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In Topic: 12-Apr-2011- Clan Camp, Support and Web Pages

12 April 2011 - 11:46 AM

So when will the HYT Clan begin anew?

In Topic: April 11th, 2011

11 April 2011 - 09:01 PM

So to recap:

Runescape Servers run into a brick wall.
Avast update makes everything on the web register as a virus.

Gooooooood day to be on the Internet. Yup.
Things are going smooth.

In Topic: Market for Soft Clay

25 January 2011 - 03:08 AM

I didn't even know you could turn regular clay into soft clay using humidify :blink:


I'm going to go ahead and start Humidifying, cause from what I've been hearing, it sounds like there's still a strong market. I've been checking out the xp I'd get for casting all 100k, and I just can't wait to get my first Achievement cape... so I've gone ahead and already placed some large clay & rune orders!

In Topic: Godsword Discussion

07 January 2011 - 03:57 AM

One side wastes their mathematics on the other, and the opposite side wastes their experiences on the former. If your mind isn't made up by now which you think is true/which is true, then it's likely it won't be made up at all.

My mind is never made up. I'm always open to change and a new opinion. Change is invigorating! If you don't accept new beliefs, you become complacent and lazy, your life atrophies. Debates lead to new questions and new solutions! New beliefs force us to experiment and adapt, that's how we learn and grow.

But onto the GS discussion...

Obviously, to maxed out players, and players who have a chaotic maul, the godsword is beyond useless.


That doesn't mean it's useless for everyone.

This is exactly what I've been trying to say, only said (much) more succinctly.

I'm not anti-GS or pro-GS by any means. Frankly, Godswords are unnecessarily expensive, and not worth it to most people. However cost does not wholly define value, and they are still good weapons if not the best in the game.

In Topic: Godsword Discussion

07 January 2011 - 03:42 AM

It seems I'm building the great wall 'o text brick by brick... haha

In any situation where you might need Zamorak GodSword's special (that being Saradomin GWD), you cannot expect the player to be lower leveled, so there is no reason why a low level player would own a ZGS in the first place.

You cannot talk about using the GS in any situation, then immediately redefine the situation as being only Saradomin GWD. I don't care about the GWD, because that's irrelevant to lower-middle level players who we've been discussing. Far from there being "no reason" why a player would own a ZGS if they don't plan on doing Sara GWD, there are literally thousands of reasons why a player may want to own the ZGS. Any combat training on any creature in the game (save the wildy) is fair game.

Don't talk about efficiency, because either way, recovering prayer points with a special attack is hardly efficient when you can wield a weapon with a higher DPS and just carry a couple more prayer potions. Not that any medium level player should need to use prayer in their daily tasks so much that they need to recover it with a weapon in any case.

You still don't get the situation we're talking about. Sara GS has decent enough stats to train against most creatures in the game, and the reason one may choose to use it would be to get the most out of the extra prayer and LP the special would give. There isn't any need to any of this, none of this is necessary, but it's an excellent way to recover health for free while training combat skills. The extra prayer is just a very nice bonus to use while training, further lengthening the time of each session, and reducing the need to bank at all.

Since you mentioned prayer pots, why not! If you've got a high enough prayer level where it's more efficient to stock up on some prayer pots instead of a few slots of food, then go for it.

At medium levels, if you have 75 attack for a GodSword, you should use a whip and a dragon defender instead, because at medium level, you hardly need the "accuracy" you so claim Godswords are worth the money for, and a whip or a saradomin sword are much better, and more damaging alternatives.
At medium levels, you also don't need the special attacks of the godswords, or if you do, the occasions are so rare that the money would be better spend on getting other skills higher.
At high levels, you laugh at anyone who uses a GodSword. Period.

Relative worth is defined by your values, if you value experience over money then they a certain one may be worth it to you, or may not be. Needless to say that's a personal decision. I never talked about "accuracy" or "claimed" anything. Where you referring to someone else, or what did you mean?

You should never need a Godsword in any situation ever. However there are tons, and tons of situations where they are useful, and fit the bill nicely. The special attacks make some basic leveling easier, and can make grinding that much more painless. Your values are your own, and at higher levels in RS the Godswords should become obsolete. It's probably fair to assume you've hit this point eh?