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05 June 2006 - 08:24 PM

A few of you may have noticed that Steven (Stevester77) has not been on the forums at all lately. Steven told me to tell his friends here at Tip.It what was happening to him. I believe he had a "hurt and heal" game going on in the Forum Games board, which he locked due to an illness that he had. At the time, none of the doctors he visited knew what Steven had. Well, the doctors finally discovered what his illness was: brain cancer. I have talked with Steven's sister, as Steve was unable to provide detailed information about his cancer.

Steven was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor on March 21, 2006. He was transferred to a hospital in Los Angeles and immediately began radiation and chemotherapy. We didn't know that Steven would end up staying in the hospital for 5 weeks - during this time, he lost the ability to eat, walk and function on his own. He had 2 surgeries as well; the first one was a gastric tube that enabled him to be fed directly to his stomach and the second was to remove a section of his intestines that had developed an infection.

My brother was home for about a month and during this month he seemed to be doing remarkably better. He was eating like crazy (he gained 20 lbs after losing 40 lbs) and was walking around with assistance. We thought things were finally turning around!

However, on May 28th, Steven was eating lunch and while doing so, he started to choke. He stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital. Along the way, he had a seizure and lapsed into a coma by the time they got there. Later we learned that this was caused by his brain hemorrhaging.

As of today, 8 days later, Steven is still technically in a coma. He is slowing waking up and can somewhat respond with his eyes. But the battle still continues - Steven is fighting so hard! He is such an amazing individual and an inspiration to everyone! So thank you for your concerns, thoughts and prayers. Prayer is the only thing that will change this situation for the better. But I will try to keep you updated as much as possible.

Please keep Steven in you thoughts as he recovers.


Need Suggestions on Sig

03 April 2005 - 04:36 AM

Posted Image

Here's my first pixel sig (obviously uncompleted). I have no clue what should be in the background. Also, I don't know how I should create the actual spell itself (Fire blast). I want it half forming infront of the wizard. Also, I think people won't be able to notice the shading on the wizard. Should I shade it more? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Any other constuctive criticism is welcome too. Thanks!