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Rock Hard

Rock Hard

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[Tool] Ranged Tank Calculator

23 April 2013 - 02:51 AM

Just a veeery quick spreadsheet I made to help tanks plan their melee stats on the fly...

Might save someone else a few mins


Best teletabs?

09 April 2013 - 02:21 PM

Making some tabs for a bit of profitable mage xp - Which tabs sell the easiest?

I'm thinking it's probably more efficient to make a tab with lower profit margins if I wont have to spend hours spamming world 1 to sell them all? Previously i'd have assumed house tabs or cammy tabs, but i'm not too sure there's enough people taking advantage of portals and glories yet for their to be a massive house tab market?

And aside from that - Most profitable?

Bones to Peaches aren't an option...

Staking Builds, Help and Advice.

29 March 2013 - 01:38 AM

Aside from small stake dds pure matches, I've never taken staking seriously before and I'd like to give it a go.

My current stats are below in my sig, but i'm building a range tank - Because i've never played one before and i've made most of the other common PK builds.

I know the best way to learn is to do - But I'm afraid trial and error may be costly when playing for high stakes - And i'd assume the gameplay, techniques and builds required between high stake matches and low stake funning is incomparable?

Now, realisticly I know next to nothing about staking - So if anyone with a bit more know than me has the time to help, i've a few questions:

1) I've heard that good stakers have high attack and defence but relatively low strength - As i'm building a range tank, is it feasable to level my attack and str to just below the point where they affect my combat level and still be a competative staker?

I used a calculator and figured that when my account is 85 range/mage 70 defence and 45 prayer, I can get 70 attack and 57 strength and stay at the top of 83 combat. Is that viable for melee staking along side range staking?

3) What equipment works best for melee staking? Or should I box?

4) Range staking - What happens? Just get high range and def? Equipment?

5) Mage staking - What happens? Just get high mage and def? Equipment?

6) I've heard that almost all stakers turn prayer off, so it's a waste of cb levels for staking - How badly will this effect me?

7) Heard a lot of bad things about people DDoSing and glitching in the duel arena - How common really is this? Tips to avoid becoming a victim?

Now I know range tanks aren't for edge anyway and so combat level really isn't as important as getting a ton of range and defence for deep, but meh it's still concerning me...

Thanks in advance for any replies.

What date did OSR go live? Billing problems.

20 March 2013 - 11:33 AM

What date did the 2007 servers first go live?

Was it the 22nd?

Alzheimer's. I can't remember. :|

Games of chance now against 07 rules.

18 March 2013 - 07:53 PM

QFC: 317-318-683-64662158

Good job Jamflex.

Games of Chance

The first topic is games of chance – also known as hosting, flower games or dicing. This has been a major topic of concern for players, with as much (if not more) demand for action from the Old School community. As you may have seen in the news post on the main RuneScape site, we’ve added a new rule against player-run games of chance, and as with all rules this applies across the main and Old School games. To quote the rule “You must not advertise, organize, promote or participate in player-run games of chance, where game money or items are staked on the outcome of a random activity.“ Players caught doing this will receive a strike against their account, escalating from muting to temp banning to a last-resort permanent ban.

Today we’ve also patched the Old School game with a couple of tweaks to support this new rule. A right-click Report abuse shortcut has been added so it is quicker to report any players who are breaking the rules. We recommend players use the “Encouraging Rule Breaking” entry to report players involved with games of chance. We’ve also tweaked the behavior of items such as mithril seeds and toy horses so they can not readily be used for games of chance. As an urgent policy-level change to the game rules and relating to player safety, this update is not being put to a poll. I felt it was important to make the Old School game equally resistant to those wanting to run games of chance, so that it would not be vulnerable to hosts looking for an alternate venue to ply their now illicit trade. We’ve listened to the very passionate calls to stamp out hosted games of chance, and hope the community will rally around this and help us keep it out of the game for good.