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[TWR] TDMWL defeats PoR (real topic)

14 June 2009 - 07:57 PM

Thank you for the fight PoR.

Link to declaration: viewtopic.php?f=216&t=794431

Por Starting: 21

TDMWL Starting: 20

Our Starting:

Posted Image

Our Ending:

Posted Image


Posted Image

Pic from the declaration topic where you agree that minor out-of-bounds will not result in DQ:

Gonna nit-pick this line a little bit . .

Out of Bounds= Auto Lose (when PoR do it, take a Screenshot)

I'm all for spirit of the rules and all that, but if someone takes one step out of bounds it will not affect the war. Sometimes with lag it happens even if you don't mean it to . . .

So we'd agree to the spirit of that rule . . that is: if someone goes out of bounds by a square or two, they need to immediately turn back around and get in bounds. No harm there, and no loss as a result.

If tons of clan members are doing it, then it will be a loss for the clan doing it.

If anyone is flagrantly out of bounds (like 6 or more squares out of bounds) then it would be a forfeit.

Neither clan is going to be going out of bounds on purpose so this won't be an issue anyways.

You know what we mean. Don't be that correctly were talking about running around the 10 trees. This will be fine.


[TWR] TDMWL defeats Downfall

31 May 2009 - 08:22 PM

Link to declaration topic: viewtopic.php?f=216&t=794432

TDMWL's ML: http://www.runehead....php?clan=tdmwar

Downfall's ML: http://www.runehead....p?clan=downfall


We accept under the following:

-classic arena


- +/- 3

-range allowed

-no blasts

-binds allowed

-rings allowed

-no corrupt

-clan with less opts attacks first

-no allies/friends

-runehead members only

-war world 102

-war time 3 eastern

-war date Sunday May 31st

-any rules broken results in DQ

War Summary: TDM massed 21, Downfall 41. Downfall cut down from 41 to 23 after 1 TDM dc'ed. Thanks for cutting down to 23 even though our guy dc'ed after the countdown :<img src=:' /> The war started 23-20. Both sides KO'ed their first pile, after that TDM killed at a faster pace, allowing us to tie it up at 13-13, at that point a lot of their members had been pretty heavily sniped or previously piled, so the last 13 dropped fairly quickly. TDM finished with 12 remaining.

On a side note, Downfall has to be one of the classiest clans we've had a chance to fight on the TWR. They dropped to +3 when they could have said our guy dc'ed after the timer so they didn't have to match it. But they did without us even asking about it. The fight was one of the easist to set up, and the fight was completely flame-free. We'd love to war you again anytime DF. Next time we'll adjust the rules a bit to make up for the level difference. Lots of respect for you guys :thumbsup:


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

TDMWL vs. Godz of Destruction

10 May 2009 - 04:27 PM

Having been on the losing side of a few RSC topics in a row, we were looking to get back on the right side Saturday evening in a war vs. Godz of Destruction. The war was set as a full-out, but ended up being nearly matched options with TDMWL pulling 20 and Godz pulling 21.

TDMWL Starting:

Posted Image

Godz Starting (most of 'em, anyway):

Posted Image

This fight also marked the return of our fearless leader, Adamlister7, who despite having very hairy (and quite smelly) feet was able to lead us to victory! Our binding was pretty good today, that and some decent pile switching let us creep ahead and eventually win with 14 remaining. Thanks for the fight Godz!

TDMWL Ending:

Posted Image

TDMWL defeats SoW

05 April 2009 - 06:37 AM

Source of Wildy posted a declataration on TDMWL, which we accepted.

Declaration Post: http://forum.tip.it/...?f=216&t=788842

Sow's ML : http://www.runehead....php?clan=source

TDM Starting:

Posted Image

+ Unclebilly1 (lvl 121)

+ Wolf Rider43 (lvl 122)

SoW Starting

Posted Image

+ Dreagation (lvl 126)

+ Massabob (lvl 114)

+ Luc13er D00s (lvl 112)

Starting: TDM - 17, SoW - 16

War Summary: Pretty much all TDM in this one. We started off softening up their snipers, so the first couple of kills SoW kept pace. Then we had several quick pile switches that resulted in KO's, then turned back to their snipers who were pretty much out of food from the first piles. At 12-1 SoW's last member tried running for the portal, but we caught him and downed him.

Ending: TDM - 12, SoW - 0

TDM Ending:

Posted Image

+ Unclebilly1 (lvl 121)

+ Baalboy5 (lvl 119)

War Pictures:

Posted Image


Rune B Sale way out of bounds. Didnt' matter much though, it was 12-1 at that point for TDM.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

[TWR] TDMWL defeats Akel

28 March 2009 - 11:06 PM

Rules for this fight:

Post : http://forum.tip.it/...?f=216&t=788544

[Twr] TdmWL vs Akel {Saturday, March 28th} 4:30 est/8:30 gmt

Saturday, March 28th at 4:30 est/8:30 gmt

Style: Matched options

Fighting location: Cwa middle bounds world 127

Melee+Binds only

Whoever drops attacks

Rings allowed

No corrupt dragon items


Posted Image

TDMWL dropped to 11 to match Akel.

Ending: TDM 5

Akel: 0

Fight Summary: Both clans dropped their first targets at about the same time, making the score 10-10. Akel then piled me then Adamlister7, during which we killed 5 of their members, making the score 8-5. We got them down 8-4, then had to 2 DC's at the same time to make it 6-4, but our remaining fighters were for the most part full prayer and full food. Except for Midget, who gets a special helmet for getting dropped by 2 people. :lol: (love ya Midget <3 )

Coupla pics, sorry we didn't take more :oops:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

GF Akel