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Black Mask + Salve Amulet (e)

29 May 2007 - 04:40 AM

If you have both on an undead slayer task does the 15% and 20% bonus stack? and do you have proof from Runescape Knowledge Base or somewhere on the Tip.It website?

Thanks guys. <3:

Recovering lost password/locked account

21 February 2007 - 03:37 AM

Recently I got banned and I tried to appeal the ban so they locked my account and I went to recover my account and I clicked "My account is locked" and typed in my Runescape Username and clicked enter. When the page loaded it showed the top part of the screen that said something to the effect of "to make sure it's you make sure you answer as many questions as possible.." etc and then nothing was below it besides the copyright, anyone else have this problem happen or is it just my computer?

My Goals Blog

25 August 2006 - 09:30 PM

I'm quite sick of pk'ing after having some problems with people and how the system works so I'm off to train skills and combat!


1) 58/63 Smithing [ ]

2) 55/60 Crafting [ ]

3) 57/60 Thieving [ ]

4) 65/76 Fishing [ ]

5) 70/80 Cooking [ ]

6) 44/60 Farming [ ]

7) 61/66 Herblore [ ]

8) 83/85 Strength [ ]

9) 85/95 Attack [ ]

10) 80/90 Defense [ ]

11) 86/90 Hit Points [ ]

12) 59/85 Slayer [ ]

13) 82/94 Mage [ ]

14) All quests [ ]

15) 5k Chompy Kills [ ]

This is the order I will do them in, every now and then I will take breaks to play some castle wars on world 42, come join me if you would like.


Making Coifs in Al Kahrid Bank


Posted Image

Posted Image

Construction Tea

21 June 2006 - 01:12 AM

Where do I get it and how many levels does it raise me?

Fight Caves Blog

19 June 2006 - 03:13 AM


I've decided it's time for me to get the legendary fire cape and I decided to write a blog about for people's enjoyment and to vent my frustration.

Attempt 1:

Did well except my Guthan would not heal me on the 180's so I use a few doses of Sara Brew... boyyy was that a mistake! I get to Jad with plenty of pray pots left but I hit the wrong prayer to start and he hits me for a 54 #-o So I drank the last of my sara brews and mis prayed... AGAIN :oops: Got hit a 45 and was down to 15 hp without any Sara Brews I get the 108s on me and they're in a line and steel skin is on... My prayer runs out and he hits a 10 on me so I'm down to 5 hp. One of the 108's hits a 4 on me and Jad is down to about 20 hp. Right when I think I've won a 180 hits a 1 on me :cry:

Attempt 2: Get to the 180's and decide I don't have time to finish and get myself killed.

Attempt 3: Get all the way to Jad perfectly with only drinking one sara brew and I get all the 108's on me and think I have this fire cape easy. I click to pot my prayer and click to switch prayer but my guy doesn't switch he's still drinking the pot. BAM 65! I quickly drink sara brews and restore pots while switching prayer but not quick enough. All 4 108's are around me so I get hit for multiple 10-20's and die.

Attempt 4: I get in there and everything goes perfect, only dropped below 10hp once because I decided to range the 180's get to the 702, I pray right the first time and switch, pot, get the 108's all perfect, I mis click prayer once and got hit a 41 and got to abou 10hp but I recovered slowly but surely. I was thinking "Why can't he just die already?" and suddenly I hear this weird noise and realize he's dead. I get outside and expect the guy to tell me congratz or something and hand me the cape but he doesnt and I run around frantically thinking it glitched and I didn't get it. I then click to my inventory and see this little orange blob and start shaking and Pm'ing all my friends and didn't even put it on till 5 mins later.

Thanks for reading