is ripe for exploration.


The Experiments of the Lone Dragonkin have taken over the abandoned island beyond the castle's border. These Dinosaur-like creatures have been ignored and allowed to flourish by the Kin who has no need for them once he believes his experiment has failed. From gigantic behemoths to small agile animals, the island is home to a diverse group of creatures.


The Varrock Museum has discovered this continent and have kept it as secret as possible for fear that others may go exploring and interfere with the Museum's research. As part of their cover-up they minimized the size of the continent to any outsiders they did tell, hoping if word did spread it would seem like merely a small island of little interest.


Some Gielinorians have discovered the museum's deception. Fearful of the increased tensions, sporadic battles, and death that has accompanied the return of the Gods, these people seek to flee the main lands and colonize this new island as a safe haven. They have approached the World Guardian, and asked for help in discovering the Continent's location.The small colony on the Continent would need the World Guardian's help to set up and stay protected. It could possibly expand in the future as the colonists become settled but wouldn't be much more than a village at first."

In Topic: 2nd November 2015 - Raptor's Challenge | Wyverns

04 November 2015 - 09:12 AM

They said the chest is staying past november, so I think the key parts are available on regular slayer tasks as well

In Topic: 26th October 2015 - New Auras & Gauntlet of Souls

29 October 2015 - 09:06 PM

The miniquest was probably voted against because people feared Comp Reqs. In any case, there are ways to do world events so that players don't completely hate them. World Event 2 and the Falador Events, while not really popular or enjoyable - had  high participation rates because they were 99% AFK and had good experience rewards. Whereas the Halloween event is not.


Honestly, I'm wondering if its not the grind but the daily cap that's the issue as well with those. All three events averaged out to about 30 minutes a day, but the Halloween event you can do that 7-8 hours all at once, so people may be looking at it as a worse grind than the other two.

In Topic: 26th October 2015 - New Auras & Gauntlet of Souls

29 October 2015 - 08:06 PM

The reaction across the board is that pretty much no one, except Helring, likes the event. So you aren't alone here. It's a completely lazy and uninspiring event, and I'm actually glad that people are giving negative feedback for the way holiday events are no longer fun miniquests but full on grind fests. I've felt that way for years, it's nice to see others finally catch up and reject these events.


Just not sure what players expected when they voted for a "mini-world event" on Runelabs. World Events are mostly grinding. There was an option in the poll for a mini-quest and it came in last. 



Also, full list of the changes in the event:


* Special souls (which grant XP) now spawn once every 30-45 seconds, down from 60-90 seconds. They also have a slightly better chance to spawn once this cooldown period is over.
* Increased the amount of Noumenon Favour received for certain actions:
- Devourers now give 3, up from 1
- When escorting souls devourers now give 10, up from 5
- Defeating the Avatar of Amascut now gives 400, up from 350
- Completing the escort of souls across the bridge now gives 300, up from 200



In Topic: 26th October 2015 - New Auras & Gauntlet of Souls

27 October 2015 - 08:05 PM

I don't think its that bad considering its a 2 week event. If you do a bit every day its not that much time. I do think though that Jagex is going a bit overboard with the number of events we've had since now they're even overlapping and they should give a break between them.