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In Topic: BaconStrips&BaconStrips&BaconStrips&

14 September 2011 - 01:37 PM

Haha it's been quite a while


22 August 2010 - 11:22 AM

Good work to everyone getting results, uni is a blast, you'll love it. Was a nice change not having the results day stress this year though!

You can say that again. Even though I graduated this year I still feel nervous when it comes around to this day.

Well done to everybody, but especially well done to the guy who is going to Manchester for PPE, you'll have lots of fun!

SATENZA!! It's been so long! Well done graduating man.

On topic: I got my AS results today
Physics - A
Chemistry - A
Maths - A
Biology - B
I'm gonna be applying for physics/astrophysics, not sure where yet though.

In Topic: American football

28 May 2010 - 08:55 AM

On a professional team, there will be seperate players for offense and defence. In a college game, you MIGHT have someone play both sides for a small college. In high school, it is somewhat common for the star athletes to play both sides, especially with a smaller high school. There is also a "third side" called "special teams". These are the group of people that go out on the field for a punt, field goal, and kick-off. These are usually a combination of the offense and defensive players--whoever happens to be the best at the position. But there is a special person called a "kicker". It is very rare for a professional team not to have someone specifically designated to kick on the kickoff, punt, and field goal.

A professional game will last about 3 hours. A university game lasts slightly less than that. But if you are playing with your friends I don't think it should last that long...The 3 hours accounts for a break called "half time".

The scoreboard varries a LOT game per game. If two very good teams play eachother, each side can have over 40 points if the offenses are playing well. But, good teams can also have ridiculous defense. Sometimes a game with two good teams will have 10 or less points on each side. I would say an average score is something like 14-21, 21-24, 28-31, or 14-17. Something over 30 points would definitely be "high scoring" and under 10 points is probably "low scoring"

OK cool thanks, is it possible to play an equivalent of sevens in american football? Like less than 11 players on each team or does it have to be 11 to work properly?
Also, is all the padding necessary? It's expensive and we play rugby with none, is there a particularly high risk of injury without it?

In Topic: What did you do today?

27 May 2010 - 09:42 PM

I had two exams today so I went to the gym with some buddies afterwards to unwind. Stayed for about two hours and did some intense shoulder and arms work out. I also learnt a pretty badass workout from one of our teachers: 1 pullup, get down, 1 pushup, 1 pullup, 1 pushup, etc. as fast as possible, repeating until you are dead. Pretty fun.

In Topic: American football

27 May 2010 - 09:39 PM

There are 11 players on both sides, offense and defense. The offense moves the ball as far as they can, hoping for a touchdown (worth 6 points), by either handing the ball off an running it or by passing it. On the offense there are 5 linemen (fattest/biggest/strongest) who block the 4 defensive linemen (also big fat and strong). On the O line the Center snaps the ball to the Quarterback, 2 guards on both sides on the Center block, and on the side of both guards is a Tackle, who are the most skilled blockers. Once the ball is snapped, the Quarterback gets it. He can either hand it off to the runningback, throw it, or run the ball himself. Behind him are 2 runningbacks, a fullback and halfback. The halfbac is the faster, while the fullback leadsblocks for the halfback. There are 2-4 Wide Receivers who line up away from the line, on either side. They run routes and try to get open to catch the ball, or they can block. There are also Tight Ends, who can either line up on the line or with the Receivers. They are a hybrid of linemen and receiver, and can eiher block or catch.

On defense there are 4 defensive linemn, 2 Tackles on the inside (bigger/fatter/stronger) and 2 on the outside called Defenseive Ends (lighter/faster). Behind them are 3-4 Linebackers, who, as their name implies, back the line. They are fast and strong and usually stop the run but can also cover the pass. Behind THEM are 2 safeties, 2 fast guys who are insurance for pass, but they can also move up to defend the run. To match the offense Wide Receivers, Defense has Cornerbacks. These guys are usually the fastest men on Defense and their job is to cover the receivers. A Corner can also cover a Tihtend, but linebackers usually cover the Tight End(s). A blitz is where either linebackers or safeties (or corners) charge the quarterback after the ball is snapped. They can either blitz or stay back to defend the pass.

A touchdown is worth 6 points. Afterthe touchdwon, you can either kick a 3 yard fieldgoal worth 1 point for 7 OR you ca go for 2. If you go for 2 you have one play worth 3 yards to get it into the endzone. If you make it, you now have 8. A regular field goal is worth 3 points. There are 4 downs, offense gets a new set of downs for every 10 yards. On fourth down, you can either go for it (if you don't make it the other team gets the ball), kick a field goal (worth 3 points) or punt the ball. On punts, the ball is snapped back to the punter (kicker) who catches the ball and then punts (kicks) the ball as far as he can, the other team fields the punt, then uns it back. After they are tackled, it is their offenses' turn.

After a score (Touchdown or Field goal) the team that scores kicks it off to the other team, who fields the kick and runs it back as far as they can. After they are tackled, their offense gets the ball at the spot they were tackled at, OR the returner may have brought it back for a touchdown if no one tackled him, then his team kicks it off to the other, etc.

^ This summary is rough as hell if you have more questions ask.

Woah thanks man that was so helpful, a few questions:
On a team do the players play an offensive position and a defensive position or are there fresh players for each position?
Also, typically how long will a football game last? Like a school/university level game? What's a typical scoreboard after full time just for some comparison?
Thanks again for that, can't wait to try it out.