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#5327283 The Evolution of Combat: BETA discussion

Posted by meili on 10 November 2012 - 06:10 PM

To my mind these armor problems are trivial. At the end of the day you can change your equips. The more alarming thing is auto-attacks not working and having to button mash every few seconds - you can't buy changes to that in the GE. I need to test it more but I think my char was also targeting the wrong mobs when in an aggressive area. That sort of thing needs to be fixed pronto.

A few people have asked for shorter cooldowns when they *meant* fewer button presses.


Really wish you could queue the next active ability to use when it becomes available. Hate being forced to button mash to maximize.

I know, right?

#5326989 The Evolution of Combat: BETA discussion

Posted by meili on 09 November 2012 - 08:47 PM

Posted this in the RSOF Feedback thread:

I genuinely fail to understand why some things are missing or seem buggy in EOC.

Auto-retaliate doesn't work - I went to a place with aggresive spawn. Auto-retal was on. I successful attacked one monster but after I killed it my char just stood there doing nothing even though it was being attacked. What's up with that?

Targeting the wrong monster - so in the aggressive place (edge dungeon), after I killed the one monster and my char just stood there not doing anything, I tried clicking on the abilites (hotkey 1,2,3, etc. ) and I got an error message saying "you are already fighting someone else." Um, nope my char was not fighting it was just standing there. The message seems to say that my char was in combat but when I tried to use the abilities it was targeted on the wrong mob. How did that happen when I didn't manually click on any one?

Cannot see which enemy is attacking - so okay, since I got that message I tried to click on the monster that I saw attacking me. Alas, there were two/three of them in the same square so I had to right click and try attacking each one by one to find the correct enemy.

~ in the current combat system my char is very intelligent, if someone attacks, my char attacks back with perfect accuracy on auto-retaliate. EOC seems to have unintelligent chars that don't know what to do

No macros - in every other game of of this type with abilities there is always a "macro" or chain command where you can set it to do several abilities/spells/actions. For example, you shouldn't have to click 1 10 times, then 2 once every single time. You should be able to create a macro where when you click on it will do several abilities at the same time. I don't mean they will happen at the same time I mean in the same way that when you cook, you only click once and it cooks everything in your inventory. Combat should have a similar option.
~ needless to say I was one of the 20% that dislike it but I think we all pretty much knew that Jagex was going through with this no matter what we said.

#4429272 Save the old Runescape websites!

Posted by meili on 06 August 2010 - 02:33 AM

Hello, my name is Meili and I am an old Runescape player who started playing this game way back in 2001. I joined Tip It in the same year and I first announced the creation of my RS fan page Meili's Runescape Pictures in these forums. I come to you now to inform you of certain things and with a plea to help our RS websites.

Newer websites are copying content from the old, original websites

Now, you may not be aware of this but there are old websites from 2001 that still exist today. In fact, these websites are important because they are the only genuine source of information such as news, screenshots, stories and history from old Runescape (2001-2003, mostly).

There are also newer websites. Now, since these websites are new, they obviously have no real old content from the beginning of Runescape. So they are forced to do some research on the internet and find out information from other websites - in other words they take content from the old, original RS fan pages published long ago.

The newer websites rank higher in search engines

Since the new websites are more active and they are frequently updated, they rank higher in search engines such as Google compared to the old and no longer updated RS websites. Also, more people link to them than the old, genuine RS websites.

The copied content is never attributed to the source and the old websites are never linked

The problem is that the new websites almost never cite their sources properly. They don't tell people where they got the information from and they don't link the old, original sources of information. Some have even blatantly copied or lifted content straight out of the old Runescape players' fan pages and passed the content off as their own.

Please help our old Runescape websites become more known

Now, I ask you, is this fair? Should newer websites grab stuff wholesale from old websites and get all the web traffic?

I think not! Here is what you can do:

- Visit the old websites.
- Write something about them and/or link them in your blog, Facebook, Myspace, website, wiki, etc.
- If you are involved in the current RS websites like the wiki, fan forums, RS guides, etc. please cite and link your sources.

Here are some old websites to get you started:

http://www.geocities...unescapegrudge/ - Old as dirt, this webpage is 100 percent genuine and was published way back in 2001. It shows the black hole, a punishment for banned players.

http://www.oocities.com/timmymwd/ - The original Runescape clan history

http://oocities.com/mowbuss/ - A website that looks very amateurish (its the same with most old RS websites lol!) but has tons of content, including Jagex news that has now been removed from the official news archives. Lots of pictures of RS players and it has RS classic guides.

http://ladymedusamoldfield.50megs.com - Absolutely unique content. This website was made by Ladymedusa and as such is the original source of all these pictures. It shows an in-game wedding with Paul Gower officiating. if any old players are here, they might remember reading all about this and seeing the system message about the wedding. P.S. So many players attended that it made many people's clients crash.

http://samppa.ifastnet.com/ - Incredible stuff nto found elsewhere, pics of old holidays, bunny ears drop and scythe drop, 100 percent real and not fake.

http://www.anzwers.org/free/jagex/- Meili's Runescape website, in other words my page. Note that the original version of this was first published in 2001 (old geocities website). Also, this is basically the only authentic source of information about the knife bug and the "mmm" bug. All the others I have ever seen are all copied (without linking or citing my website as the source) from it.

Feel free to add links, I love visiting old RS websites. Personal RS websites are good, too.

Note: I am not saying that newer websites should stop getting content from the old ones. In fact,I want to encourage this because if no one links or quotes the old websites no one will be able to find them. So feel free to go to the original sources of old RS content and talk about them, quote them, copy pictures, etc. but please link to them properly.

P.S. This is for all the old RS websites that in my opinion have not gotten the recognition that they deserve. Personally, I would also greatly appreciate it if you would make two links to my website one with the words "Runescape knife bug" (http://www.anzwers.o...gex/knives.html) and the other one "Runescape mmm bug" (http://www.anzwers.o.../jagex/mmm.html). Honestly, I am a bit fed up that other websites took my stuff and never even said where they got it from.

Thank you!

#2506712 The REAL Undisputed Best Old School List Of True Pkers

Posted by meili on 11 November 2007 - 03:18 PM

Hey Ad and Tim nice lists. I don't really list the best pkers since there are so many good ones. Also, I actually pked more back when I was pureish (prayer). Some people not included so far:

Datrupimp, Trupimp, Da Pimp69, Playa187, basically the whole pimp clan. ;) They were the first high level pures and Datru could actually catch when it was still a poorly understood skill. In fact the first time I saw him, he was leading the whole clan (whom I had previously heard of since they were famous in RS then).

Of course, I thought I was dead for sure when he 3 hit someone 2 squares in front of me. :lol: Oooh so scary...then he was laughing and just said "did you see me catch him 3 times in a row?" :twisted:

Mooncricket - one of the most feared high level pkers. Chad (Who Da Best) used to pm me "hey come to my server Mooncricket is pking in yours

Dirtydevil - what on earth can I say here? He was like the guy the lil pkers looked up to.

Yedija, Polomeros and Red1010 - Yedija (Oldmanschid) and Polo knew each other irl and Red was Polo's gf. A good team. Back then Yed had some sort of rivalry going on with other high levels and watching them fight was very entertaining.

Lightning, Phillip, Ladykilljoy, Sandytrain and the Wanderers - for a very long time they were *the* force to be reckoned with in the wilderness.

Brotherhood of Steel - if Fook A Ji still had his pic of him being pked in bk maze by dozens of BoS members it could show you how effective they were. This was what other clans like Exer wish they could be.

Who Da Best - back when he still had this char he was the 3rd top fighter in Rs. We were close and used to train together everyday. A lot of crazy stuff used to happen then. Everyday was fun. ;) He would kill one well-known person and then people would start coming to iceys in 2s and 3s. Half of the the top 50 fighters would be there just killing ice warriors, then the person he killed would come back and everyone would be trying to kill him.

Although he couldn't catch (neither could 90% of pkers) he was so high level that he got a lot of kills. I was his newbie bait when I was pureish although unintentionally. People would just see him with me, think "oh he is not pking because he hasn't killed the noob" and try to say hi. Or they would try to "help" him but killing the newb (me). I used to pk whole (noob) clans for him there.

Dmxkobe8 - he is here because I have seen him catch consistently back when catching was so rare. Yeah, people ran straight south so it was easy but still he was a better pker than most people higher than him. He was also a pioneer of high level magic pking (with Puffffin who he got to 99 magic). At one time he was the most impure char in RS with 20 (?might have been 19 but anyway he had the highest combined magic+prayer) impure levels.

Fked, Wargazme, Sir Wout - they all knew each other irl and pked together. They had many rivalries, for example with the Pimps and Angel2002/I Wicked I and Uriel. They all trained in the wildy and were constantly pking. Kinda like what Ad said about being able to "hold" the best server at pirates, they could hold two servers whenever they were on...considering there were less than 10 p2p servers! Zonghui, LKJ, Greg and Fked were the first to 99 hps and all trained in the wilderness.

Gregechidna6- he barely stepped foot outside the wilderness and was one of the best pkers during his time. A legend, in other words.

Special mention: Thehate!!!! Omg he is the Meilikiller of Rs. :cry: He killed me so many times at the BK maze with ranged by standing at that special place outside when I was a low level pure with low def and no prayer that I stopped training there and got prayer+def. :P P.S. He had a girl char.