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#5416096 Looking for a small clan

Posted by jehowi on 12 June 2013 - 06:23 PM

Hi there,

My name is Wim (and you can call me by my first name once I'm in your clan). I've been playing RuneScape since 2003, with an intermission here and there, and I just started playing again. A lot of things are new to me, although I'm a very experienced player. but a sad thing that's always been the same ever since I started playing, is that I always seem to survive my in-game friends. I've seen generations of RuneScapers quit, and I had a tremendous time with many of them, and they're always in my thoughts. But sadly enough, over the past 10 years nearly no one's ever returned, so I'm looking for a new clan/group of friends (read: my in-game family, because that's what a clan means to me) to join.

What do I offer?

- Experience. At my top I was leading a clan with over 180 active members, and I've been a high ranked member(council, moderator, admin,...) in countless others. I also used to be a great PKer and Warlord, but with these combat changes going on lately, I'm afraid that won't count anymore.

- Help. I'm always there to help clan members out whenever I got the time. Usually if I'm not stuck somewhere in the middle of Morytania, the desert or the Elven lands, I will quickly come to the aid of my fellow members if they are stuck somewhere, need help finishing something or if they just need advice.

- Dedication. I'm online nearly every day for several hours. I'm proud to say that I nearly never missed an official clan event of my former clans, so without trying to be boastful, I can say that I'd make a good addition to any new starting clan - because mainly that's what i'm looking for. I'm not planning to join a big, old clan, but rather join a new clan that needs help to grow big.

More specific, I'm looking for a clan that organizes events like boss hunts, minigames, house parties, wildy trips/wars, anything will do, as long as it's diverges often and it happens on a regular base. I prefer smaller clans between 10-30 ACTIVE members.