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"Here be Dragons" article

14 March 2012 - 07:43 PM

I'm trying to locate a certain author of an article posted a while back here in the Rants forum. The article's name was "Here be Dragons," wherein the author spoke passionately about the lack of adventure in MMOs because of the inherently 'grindy' aspect of XP gain and the degrading state of Runescape. It was one of the most well-written runescape rants of all time - even Mod Mark commented on the article and claimed it was part of the inspiration for the Dungeoneering skill.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone could find the author and tell me some way to contact him. I am in need of his writing abilities. Thanks.

- mario

Internet Explorer 9

25 September 2010 - 05:41 AM

What does everyone think of the new Internet Explorer 9? For those of you who don't know, the open beta was released recently and can be downloaded here.

At first I thought it was just another Vista (in other words, a useless carbon copy of its predecessor), but it turns out its received a nice little overhaul. Basically, Microsoft took all the good features from all the other browsers, and included them in IE9.

Sorry IE haters, looks like the competition is heating up again.

Features I noticed...

  • The search box and URL box have been combined. Chrome had this.
  • The browser is extremely clean. The design is flawless and all the cluttery toolbars have been removed, and the icons have been compressed. Chrome had this as well.
  • The browser now has pinned sites. Finally.
  • On that note, you can now drag websites down to your task bar (Windows 7) and they will be pinned there. Nice for facebook and youtube.
  • Videos seem to load faster in general. When I visited youtube, the videos were loading fast to a point where I didn't have to pause the video every 5 seconds as I sometimes have to do on certain large videos.
  • Pages seem to load slightly faster. Sorry FF and Chrome. ;)


  • Getting random errors sometimes. Sometimes I have to close IE and restart it. Kinda annoying, but I'm sure they'll fix it when they release the full package.

Completed pixel sig

27 July 2010 - 09:12 AM

Two months ago I thought I had completed this signature, but after looking at it for a while, and taking some friendly advise, I totally scraped over half of the graphics and re-did them from stratch to make them more detailed and more in-tune with eachother.

Here is the first version:

Posted Image
Most of the critism was that it was too saturated, and that some things were out of perspective with eachother.

And now the updated version, freshly completed 5 minutes before the time of this post:


02 May 2010 - 06:38 AM

This isn't a full Dungeoneering guide. I feel that such a guide would be pointless, considering the basics of Dungeoneering are extremely easy to learn and understand. Rather, this will be a collection of hints, tips, and strategies to help those players who are already familiar with the skill and want more efficient training methods.

Tips and Strategy

General Tips - General tips for surviving Daemonheim, for those who are new or inexperienced.

  • Daemonheim weapons are different than above-surface weapons. While all above-surface melee weapons require a certain attack level to wield, for example, Daemonheim weapons (such as the maul) may require only a strength level to wield. Don't be discouraged if you have a low attack level, for you can still wield many high level heavy weapons if you have high strength.
  • The spear is considered to be the best melee weapon because of its rather large stab bonus and its ability to switch between different melee styles without giving up too much accuracy- which is essential for defeating bosses, whom have varying weaknesses.
  • The ideal setup for a 5 man team would be 3 meleers, 1 mage, and 1 ranger. The mage would take care of the high level warriors (NPCs that meleers fight difficult to hit), while the ranger would take care of the high level shades (NPCs that tend to hit high on meleers). The meleers would therefore be protected and free to clear rooms much faster. For a 4 man: 2 meleers, 1 mage, 1 ranger. For a 3 man: 2 meleers, 1 ranger.
  • Potions and food may be used on party members. Use this feature during bosses when you have a surplus of food or potions and one of your teammates is about to die, or needs a skill boost.
  • Don't hog resources that you don't need. For example, if you're meleeing, and have some katagon arrows, you'd best give them to the archer of the team instead of selling them to the smuggler. Remember- helping your party benefits EVERYONE.
  • You do not have to kill all the monsters in a dungeon to get the maximum bonus. It's generally a good strategy to completely ignore rooms that are 'dead ends' (only one door in them) on medium and large maps.
  • When searching for a team in the lobby, turn your public chat to hide so you can easily click on the invite when you receive it in your chat window, instead of scrolling through dozens of public spam to try to click it.
  • Stick together as a party. Having the party 'split up' and search different rooms will in theory make the dungeon go faster, but party members usually have great difficulty clearing rooms by themselves. This strategy may result in multiple deaths.
  • DONT DIE! Do anything to avoid a death! Remember: this isn't PvP, it's OKAY to be a 'safer' in Daemonheim. Keep your health high, especially when you are getting hit by multiple enemies.
  • Equip your ring of kinship at the beginning of a dungeon. It saves you one inventory space.
  • On your party interface, you can click on a party member's name and view their stats, inventory, and various other current statistics regarding their character.
  • Use gatestones- especially on medium and large maps. They will save you loads of time- even if your not maging.
  • Items high alch for twice the value they would sell for at the smuggler's shop. If you find a particularly high level item that you don't need, it is recommended you alch it to get the maximum coins.

Monster Tips - Tips for dealing with non-boss monsters throughout the dungeons.

  • Always pile the highest damage monster first, with a few exceptions. Always kill monsters in the following order: high level shades, high level mages, high level meleers, high level rangers, poison spiders (incase there are no antipoisons available), brutes, dogs, bats, rats, ice spiders, everything else. Because a majority (85%) of players prefer melee, a typical party is weakest to magic, followed by range, and finally they are strongest against melee.
  • Don't kill the dinosaurs- the large cow-like monsters sometimes referred to as "fatties." It's a waste of time and doesn't grant you any additional exp.
  • Monsters DO NOT drop Tier 11 weapons and armor, despite some players claiming to have received primal equipment from forgotten warriors.

Boss Tips - Tips for slaying those nasty bosses.

  • There is a correlation between the level of a boss its maximum hit. The formula for approximate max hit is: (monster level) + 100 (give or take 50). Make sure you keep your health above this value at all times during the boss fight. Notice this value is a rough estimate: it may vary a lot.
  • Blindly rushing a boss almost never works. Always look at the type of boss and the combat level. From this determine its weaknesses and adjust accordingly.
  • Put a gatestone outside the boss room. If you get to a point during the boss fight where you have no food, teleport safely out of the boss room. Remember- its not cowardly to run in Daemonheim, this isn't above-surface Runescape; deaths are a HUGE exp penalty and should be avoided at all costs. Most parties will understand.
  • Boss levels may be predetermined fairly accurately using a crude formula even before you meet the boss. You can derive the boss difficulty from the drops you receive from the normal monsters throughout the dungeon. If you're receiving web snippers, the boss will be fairly easy. If you're receiving boubabasses, the boss will be of medium difficulty. If you're receiving salve eels, the boss will be a fair challenge.
  • Bosses are the only monsters in Daemonheim that drop Tier 11 items.
  • During some special attacks when players are not able to harm the boss (ex. Stomp or Luminescent Icefiend's special attack), familiars can still do damage to the boss.

Professional Tips - Tips and strategies the professionals use.

  • Always have a designated key bearer- a player who collects all the keys in a dungeon. This avoids confusion as to who has what key, and simplifies and speeds up the dungeon. It is also useful to have this player carry the 5 essential tools for unlocking skill doors, so the party doesn't have to continually return to home each time they encounter a skill door.
  • Have the key bearer also be the designated door opener- the player who opens doors to reveal what's inside. Especially near the end of the dungeon, having multiple players clicking a single door at once can have catastrophic effects. If the room happens to harbor the boss, one more more players may be accidentally flung into the boss room, then the whole party is forced to enter the room to help the party member- sometimes going in unprepared. A designated door opener will avoid this.
  • A surplus of keys marks the dungeon is nearing its end. When your party receives a surplus of keys, it usually means one of those keys will unlock the boss room, so be careful.
  • The clan chat "dannni" contains many experienced, high level dungeoneerers that you can pair up with.
  • For maximum exp, you should do floors 1-20 on small, 21-29 on medium, and 30-35 on large. It is frustrating that many players have set in their minds that small maps are always the fastest experience on any floor- this is simply not true.
  • Currently there is a trick that can grant you infinite money. If you are 44 runecrafing or higher, you can buy essence from the smuggler, runecraft air runes, and sell the air runes back to the smuggler for profit. Then you can buy even more essence and repeat the process, gaining even more money. Potentially, you could have infinite money. A higher runecrafting level will grant you more profit per hour.
  • In desperate times, when food is low and the boss is simply too high level, the so called 'poison trick' can be used. Simply have a player enter the boss room with a poisoned weapon, and poison the boss. When the boss is confirmed poisoned, the player should gatestone teleport out. Then the party waits until the poison slowly kills the boss. Occasionally, you will have to attack the boss again to make sure the poison hits high again. Note some bosses are immune to poison.

Dante's Inferno

14 January 2010 - 04:11 AM

Posted Image

Well I wake up one morning, turn on my Xbox, and what do I see but Dante's Inferno the game featured on the dashboard. Apparently they are making a game based off Dante's Divine Comedy.

So I test out the demo, and its actually very fun. The controls remind me of God of War: its third person, and you play as Dante, who has a huge weapon that he swings around with supernatural speed. Although it does seem sort of like a button smashing game, it will surely make up for it with an awesome storyline. For anyone who's read Dante's Inferno, you'll know what I'm talking about.

From what I've gathered from the demo there are magical powers (Dante's holy cross power: shoots a magical cross at enemies), huge [wagon] weapons, and lots of bosses (I fought two and its only the first circle of hell). The first boss is a bit of a pushover if you know the trick (hint: block). The second one is a bit annoying because you can't block, but easy as well. Oh and you also get to control huge monsters at times.

Anyway, here's the site if you want to check it out.


I'm not sure if the game is still featured on the dashboard, but I'm sure you can still download it if its not there.

PS: It also has nudity like god of war. You've been warned... (don't play the demo in front of your parents, kids)