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In Topic: WARNING: Ambushers now live - Watch out!

22 December 2013 - 01:51 AM

I got ambushed immediately after accepting the option to fight vorago.  I didn't like when random events could kill you, I don't like this much either.

In Topic: 11-Dec-2013 - The Bird and the Beast (World Event 2)

13 December 2013 - 07:08 PM

I just wish there was an easier way to get metal fragments right now.

In Topic: Behind the Scenes- December

03 December 2013 - 03:25 AM

Interesting month.  Not worried about new rare, Armadyl will probably win because the alternative is too much of a risk, plus Bandos based on the lore you get from the factions is arguably evil.

In Topic: Barrows - Rise of the Six

22 November 2013 - 06:02 PM




Who said it couldn't be fun to do whatever you have to do for t99 gear.

Don't even bother reasoning with them.  This is just another argument about time/effort.  Funny how its the same people in every topic now still complaining about the same things.


Face it, Jagex has a business model, one that is shared with nearly every other MMO. Giving people max equipment quickly has been shown to hurt more than help people to keep playing the game over an extended period, as if you have max equipment what do you have to strive for?  An example of a game I played that is like this is Terraria.  Although it is not an MMO, you could play online with people and host servers.  And although the creators of the game didn't exactly GIVE people the items (they were items you had to make or find and it took a while), it was easy to hack into the game and spawn the best stuff for yourself. But people said "Half the game is about creating cool stuff so no big deal right? They can now use those items to have more fun right?" They were so wrong.  So what happened? People got all the best stuff, got bored, and stopped playing even though there was the creation aspect of the game. No one explored generated worlds anymore because there was no point to doing it. For over a year, playership dropped dramatically.  Recently, an update spiked playership because it added about 100 new items, but then it dropped again for the same reason.


Jagex can make things less rare, sure, but then you will be statistically less likely to play their game.  And because you are still playing their game right now even though you are complaining, they don't see a reason to change it.  People haven't quit because seismics are too expensive, they quit for other reasons.


Also funny it's always the same conceited wagons who argue "U just 2 lazy L, grind frost dragons 4 400 hrs or gtfo plocks"


What you fail to grasp is that "we" are not advocating an easy button. Grind is necessary for the survival of an MMO, indeed. But there needs to be BALANCE. If items are too easy to get, people don't have any goals and quickly become bored. However, if items are too far out of reach, the same result occurs. Goals have to be realistic or else people simply become discouraged and give up.


How do you try to make a mockery of your opponent when you have no convincing argument? Make them look stupid, put words in their mouth, misspell them purposefully.  Not going to go to that level of immaturity, thanks.


Anyway, on to the second point.  The fact that you and people like you are still playing and trying to achieve something even though they are out of reach means that Jagex hit the sweet spot and isn't going to change it.  If everyone who complained about things being too expensive actually stopped playing instead of complaining while playing, then they would change it.  But there is no need to change it in Jagex's eyes, which is the point I was making.

In Topic: 200M in all Skills

22 November 2013 - 03:34 PM


Let's please end all this drama. I personally asked Jmod Mat K.



Lol I disagree with the part where he says "if you have to ask, then you know there is something wrong with it so don't do it."

I've had to ask if using joy2key to play using a controller could be flagged as botting, doesn't mean there actually was anything wrong with doing it.


He's just giving an answer without actually giving an answer.  Jagex could literally list everything that is okay and not okay to use, avoiding this years long confusion altogether, but they won't.  And now we have mods conflicting over what is right to use and what is not right to use, including 2 jmods who have played a combined 16 years yet neither have broken 1k total level.  Jagex needs to get actual players together and go through commonly used input options and come to a consensus for those, then when questions arise about things like that joy2key, meet and come to a consensus about that too.