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#5578491 26th October 2015 - New Auras & Gauntlet of Souls

Posted by helring on 29 October 2015 - 09:06 PM

The miniquest was probably voted against because people feared Comp Reqs. In any case, there are ways to do world events so that players don't completely hate them. World Event 2 and the Falador Events, while not really popular or enjoyable - had  high participation rates because they were 99% AFK and had good experience rewards. Whereas the Halloween event is not.


Honestly, I'm wondering if its not the grind but the daily cap that's the issue as well with those. All three events averaged out to about 30 minutes a day, but the Halloween event you can do that 7-8 hours all at once, so people may be looking at it as a worse grind than the other two.

#5576838 RuneFest | Updates of 2016

Posted by helring on 07 October 2015 - 12:50 AM



They have their heads all the way up their asses and I can only assume how hard it is to see what people want from up there.


They generally deal with only small segments of the playerbase which can be loud but each have their own agendas. The players they interact with a lot tend to be the few thousand that are on twitter or reddit, which means that an idea may appear popular in those groups yet still not be overly popular with players as a whole. I can't blame them for being surprised that an idea ended up being popular with the general playerbase.


I can, the topic was brought up on /r/runescape so many times. Plus that's their own fault for selectively frequenting social media sites but not spending time on other forums such as ours. So yes, I hold it against them.



The majority of players probably aren't on any social media sites, they just play the game. 

#5573189 RuneLabs Ideas

Posted by helring on 28 August 2015 - 01:11 PM

Well there is a difference between taking advantage of something tantamount to a graphical glitch and Jagex making it an actual feature..I think it would be interesting to have if they can do it without a major coding hassle.


I don't remember which stream, but Jagex kind of gave tacit approval to using this glitch for the time being while they investigate whether its easy enough to permanently add.

#5571579 Future Update Discussions

Posted by helring on 12 August 2015 - 06:14 PM

Is ... is this a treasure hunter promotion that can actually be completed without using a single key?


They've seemed to be trying to alleviate that a lot lately. The beach allowed you to skill there for the items, or buy tokens off others who skilled there. Astromancer outfit had tradeable tokens earned through stabbing tuska, etc. It seems like they've been trying to make a lot of their cosmetic promos more attainable.

#5571247 Dev Blog: QP master cape

Posted by helring on 09 August 2015 - 01:13 AM

My biggest issue with it being so close to comp requirements is the fact that it will have the MC stats and not bonus stats. Give it special stats(3 kiln capes bc you sacrifice for enhanced fc) and maybe it makes sense. But for the time requirement, if I'm already getting 90+ base and 117 DG I might as well grind out comp bc it has the bis stats + perks of other capes (kiln, accumulator, etc)


Yea, I'd have no problem with them boosting the stats, I think bare minimum it should have the Ava's ability.

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#5571227 Dev Blog: QP master cape

Posted by helring on 08 August 2015 - 09:48 PM



Quest cape = all quests
Quest cape (t) = all quests, all tasks
Master quest cape = all quests, all tasks, all post quest activities related to and unlocked via quests

J Mods already rejected all tasks on the Quest Mastery Cape, and also added that all Story-Oriented Content must be on there.

Tasks require quests. Therefore they are related and you could argue tasks are post quest rewards bc you get experience and a permanent unlock



They outright said no to tasks. Yes, I could argue that the task system is an extension of the quest system, but its clear the J Mods want to go for a more Story-Oriented route.


Honestly, this is probably why they avoided doing anything with Quest Cape for so long and players had to demand it for years. The only thing that absolutely and definitely fits a Quest Cape is the Quests themselves. After that its all about degrees of how close something is and defining what makes up questing. you could say "Quests and Post-Quest Content" but what is Post-Quest Content? You need a Quest to unlock Prifddinas, does that mean that things such as the Ravensworn title is post quest content? Is everything in any area that requires a quest to access it automatically post-quest content? Is the Corporeal Puppy pet post quest content because you need quests in order to kill Corp Beast? Some things will be more closely related than others, but all are debateable.


So even Post-Quest Content is a hazy minefield. So they decided to go with things directly involved in or unlocked through Quests, as well as looking at what Quests are. They (meaning Mod Manti, Osborne, and probably some other J Mods)  looked at quests and decided that the only thing really binding all Quests together is that they were all some sort of story-based content. That doesn't mean they're all deep lore, but they all tell some sort of story. So they decided that going above and beyond (which is what Mastery Capes require) for Questing would require finishing or obtaining all Story-Oriented content.


You may disagree with this decision, and I understand why you would, but thats the major issue that a more advanced Quest cape was going to bring. Skills are clear cut, you know exactly whats involved in a skill and you get a nice neat number for training it. Get that number to x and you've completely maxed the level for it. Get that number to y and you've went above and beyond and you get the mastery cape. But Quests can't go that route and never could, "Do all Quests" is already on the basic cape, and there are no more Quests you can do beyond that unlike skills where you can keep training. This Cape was always going to be difficult to make since the whole thing had to be based on interpretation, there are no clear cut lines.

#5571147 Dev Blog: QP master cape

Posted by helring on 07 August 2015 - 10:19 PM

So what is the 113 DG requirement for?


Unless it changes, the req will probably be 117 dunge for Chronicles of Bilrach

#5570301 Dev Blog: QP master cape

Posted by helring on 31 July 2015 - 08:00 PM

Dev Blog: Quest Point Master Cape
The Quest Point cape has always been a difficult, time-consuming cape to attain and maintain. Those who do posses one can boast about having a great amount of dedication and commitment in skills across the board as well as being able to complete the many mind-twisting puzzles that we have with over 200 Quests in the game!
The quest point cape, even though it shows the amount of dedication beyond a single 99 in a skill, never had a "trimmed" version and rather than adding an extra colour to the cape's tassels we thought of going a step further and introduce a Quest Point Master cape.

What is a Quest Point Master Cape?

A master cape shows even greater dedication than a skillcape but with the amount of quests that are available we chose a slightly different approach:

- Completing all quests, miniquests and claiming all post-quest rewards will be a requirement to wear the cape.
-> Post-quest rewards will not include lore books that do not necessarily improve the player character (e.g. 'Archmage' or post-Plague's End titles). 
-> Anything that awards items, XP or unlocks should be a requirement.
- The cape would have a similar appearance to that of a master ("120") cape. 
- Some of the requirements will overlap with the Completionist and Trimmed Completionist capes (but will not be a requirement for either).
- It would be included in the Completionist tab for an easy way of tracking your progress. 
Secondly, few things what that cape is not:
- An everything-lore cape.
- A taskmaster cape.
- An overly RNG-based cape.
- A music cape.
- A D&D or a Minigame cape.
- A requirement for the Completionist/Trimmed Completionist cape, just like any other master cape other than Dungeoneering.

This is where we need you! Below is a list of the requirements that would be befitting the master cape but being just human we might have missed one or two thus in order to get this correct the first time - please do suggest other requirements that you think would fit in well with the cape. Do remember, however, tasks, RNG-based lore books that do not necessarily improve the player character from a gameplay standpoint, pets, Minigames and D&D's should not be part of the cape.


All quests complete

100% completion of every Fremennik saga
Unlocked the Abyss
Completed the Azdaran document
Unlocked all routes in the Balloon Transport System
Bar Crawl complete
Collected all of Blood Pact’s demon statuettes
Completed Broken Home post-quest challenges and opened all chests
Completed the 3 Buyers and Cellars capers
Unlock Char's training cave
The Curse of Zaros complete
The General’s Shadow completed
Completed Doric & Boric's tasks
Completed 5 supply runs after Death Plateau
Cleansed the murals in adamant dragon dungeon and Mount Firewake
Put Clarence to rest
Digsite pendant ability unlocked
All rewards unlocked from Dimension of Disaster, including the tasks
Unlocked all Death of Chivalry post-quest rewards
Given the Apothecary Herbi Flax's diary
Found all Enchanted Key treasures
Fairy Tale III post quest rewards (incl. all fairy ring locations and excl. tooth creature)
Obtained the Holy Cithara
Hopespear's Will complete
Koschei's Troubles completed & all Kharshai's Memories unlocked
Opened all chests after Dishonour among Thieves
Obtained a medium XP lamp post-Heart of Stone
Mogre miniquest complete (sobered up Skippy)
Fully enchanted your broomstick after Swept Away
Unlocked the Purple Cat
Unlocked the ability to chip teleport tablets
Unlocked the God Wars Dungeon teleport spell
Completed Stronghold of Player Safety & Stronghold of Security
Unlock the full power of the Ivandis Flail
Caught Thalassus 10 times
Delivered 25 chimp ices
Killed 4000 chompies
Unlocked all spells from Livid Farm
Unlocked all rewards from Missing, Presumed Death
Fate of the Gods post quest rewards (XP lamps, helm of Zaros, Crest of Seren, 6a-circuit upgrade, Sliske's Gift)
Gained max Varrock Musuem Kudos
Met Philipe Carnillean at all currently available locations
Gained access to the secret treasure room post-Diamond in the Rough
Gained access to the secret treasure room post-Do No Evil
Get all experience from the cave paintings in the Land of Snow
Engraved all of Dororan's jewelery
Unlocked the ability to purchase full white armour
Rag and Bone Man & Fur'n'seek wishlists done
Unlocked all Rogue Trader merchandise
Spoken to Azacorax after Rune Memories and gained Prayer or Magic XP
Unlock the Vyrelord title
Put Arrav to rest after ROTM
One of a Kind post-quest rewards
Open the Dragon Forge
Killed Tarn Razorlor
Gained the extra constitution XP after Song from the Depths
Fully upgraded Pig Creation machine
Plague’s End post-quest rewards (Ability to grow 3 spirit trees, Magic, Divination, Melee, Slayer and Smithing XP lamps)
Killed all post-Smoking Kills bosses
Given completed Scabarite notes to Abigail
Completed Sheep Shearer & Witch's Potion
Gained access to Vanligga's yak shop
All Wilderness spirit realm portals unlocked

What's next?

With the core aims being revealed to you, we're now eagerly waiting for your feedback! Please note that some things might change during development and not every bit of feedback will be taken on-board but we will be monitoring this thread and I will be updating the requirements list if the suggestions are feasible. :)

The Ninja Team



#5568680 Raids - The Liberation of Mazcab (13/07/2015 Update)

Posted by helring on 15 July 2015 - 06:30 PM

Yes, I'm so sorry I was unable to contain my revulsion at another update thread being steered into a Comp Cape discussion.

Can we not make a sticky thread for the Cape and every update you can talk about it there? Please?


Then talk about other aspects of the update. Its not like threads can't have multiple conversations going on at once.

#5568458 Raids - The Liberation of Mazcab (13/07/2015 Update)

Posted by helring on 13 July 2015 - 04:56 PM

Ok, finished a Durzag fight. It seems pretty difficult for tanks, but for the other 6 people its not that bad. Kill chargers and airut when they spawn, focus on first pet. Once the chargers sawn surrounding you behind their cages, everyone can let them out and kill them. 1 person per charger let out, and just go around releasing and killing them. If you don't release them you'll get swamped by over 20 chargers at once. Once Durzag comes out you keep focusing on airuts and chargers, killing pets when none of the others are around. Disable any bombs durzag throws, and focus on durzag. Free any of your people that get caged.


It sounds a bit complicated explaining it, but when doing it its pretty easy to see.

#5568023 Future Update Discussions

Posted by helring on 09 July 2015 - 08:56 PM

Podcast discussing what Mod Osborne wants to do in his new position is out http://runescape.podbean.com/

#5567501 Dev Blog: Elite Skills

Posted by helring on 05 July 2015 - 02:35 PM


Hard to adjust rune's mining and smithing req down without disturbing the associated alch price and the thousands of drop tables it's on. Don't adjust the alch price, inflation inbound. Adjust the alch price down, have to fiddle with a ton of tables.

What they could do is have the smithing levels remain as they are for making the rune weapons/armour (at 85+), but allow you to make modifications to rune armour from 50+ smithing (e.g. augmentation, masterwork etc). Would be a bit silly but avoids the alch value issue completely.


Tbf they could scale rune down to 50 without messing with the alchs/drop tables etc too much if they did a direct swap.


IE Rune would go down to the 50s and its alch price would follow suit, along with this they would of course need to add in more rune rocks to make the mining more sustainable.


But what you do is slip in a new metal at the very top end - probably used for modifying armours rather than a whole new tier - and replace the existing rune rocks and rune on drop tables with this stuff.

That way only major impact area to look at would be rune dragon bar drop rates.



Honestly I'm not sure they need to do anything except bring Rune and other ores down. There is already so much rune coming in during Trahaearn Voice of Seren that I'm not sure the new players wouldd have any effect on it. So drop Rune down, keep the alch price, keep the exp rates, keep the spawn rates, keep the current number of rocks. Currently what is keeping Rune prices up is the alch price of rune stuff, so just keep it. Later, when it fits with an update they can bring out new ores for the higher tiers.

#5566950 [29-6-15] Hero's Welcome | Summer Beach Party

Posted by helring on 30 June 2015 - 09:49 AM



Does anyone have a transcript for V's book of the gods?






#5566828 [29-6-15] Hero's Welcome | Summer Beach Party

Posted by helring on 29 June 2015 - 11:41 AM



  • Players who are unable to take part in Tears of Guthix as they are within 100k of maximum XP and have maximum quest points can now tick off the requirement for the Distracted title after telling Juna a story.


Was this necessary? :P I am not seeing the point in playing ToG when you have near max XP, it is not like it is a real fun minigame. At least we cannot say they won't look at minorities :P 20 people can now play ToG again ;)



The point isn't that they can play the game. The point is that "The Distracted" title requires you to play a game in order to unlock it. So those players were unable to unlock the Distracted title.

#5566567 Replay Myreque Quests in Beta

Posted by helring on 26 June 2015 - 07:48 PM

Limited Time Only – Replay Myreque Quests in Beta
For a limited time only we are allowing you to replay the Myreque Quests on the Beta world. To do this, speak to Amelia and Rory in Burgh de Rott. You will have the option to choose how far back in the quest chain you would like to reset it to. As far back as In Search of the Myreque.
This is limited time only as it will be available as long as the current Beta lasts. This is not a feature that will be added to the main game.
Q: Why the Myreque Quests?
If you didn’t already know, the next quest in the series will be coming out later this year. Therefore we are giving you the chance to replay the quests beforehand.
Q: Why won’t this be made available in the main game?
Most of the work to reset these quests was done as part of the skill resets projects last year. However it completely resets everything, which means losing progress in Temple Trekking, etc. This type of quest reset is not something we want to add to the game. Therefore we are limiting it to the Beta world. The work required to develop a more desired quest reset would be a lot and at this time we do not think the work would be worthwhile. If however it becomes very popular, we will think more seriously about quest resets in the future.
Q: How long is ‘limited time’?
We don’t actually know right now. We do know we have some other plans for the Beta world later this year, which means we can’t keep this up forever. So if this interests you, best taking a look sooner rather than later!