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#5565059 Future Update Discussions

Posted by helring on 12 June 2015 - 12:41 PM

Honestly, I'd prefer they dropped the idea of making other skills go to 120. Elite Skills allow them to add more content onto skills already. However, if they just made skills go to 120, there are already thousands of players that have all the content unlocked already. Smithing and Mining just needs a rework, doesn't need 120's, same with some other skills. Anything that can't be fixed by a rework can get elite skills.

#5564212 [1-6-15] Tuska World Event

Posted by helring on 07 June 2015 - 11:20 AM

Essiw: Zamorak being the baddy is no longer true since the writing of the sixth age. While he did some questionable things, a lot of that is because that stuff was still written when Jagex saw him as the epitome of evil or because our information comes from Saradominist sources.
The Zamorak we saw in DaT showed us a totally different person than we were told to believe he was.



Unfortunately, Zamorak still seems to have only the worst followers. Zarosian mahjarrat tend to help or work with us while Zammy's Mahjarrat tend to be some of the more villainous ones. So even if I wanted to follow Zamorak, I wouldn't want to empower his other followers by doing so

#5564119 [1-6-15] Tuska World Event

Posted by helring on 06 June 2015 - 06:26 PM

I was sadly negatively surprised by the quality of this event. Certainly the game mechanics are cool, and so are the surroundings. But there's next to no new lore and no matter what faction you represent you get the same dialogue information. The raid D&D quickly get repetitive as well. A lot of people are also actually ignoring the event now, mainly because the rewards are only possible to get "overtime". There's no overcapping and you only get rewarded for one stab a day. A plus for the game mechanics, the graphics and the surroundings in general (it is cool to be out in space, no doubt), but the storyline immersion and the whole "OMFG TUSKA IS GOING TO EAT US ALL" is lacking very heavily. 


I am also very surprised Zamorak is in second place. He lost the first world event, and Bandos who could be seen as his 'ally' in much of ideology, lost his previously as well. I mean, Zamorak got DaT not too long ago which could explain part of it, but still...Especially as Zamorak was pretty much last during the first two days of this event.


Honestly, I think Chris L shows through on this World Event. He's very creative with mechanics, but its usually updates devoid of story or real meaning that he does. Bosses that don't require backstory. Rots and Arraxor for instance. They don't require much backstory because the players they want to reach don't care about that. Instead of any well known Godless character he put in Rago. Rago makes some sense to be there, but not really as a member of a faction. If anything he should be the "I don't care about your petty conflicts, I'm just here to protect the world" side instead of actually making him join one of the factions. Rago doesn't seem like one to actually join a faction. 


As for Zamorak, I'm not that surprised. Zamorak is the only option there that is considered "evil" by many in the playerbase. So you have those that want to support evil and those that actually support him for lore reasons supporting him. Meanwhile, the "good" factions are divided between Armadyl, Saradomin, and Godless (since players are treating Godless as "I'm not a saradomin, zamorak, or armadyl supporter"). So in essence Zamorak's type of follower is undivided so while a smaller number, there's less overlap and they'll all go zammy.

#5563491 [1-6-15] Tuska World Event

Posted by helring on 03 June 2015 - 05:26 AM

I don't see the issue with the Godless winning just because you don't like them or they aren't a specific deity.


People have a choice of the 4 sides and must pick one. People are picking godless cause they like rago or dislike the other gods involved.


if you took Godless out and put Zaros in his place and then Zaros was winning would you still whine that sara/arma/zam aren't getting support?

Is picking the godless side some how less valid than picking a god?


I mean sure you can say everyone who doesn't follow arma, zam and sara will go godless

But you can also say everyone who doesn't follow arma zam or godless will go sara

Everyone who doesn't follow arma sara or godless will go zam

Everyone who doesn't follow godless zamr or sara will go arma.

Its the exact same thing whatever way you cast it.


It's not like the Godless are winning just because they are there - Godless where an option for face punch bonanza and they didn't exactly win there did they? - Godless are winning because more people are picking them as their preferred option.



I think the annoyance comes because people are using the Godless as a catch-all. The Godless aren't being used as a faction enough and are being treated as an "if you arent in the other factions go here". I've heard a bunch of people say things like "I'm Zarosian so I'm going Godless here" or Seren, etc. The Godless aren't being treated like a faction with its own goals, they're being treated as the "none of the above option.


Jagex probably should have allowed players to choose an "I don't care about politics, I'm just here to kill the pig" option. Then we could fairly see who actually wanted to work for each faction. If Godless still won that then great, but right now they're mainly being ignored as a faction and used as a catch-all and that is annoying.

#5562807 Polls General Discussion

Posted by helring on 30 May 2015 - 08:03 AM

Just because the Gods have their own plans doesn't mean their followers aren't busy. There were a bunch of plots by followers pre-sixth age in the name of their Gods, you can't tell me that the followers would just sit around waiting now that the Gods are actually returned. These are the factions actually preparing, they aren't specifically looking for a fight but if theey find other factions preparing as well they're going to stop them. It makes no sense for the World to sit peacefully with all the fanatics and faithful around. Your explanation goes into why the Gods themselves aren't running around attacking, but not why all their followers are just sitting around and doing nothing.

#5557382 Polls General Discussion

Posted by helring on 30 April 2015 - 10:16 PM

Wait, there's now a request for a museum?


In a house?


Have these kids writing up these ideas ever actually been to a museum or aquarium? Do they not get the size of them is generally as large as one average residential home all on its own?


This is getting ridiculous.


Yea, think I'd have rather had a new floor to the actual museum

#5552814 Skill Capes & Diango Improvements Patch Week

Posted by helring on 08 April 2015 - 10:20 AM




Those pets are done by different teams. Pay2win team has always time to animate their pets while Ninja team has not.


Pretty sure Pay2win team is doing both.


Nah, Boss pets were done by the Ninja team.



Why would pay2win team waste their time on something that can't be sold for 235325 runecoins and bonds?



Boss pets were done by the Ninja team, but the pet overrides are not being done by the Ninjas AFAIK. Pet overrides are an animation job, not a Ninja fix.



Sayln is the project manager for TH and Solomons, says that boss pets aren't theirs to work on https://twitter.com/...384566212448256 so would probably need to be ninjas.

#5550654 Update Size vs Frequency

Posted by helring on 26 March 2015 - 07:47 PM

Seems like another instance of cost cutting to me. Sort of like Mod Michelle recently leaving or getting fired and the official RS wiki being shut down (which Mod Michelle took care of alone I think).


We're at half a dozen+ J Mods who have left Jagex this year.


Several of them left to join MMG's new thing.


Mod Michelle's boyfriend was moving for a job and she's moving with him. I wouldn't be surprised if it was more like Michelle putting in her notice gave them a chance to reevaluate the wiki and realize that it wasn't used nearly enough to be worth keeping.

#5549378 16-Mar-2015 - Ninja Graphical Updates | Skillcapes | Pyramid Plunder

Posted by helring on 19 March 2015 - 04:51 AM

I was talking about this with a clan mate last night as I'd not really been following it at all since I have done all quests but I was rather disappointed with their plans for it. In my opinion they should have had two colours of the title, one for those who had or gained their QPC during the Questival and the other for whatever the competition is they're doing.


However changing the title also works.


Don't understand why people are getting so worked up about it though, it's only a title. Most "competitive" titles aren't on a level playing field because they rule out anyone with a full time job or in full time education.


Quests aren't competitive content. They shouldn't have a competitive title. I understand that some players dislike quests and will rush them, however Jagex should not be rewarding and encouraging people to rush through them that might otherwise have actually read through and enjoyed them.

#5548348 RuneLabs Ideas

Posted by helring on 12 March 2015 - 05:59 PM

I've had to re-submit my item sink idea since most of the bigger rewards were not specified in the post and so they marked it medium. Please re-support if you liked the original. Thanks. https://secure.runes...idea?idea=28318

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#5545873 23 February 2015 - Dishonour among Thieves

Posted by helring on 25 February 2015 - 04:27 AM

it was more of a resource management thing, which i didn't think was that bad, it was just sort of crammed in all at once instead of being gradually introduced over a period of time, which they obviously thought could be managed by failing several times instead of letting the player enjoy learning


in particular, one of the mechanics can only be tracked by game chat messages, and i skipped over the instructions too fast to remember if they ever mentioned that


i think more overt cues to coming close to a failure state would be appreciated when throwing such a large set of variables at the player at once


Which mechanic could only be managed by game chat messages? I managed to do the whole thing without looking at the chat box

#5545358 [16-2-15] Ninja Update – Return of the Wildywyrm

Posted by helring on 22 February 2015 - 05:01 AM



Mogres, killerwarrs, cave horrors, rum pumped crabs, night spiders, phoenix, warped terrorbird, tortoise and automatons are all unlocked via quests, and there is not a toggle for them.


Those are all relatively older tasks. Jagex is anything but consistent and when they come up with a new way they unfortunately tend to go "we'll do this from now on" instead of retroactively trying to fix the problems that are still there.



I agree with your post, but with the addendum that this is the way most companies operate. Typically, it is simply far more money to fix things that exist. In the same way that depending on the house, it can be cheaper to scrap it and make a new one (keep in mind: this is from point of view of a corporation, not a family deciding if they should build a brand new house or fix their current one)




I think the main problem is that they're running a persistent MMO with constant updates. For most companies if you change it going forward thats fine because your new products are better and your older ones are obsolete. With a 10+ year game with consistent updates that just makes it a mess with inconsistencies in design everywhere, players asking for fixes and being ignored. I think if you're trying to keep the old product from being obsolete then you need to make the fixes.

#5545227 [16-2-15] Ninja Update – Return of the Wildywyrm

Posted by helring on 21 February 2015 - 05:21 AM

Mogres, killerwarrs, cave horrors, rum pumped crabs, night spiders, phoenix, warped terrorbird, tortoise and automatons are all unlocked via quests, and there is not a toggle for them.


Those are all relatively older tasks. Jagex is anything but consistent and when they come up with a new way they unfortunately tend to go "we'll do this from now on" instead of retroactively trying to fix the problems that are still there.

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#5545065 [16-2-15] Ninja Update – Return of the Wildywyrm

Posted by helring on 20 February 2015 - 07:03 AM

I think I understand why some of them are toggled but these aren't if you look at it from a different angle. What do muspah, nihil, tormented demons and glacors all have in common. You could say the difficulty, but I think the more important thing in the J Mods' minds may be that they're all unlocked from quests. They don't want to encourage players to avoid quests just to keep a monster from showing up as a slayer task. So, they made these quest monsters toggle tasks so that players can do the quests even if they hate those monsters (or think they would). Lava strykes only have a slayer level req, so they treated them like regular slayer tasks.


I still think it should be toggle, but after thinking it through I understand why they didn't do it automatically.

#5544720 [16-2-15] Ninja Update – Return of the Wildywyrm

Posted by helring on 18 February 2015 - 07:11 AM




I finally got my first wildywyrm task. So I blocked it.

Great content we got this week.

Why would you block it? ....You can't expect to not get pked in the wildy.



You answered your own question. A lot of players absolutely hate the Wilderness, even in its hayday a large portion of the game avoided it, let alone now that we've had around 7 years of minimal risk deaths for people to adjust to. Players hate real risk because its annoying.


I used to hate anything to do with PvP and the wildy as well, until warbands came out. 


Once you know how to defend yourself, fight back and kill other players trying to do the same to you, you'll realize how fun and easy it is. If you choose not to do so, of course you will hate it.


It's the same with plenty of things honestly, like how killing all bosses was made a comp requirement, but that's a different story.



Yea, being forced into it for comp just made me hate bossing more tbh, especially when I have friends who still can't get the cape back due to that req. I've started to like bossing a bit due to going for pets, but trying to force people into it is probably not the best solution. I think the RS version of PvP is just too punishing currently for most players, if there was a way to allow people to use their best gear I think it would be more popular. Like maybe requiring you to deposit money before entering (like 50-100k) and on death the pk'er gets a voucher to claim your deposit.