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Some buttons not working

20 November 2012 - 07:41 PM

Quite a simple problem here (I hope).

I've only discovered this problem on one site. The buttons in articles on the 'Gamesradar' website do not seem to work. For example, on this page http://www.gamesrada...download-day-1/ attempting to go to the next page does nothing. Normally, and on other browsers, it will go to the next page in the article or the next picture, but currently it seems to do nothing.

I'm using chrome, and have tried it in EE and works fine. It is the same for all the articles on that site, and only the 'next' and 'previous' buttons.

London 2012 Olympics

27 July 2012 - 09:32 PM

I shouldn't need to explain much here, if you don't know about it, where have you been?

As we don't have a thread for Olympics discussions, hopefully this one will suffice for everything Olympics related (not sport-specific)

To kick off: The opening ceremony so far has been great. I wasn't expecting much at all after Beijing, but it's actually been better imo. While Beijing had a lot of people doing impressive things, this one has had so much energy and people looking like they were having fun. Has been really entertaining to watch and listen to (and funny). Anybody else thinking the same?

Also, to anybody watching right now. Who do you think will light the final flame? Beckham? Also, what do you think will be with the brass 'petals'? Will they come together to form the cauldron for the flame?

P.s. Hopefully as this is not sport-centric, and is Olympics-wide with such a large spectacle and event, it can stay in OT if mods and admins are ok with it.

Buying a new laptop

16 June 2012 - 09:58 PM

The time has come to buy a new laptop. I don't do any heavy gaming on it, but I do like to play the odd game. However, never anything brand spanking new, usually things at least 2-3 years old. The sort of games I would play would be things like Mount and blade, the original witcher etc. I would like to possibly be able to play Civ5 if I brought it, but I'm not bothered if I'm not playing it on maximum, or even high settings. My budget is between £350 and £400.

Currently I'm looking to buy from PC world, as they are who I've brought from before, so I trust them. The current two I'm looking at are:




The second is the one I'm thinking of more, but I'm not sure if it will be more powerful enough as I get confused with the core numbers and general specifications.

I'm also not bothered about going for a refurbished laptop if the price is good, but looking at the site, I didn't see any really good deals on refurbished for the price range.

So, any suggestions, or would those two be good?

Anonymous Threaten Canadian GP

30 May 2012 - 10:09 PM


Cyber-anarchist group Anonymous are threatening another attack on Formula One during next week's Canadian Grand Prix in support of protesting Quebec students.
The internet hacking organisation successfully managed to disrupt the official Formula One website throughout last month's Bahrain Grand Prix over what they perceived as "the incredible human rights abuses of the Bahrain regime". This time they are backing students protesting against a hike in tuition fees.
A statement read: "As we did in Bahrain, Anonymous intends to wreck Mr (Bernie) Ecclestone's little party... We highly suggest you join the boycott of the F1 in Montreal and we certainly recommend you not purchase any tickets or F1 merchandise online. You have been warned."
Students across Quebec have been voicing their anger over their government's proposed hike in tuition fees, with protests now into their 107th day.
Notably, Anonymous are against perceived human rights injustices following an emergency law introduced on May 18, known as Bill 78, that "restricts freedom of assembly, protest, or picketing on or near university grounds and anywhere in Quebec without prior police approval".
Anonymous have already claimed responsibility for shutting down Quebec government and police websites since the introduction of Bill 78 that has allowed police to act, sending arrests soaring to over 2,500.
In their latest statement, Anonymous feel disrupting the Canadian Grand Prix weekend, one of the most popular events on the F1 calendar, will send out another firm message to Quebec premier Jean Charest.
The statement said: "Beginning on June 7 and running through race day on June 10, Anonymous will take down all the F1 websites, dump the servers and databases and wreck anything else F1-related we can find on the internet.
"We would like to remind anyone considering attending this abominable race that last time Anonymous found all the spectators' personal data, including credit card numbers un-encrypted on F1 servers.
"Anonymous will be among many protesters targeting the Grand Prix. A number of students are also set to protest, something that the F1's organisers will be wary of, considering the race could bring around 100million Canadian dollars (£62million) to the area."

It's been a while since we last discussed anonymous' activities around here, so what are your thoughts on this?

Personally, I don't know much about the student protests or the Bill 78, however, I think it's another example of anonymous attempting to bully people, without fully being involved in what they are 'fighting' for. It's a stupid idea to attempt to disrupt an event which can make so much money for an area, especially in this economic climate. It seems to show an incredible amount of idiocy, and shows how removed from reality anonymous are. It also seems to be a terrible idea to outright threaten not only people in power, but everyday people and fans of an event. If they carry on doing so, public opinion will very rarely ever be on their side again. Even now, I've seen so many comments calling anonymous out.

What's also funny to see is that they think they disrupted the Bahranian GP. The only success of their campaign was to raise awareness. They managed to take down the F1 website during the race, when all the people who would use the website were watching the television. The website was up and running shortly after. And the websites they took down to start with are not ones widely used, except F1.com.

Signature request

12 March 2012 - 11:46 PM

Hey guys, it's time for the new F1 season, which means time for a new signature and avatar. I've already found myself an avatar, but need some help with a signature.

The following is the picture I'm looking to use:

However, I'm unsure if this will be use-able due to the smoke. If not, the following picture will suffice:

What I'm looking for is something similar to my current signature, except with a change of the subject car. I'm looking to keep to the same rough dimensions, so only really the car will feature in the signature. I'm also looking to keep it the signature black and white if possible when using the first picture, but if using the second picture this isn't the case. The rest is really up to you, but I really want to keep the sense of speed that both pictures bring with them.