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Member Since 04 Oct 2005
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My perfect tank - 99 def + 99 range ITT. Also my intro and coming back after 10 years

04 July 2016 - 07:36 PM

Hey guys :)


It's been about 10 years since I've been on this tip.it account and I'm just coming back to RS. I know nobody remembers me, but my account name used to be X Drummer X before it was banned a few years ago (had over 15 99s in 2009). Old school MK/TRWF and maybe others will remember me by that account name, I was active in the clan world from late 2003 till 06-ish. I was kind of a douche since I was a teenager back then, so I might be notorious on some forums.


Recently started RS again after quitting for a long time after my friends convinced me to make an OSRS account. This is an account that has bunny ears on RSC, but it was never really a character that I had good stats on, it was more of a banker account. I decided to revive it and just go ham on OSRS. I've been playing casually this entire time because of work, but I'm managing to bang out some decent levels so far even though I can't play as much as I used to in High School.




RSN: Sky Chase



70/70 Attack

60/60 Strength

99/99 Defense

95/99 HP

44/44 Prayer (no I'm not getting 52)

99/99 Range

60/99 Magic

102/103 Combat


As for non-combat stats I'd like to get 69 in everything with the odd 99 here and there. Currently working on Agility here and there (99 in the distant future), aswell as Magic. P.S. I'm poor (haven't staked or PKed yet) so stats don't come as quickly as they would for rich players...


99 Def:



99 Range:



99 HP:

*To be announced*


99 Magic:

*To be announced*

Kalphite queen vid, me & and my friend kill it.

11 February 2006 - 03:09 AM

Just a video of me and my friend Sneezingtree killing the Kalphite queen. We don't need a big team like most people, we just go just the 2 of us and own it. We are going to kill a couple hundred of them till we get a few chains, and people usually get a chain 1 every 40 queens.

This vid shows what to bring when killing it, and that you can even kill it with only 2 people. You used to be able to solo it but they fixed the bug and its WAY harder now and you usually need a team...

Well, enjoy..

http://s39.y0usendit... ... ETW3FQR8JY

copy and paste the link into browser, and change the 0 in y0usend it to an o. It cencors it when I put an o which is weird..

What do I do rofl - girls want me :$

25 January 2006 - 08:51 PM

This chick 2 years younger then me is hitting on me but shes so hot, but I don't wanna date someone 2 years younger (I know her irl btw shes in my school, im in grade 11 shes grade 9) i dunno how to tell her i dont wanna go out with someone 2 years younger cause it would be weird. I like c hicks my age, or older and maby someone 1 year younger max.

Overly Anxious

23 January 2006 - 08:21 PM

Has anyone her went totally insane when they are SO close to a 99??!

I'm going crazy here :cry: :cry: :cry:

Why is 98 so evil?

Check out how close I am

Gotta do something to take my mind off it!1111

Posted Image

CMON 98 CHANGE TO 99!!! :@ jadasjdjeqwoesdffyugsdtfgh


Rate my sig outta 10

08 December 2005 - 07:31 PM

Posted Image

and yes its for sale but thats in the media market section, rate it outta 10