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Member Since 19 Jun 2004
Offline Last Active Aug 25 2007 09:43 AM

In Topic: Active classic accounts.

14 January 2007 - 08:56 AM

PlatinumKitt - Lvl 101.

I'm back after a year and my acct's still active on Rsc <3:

Hai Arc and Vmser and Hated and Badboy <3:

In Topic: Credit.

08 June 2006 - 01:40 PM

Just a note, but if it's entirely for school loans and you're in the USA...Direct Loans, Pell Grants and government loans are entirely need based. I have no credit history either and was able to get more than was required.

The only condition of these are they are time limited, you must complete your schooling in X amount of hours (failing and such hurt alot). These are an excellent way to build credit, they defer payment for hardships and advanced schooling and will work around your income.

Also, since they're usually government oriented, they report to all three credit bureau's so as long as you make your monthly payment to them you will be setting yourself up for a high score.

You can usually organize them through your university, so be sure and ask the financial aid dept. They're ALOT lower interest than most bank loans and less hassle than a cc as well. :wink:

In Topic: How Many of You Don't Play RS Anymore?

29 May 2006 - 07:05 AM

I log in from time to time on a noob, was thinking of coming back not long ago and changed my mind...but I haven't played actively in a long while now.

In Topic: How famous are YOU? New just for fun Game.

12 May 2006 - 07:37 PM

!!!!!!!!!! Maybe if he could spell right, the search button would work!

It's all good though, cause mine has depth. Aka: people who actually read the posts and such.

Back to the drawing board :o

In Topic: High Scores Question *Read if you've ever been banned plz*

05 May 2006 - 09:18 AM

Although both are perm-banned, there can still be differences.

The character "not ranked" is most likely perm-banned and account frozen.

The character "not found" is most likely perm-banned and account deleted.

That's the assumption I'm making as well. :? It's truly starting to frustrate me.

Also, neither of those are my own chars...just so you know I'm not trying to trick you =P