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Member Since 09 Nov 2005
Offline Last Active May 29 2011 11:33 AM

Herbs/Herbs seed price drop in the last week

16 November 2010 - 01:10 PM

Just wondering what might have cause this drop?
is it due to specualtions about the upcoming new mini-game (Herblore Habitat) ?
Is it just part of the general drop since the xp weekend?
is it just a random drop (people cashing in herbs/seeds for other things) and price will soon go back up?

What do you think?

Bonus XP weekend - Herblore/Construction- time estimation ?

25 August 2010 - 12:37 PM

I am trying to plan my tasks during the bonus xp weekend.
Did anyone check how long does it take to:
finish 100/1000/5000 unfinished pots?
finish 2k planks using demon butler?

Simply never bother to time those tasks myself ...

"The more difficult your clue, the greater your reward! "

12 August 2010 - 10:16 AM

Last week, when the TT update was released, i re-read the TT rewards page and bumped into this statement:

Each clue scroll casket will offer at least one item that is unique to treasure trails, but you may also find normal items, like ore and herbs,
in your casket at the end of a trail. Also, the more difficult your clue, the greater your reward!

This short sentence raises 2 questions:
What's behind "the more difficult your clue" ?
What's behind "the greater your reward" ?

Is it just about the clue level? well,in this case they could just simply say:" the higher your clue level is the greater the rewards".
So, what if not?
what if there is some sort of algorithm to calclulate trail difficulty and rewards?
Implementing such an algorithm isn't a big deal.
A simple approach can be: more steps = more difficult.
A more complicated approach can divide clue types into catergories(coordinates,emote,puzzels and so on..) where each class has
"difficulty points" which will be summed in the end of the trail.
Another approach can assign each and every clue "difficulty points" which, again, will be summed at the end of the trail.
There are many other ways to do it, the question is: is it there?

and what's behind "the greater your reward" ?
Is it just about rewards slots - the more difficult is your clue the more rewards you'll get.
Or maybe the rewards are also divided into categories (like third age items are) where the trial difficulty increases the chance of getting a high level class item.
Again, there are plenty of ways to do it, the question remains, is it there?

Did they bother to implement it or they simply rely solely on the pseudo-random number generator to do its thing.
My long TT experience suggests the later.
And still,if it is not there, why not implement it?

What do you think?

Achievement Diaries Guides' Rewards Section - small correction

20 July 2010 - 06:32 AM

Yesterday i completed both Ardougne & Fremennik diaries medium tasks.
Unlike what's written in the respective guides, you don't need to take your easy tasks reward (Sea Boots 1, Ardougne cloak 1) when you go to claim your medium rewards.
The new reward will appear in your inventory while the old will disappear from the bank.
I assume it works with hard tasks as well ( will check it once i'll get my dungeoneering to 50 )

Achievement Diaries & XP lamps rewards

14 July 2010 - 10:37 AM

I believe the Achievement Diaries are missing a small yet important piece of info: Level restriction for using each XP lamp you get as a reward.
The only diaries that contains a refference for these restrictions are Ardougne Achievement Diary(only for hard and elite tasks) and Karamja Achievement Diary (all).

Full XP/restrictions list:

Varroc - Easy - 1k - Min level 30.
Varroc - Medium - 5k - Min level 40.
Varroc - Hard - 10k - Min level 50.

Fremennik - Easy - 5k - Min level 30.
Fremennik - Medium - 10k - Min level 40.
Fremennik - Hard - 15k - Min level 50.

Ardougne - Easy - 1k - Min level 25
Ardougne - Medium - 7.5k - Min level 45
Ardougne - Hard - (mentioned in guide)
Ardougne -Elite - (mentioned in guide)

Seers - Easy - 1k - Min level 30.
Seers - Medium - 5k - Min level 40.
Seers - Hard - 10k - Min level 50.

Falador- Easy - 1k - Min level 30.
Falador - Medium - 5k - Min level 40.
Falador - Hard - 10k - Min level 50.

Lumbridge - Beginner - 0.5k - Any
Lumbridge- Easy - 1k - Min level 30.
Lumbridge- Medium - 1.5k - Min level 35.