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The new Circus guide

09 July 2010 - 09:35 AM

Just looked at the new guide to the circus ( http://www.tip.it/ru...page=circus.htm ). It's great - a big improvement on the old page.

However, it says hardly anything about one of the most important elements of doing the circus - the xp you gain. I'm making 20K mage experience every week, for about 5 minutes work!

I did some work detailing what you have to do, and the experience you get in this thread: http://forum.tip.it/...cus-experience/ . With some help from people with 99's in magic, range and agility we could fill in the gaps and add that information to the guide. There's also stuff from that thread that could be added already.

Catapult Construction - Hard?

29 November 2008 - 10:56 PM

The Catapult Construction quest is rated "Hard" in the list of quests.

It involves some wandering around and associated trap-dodging in Isafdar, a trip to the dwarf mines and Port Sarim, and solving a couple of puzzles. There's no combat at all - not even aggressive monsters to run past on the way.

Does this quest really deserve to be rated alongside Monkey Magic and Desert Treasure in the ranks of "hard" RQ quests?

Note that Roving Elves, which involves just as much trap-dodging but also a fight without weapons, armour or prayer against a level 84 monster is rated "Easy".

I'd suggest that Catapult Construction should be no more than "Medium", and arguably should be "Easy".

Ernest the Chicken

29 November 2008 - 10:37 PM


Spotted this when HugeBrain posted his correction:

Talk to Veronica at gates of Draynor Manor. She wants you to find her fiancée Ernest. Her fiancee went into the big spooky manor house to ask for directions. An hour had passed and he still had not yet returned.

When used to refer to a male enaged-person, fiancé only has one e. There's two for a female:

i.e. Veronica is Ernest's fiancée, Ernest is Veronica's fiancé

The use of the acute accent over the (first) e is, I think, optional in English usage - but I think we should either always use it or never use it, not one of each.

In summary, here's how I think this passage should read:

Talk to Veronica at gates of Draynor Manor. She wants you to find her fiancé Ernest. Her fiancé went into the big spooky manor house to ask for directions. An hour had passed and he still had not yet returned.

[Corrected. We do not credit spelling errors but thanks for pointing it out.]

Need a 99 mage, ranger and, erm, agility-er

27 November 2008 - 04:47 PM

I need the services of a player or players who have level 99 in Magic, Range and Agility to find out the xp rewards offered by the circus mini-game. You only get the full xp for a given move if it's at or lower than your level, so you need to be a 99 to get the full set.

Just go to the circus, and note down the xp you get for each move - the total xp you get for the performance isn't any good, nor does it matter how many performance points you get. The moves I need to know the xp for are:

Agility: Levels 80, 90, 99

Mage: Level 99

Range: Levels 90, 99

I've already got the rest.

You can read more - and please post your results - in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=770853

Thanks in advance

Circus Experience

20 November 2008 - 11:33 AM

There seem to be a lot of guidance around the place, on this site and elsewhere, on how to get ringmaster gear and the other clothing items at the circus. There's next to nothing about the experience rewards.

Since I assume that most people who want a ringmaster outfit have got one by now, I thought it was time to do something about this. I've been logging the xp I've gained from circus performances for the last three weeks, and thought I'd share my findings with you.

Mage and Agility performances were all carried out at levels 75 and 76 respectively, Ranged was done first at level 55, then at 56.

Move    Agility      Magic     Ranged

Level       Exp        Exp        Exp

  10      312.5      970.5      687.5

  20      416.5       2055       1455

  30        830       2059     1458.5

  40      833.5     2132.5     1510.5

  50     1041.5       2206     1562.5

  60       1354       2647      687.5*

  70       1354       2794      687.5*

  80        830*      2059*     687.5*

  90        830*      2059*     687.5*

  99        830*      2059*     687.5*

TOTAL      8632      21041    10111.5

I have a number of observations to make on my results:

[*:1wsjqffs]You can only earn experience once per performance for moves of a given level. If you do a move when you've already done one at that level you get the message "You already received XP for doing that move", even if it's two different moves (say blasting the shield and levitating the penguin in the magic performance).

[*:1wsjqffs]It follows from the previous point that the way to maximize xp gains is to do one trick of each level from 10 to 99. The order in which you do the tricks isn't important, but personally I find it easier to keep track if I start from 10 and work up.

[*:1wsjqffs]If you fail to do a move, you can try it again. The audience won't like it, but you'll get full experience if you succeed the second time.

[*:1wsjqffs]If you succeed in doing a move that's higher than your level, you get a message saying "You succeed. but just barely" and receive much reduced xp reward. I've marked these results with a * above. For me, I got the same as a level 10 move in ranged, the same as a level 30 one in mage and agility. It seems likely that level has a role to play in what reward you get, but I don't have enough data to tell what it is.

[*:1wsjqffs]Drinking potions etc. to boost levels has no effect on xp gained. I drank a range potion to boost my ranged leve into the 60s, but still got the reduced reward for doing the level 60 move. Presumably they do improve your chances of succeeding at a given move.

[*:1wsjqffs]Experience gained is not derived from level in the crude way that, say, penguin points are. However there may be level-dependent effects that I can't determine like "x points per level until you reach a ceiling at level y" - like Tears of Guthix, for example. The numbers concerned are so un-round, and contain so many 0.5xp amounts, that it's hard to believe they weren't calculated in some way.

[*:1wsjqffs]Emotes have no effect on xp gained.
Results from characters whose levels are higher and lower than mine would flesh out these results and determine any level-dependent values. However, I note that my totals - 8K, 20K and 10K are broadly in line with what other players have reported, so there may not be a lot of variation.

I hope people find these results useful and are able to add something to them.