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Help with some math

02 October 2014 - 02:40 PM

I'm planning on using up all of my banked charms during BXPW but I'm uncertain just how many secondaries I'll need to buy because I have a bunch of spirit gems. I've been trying to figure it out, but I just can't get my head around the math of how many of each charm I'll end up using. Is there someone here who can help me out with the math? Below is my inventory of gems / charms. Obviously I'll be using the best gems on blue first, then crimson, etc.



Spirit gems:

onyx = 1

dstone = 1

diamond = 4

ruby = 11

emerald = 17

sapphire = 22



blue = 222

crimson = 2258

green = 941

gold = 1322



Combat training

14 February 2014 - 03:22 AM

I've finally decided to train my combat after years, so clearly I need advice. Probably just defence 85 -> 90 and strength 85 -> 90.



I will not be training through slayer. My OCD won't let me get rid of all P2P=80. What would a good NPC be to camp on? Less 'effort' the better.



I prefer non-degrading for money savings + simplicity. I was thinking Bandos. Any other options? No, I don't have all tetsu unlocked.



I'm willing to use drygores, mostly because I don't have chaotics. Which ones?



Is momentum any good? I prefer to AFK, but will use other abilities if momentum is terrible.


Other advice?

I haven't done CB in at least 3 years. I don't remember much.




Daily Challenge XP

25 December 2013 - 07:48 PM

I did a farming challenge today without thinking about it, but realized now that the xp reward may make me level. Since I want to keep all my P2P at level 80, I don't want to get more than 13k xp. Can I hand in the task without leveling?


tl;dr - How much xp can I expect from a farming challenge at level 80?

How long does MTK profit?

02 October 2013 - 06:24 PM

With bonds being a convenient way to get short term membership, I foresee myself getting P2P more often (during weeks with no midterms, etc) but still sporatic. This leaves me wondering, how long does MTK profit if I'm not P2P to keep my favour at 100%?


I have 7.5M in the coffers.

I have 10 Herb, 5 mining. (Is that the best?)

LRC Mining

18 December 2012 - 02:07 AM

What is the best setup for LRC? So far I've got;

Familiar - War tortoise
Aura - Quarrymaster
Pick - Dragon
Armour - Torag plate/legs

I'm probably going to bank all of my ores so I assume war tort is my best bet since I can't use titans yet?
Are urns worth the lower inventory space?
A recent quest offers a bunch of exp boost for mining. Is it worth getting, or a waste of time?