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Elaborate scams and how to exploit them

04 March 2011 - 07:32 AM

With the return of free trade, there comes back many new scams. Some of them were old school (Armor Trimming) and some of them very interesting. So here are a few that I've seen. Please post scams that you've seen to inform fellow players and so we get to lulz at them in game by exploiting the scammers for our own gains.

Doubling Item: It seems pretty obvious until you see the first person to get their claws doubled. But that person is actually a friend of the scammer. This works very similarily to the "selling whip 5m" "buying whip 7m" scam. I have seen people lose BGS -> Claws to this scam. The only way to prevent yourself from falling for it is to understand how it works. I have been able to exploit the scammer to a degree by letting him double small amounts of cash (50k->100k->200k->400k was the furthest I've gotten in 15 minutes of work). Scammers for this tend to wait for the big money such as GS/Claws to come over before logging out. If you see someone about to trade him anything such as a GS/GWD armor/Barrows/Claws etc you can warn everyone around and bust the scam wide open.

Dungeoneering Cape: Credit to "Thewizard" On Tip it forums who posted here to first inform everyone of this scam. This post explains the scam much more clearly than what I can fit onto here. It is easy for 99 dungers to expose this scam (simply pull out your cape and rings and show to everyone around you what he is doing). Other than that its just stay away and go find trustworthy flower/dice games.

4 item lure: This post by TBK explains the lures very clearly. Best way to counter this is to bring high alchs and alch the noted Rune Halberd or Dragon B-axe that was dropped and scuffle away with the profits.

Clan wars dangerous lure: Not much you can do about this other than to just stay away from the red portal and clan chats that participate in dangerous clan wars. If it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.

Lava Titan Tele Lure: Someone trades you a lava titan asking you to tele them to a place. The titan actually teleports you to high wilderness just outside of Lava Maze where a team is ready to kill you. The best way to counter this lure for me is to be in a clan that pks. Stall the lurer by being stupid while calling up a 15 minute pk trip with your clan to hit the lava titan spot. Free claws for the clan :)

Popular Items?

03 August 2010 - 08:22 PM

I'm trying to make a list of all the popular tradeable items you use everyday or purchase from the GE on a common basis. It can be for PvM, PvP, skilling, merchanting or anything that you can think of. If you have any ideas please post them here. Thanks!

I will edit this post as people contribute more. The more you think of the better!

P.S. Certain items may be excluded due to ge mechanics and the items having little to no fluctuations at all (Fire Runes will be excluded because I doubt it'll change much whereas Water Runes is included due to the huge demand from Ancient Magick users and Earth Runes for Vengence users)


Abyssal Whip
Staff of Light
Dark Bow
Bandos Godsword
Zamorak Godsword
Saradomin Godsword
Armadyl Godsword
Bandos Chestplate
Bandos Tasset
Bandos Boots
Armadyl Helm
Armadyl Chestplate
Armadyl Plateskirt
Saradomin Sword
Zamorakian Spear
Fury Amulet
Onyx Ring
Obsidian Shield
Obsidian Cape
Obsidian Maul
Berserker Ring
Warrior Ring
Seers Ring
Archer Ring
Dragon Boots
Dragon Spear
Rune Bolt
Adamant Bolt
Mithril Bolt
Broad Bolt
Onyx Bolt (e)
Dragon Bolt (e)
Diamond Bolt (e)
Ruby Bolt (e)
Emerald Bolt (e)
Rune Platebody
Rune Plateleg
Rune Plateskirt
Rune full helm
Helm of Neitzinot
Warrior Helm
Berserker Helm
Farseer Helm
Archer Helm
Dragon Bones
Black D'hide Top
Black D'hide Chaps
Black Dragonhide
Red Dragonhide
Blue Dragonhide
Green Dragonhide
Frost Dragonbones
Runite Ore
Rune Bars
Adamantite Ores
Adamant Bars
Mithril Ores
Mithril Bars
Iron Ores
Iron Bars
Steel Bars
Unicorn Stallion Pouch
Steel Titan Pouch
Pack Yak Pouch
Healing Aura Scrolls
Steel of Legend Scrolls
Winter Storage Scrolls
War Tortoise Pouch
Spirit Terror Bird Pouch
Tireless Run Scrolls
Bunyip Pouch
Swallow Whole Scrolls
House Teleport Tab
Various Runes
Prayer Potion (3)
Super Attack
Super Defense
Super Strength
Saradomin Brews
Super Restore
Dwarf Weed
Wyvern Bones
Yew Logs
Magic Logs
Yew Longbow
Magic Longbow
Mystic Robes Top
Mystic Robes Bottom
Ancient Staff
Glory Amulet
Power Amulet
Strength Amulet
Rune Arrow
Adamant Arrow
Rune Armor Set
Green Dhide Set
Black Dhide Set
Rune Scimitar
Rune 2h
Rune Battleaxe
Vesta Set
Statius Set
C. Dragon
Dragon Set

Optimal set for Arma GWD

27 August 2009 - 07:29 PM

Recently I've been looking over a few sets for agw. I am not considering any welfare equipment here and is considering all pro sets. Here are the 3 sets I have come up with.

Classic pre-SS arma set with onyx ring (Full arma + Dfs + ranger boot + barrow glove + onyx ring (i) + fury + ava accumulator)

Stats: Posted Image

Classic Arma Pro set with Spectral shield instead of dfs

Stats: Posted Image

Void set with Spectral shield (Void + ranger boot + spectral + onyx ring (i) + fury + ava accumulator)

Stats: Posted Image

The main difference between the 3 sets that I wanted to compare are the last 2. The 2nd set being the most popular at agw along with those who uses divine/elysian shield. However, with the last set with void, the defensive stat did not differ that much with the arma + dfs set. It is also known that in safe spot situations that void tend to outperform armadyl set. Would the 3rd set using void armour be superior to the previous 2?

Slayer Tasks!

06 July 2009 - 02:02 PM

Slayer tasks, you love them you hate them. You wish for that Abby Demon and dread the day you get Skeletal Wyverns. It's not exactly easy for someone to go from 1-99 slayer without canceling at least one task at somepoint in time. Since the introduction of Smoking Kills however, people are now able to track how many tasks they accomplish with out using the Burthrope reset. My question to you is this. How many Slayer tasks have you accomplished in a row? Please be truthful about your personal achievements as this is not a competition, but a way for fellow slayers to aid each other and see where exactly we are compared to our fellow slayers.

My number at the moment is 118. I am 84 slayer. (One level to go!!!)

Mysteries of the Mahjarrat [WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS]

21 April 2009 - 10:18 PM

The newest quest that was released by Runescape today was called The Tales of the Muspah. Despite the low level requirements, it actually deal with something very interesting. I recommend all high levels not to frown on the requirements and do this quest. It is completely worth your while.


What does this all mean? I will continue to update this thread with more facts I find about the Mahjarrat as our quest to stop Lucien (and get that steroid boost from the Stone of Jas) continues >=).

Post Bag Hints:

Post Bag 38

Also the Chaos Elementals hints for Tale of the Muspah

post bag 36 and 39

So of those who we have not met / have yet to meet we know that:

- Ralvash was the last to be sacrificed for the ritual and before him were Mizzarch and Lamistard.

- Kharshai may still be alive or imprisoned somewhere

- Sliske is still active

Juna's Inputs

Known Mahjarrats

Missing my Mummy