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How does RSI influence Runescape for you?

28 December 2011 - 09:36 PM

Many things can be said about Runescape, but one thing we all may agree on, it's a very click-intensive game. Due to the nature of grinding, repetitive clicking is a common thing. My personal story is, from what I can only guess, one of many. Over the time I played Runescape I grew symptoms of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) which is often caused by repetitive tasks, the mouse clicking.

I am very curious how this affected others in their game. My personal story is that I was forced to quit. Shortly after I quited, the symptoms reduced and as I am writing this, I very seldom feel this injury. Then again, I spend a lot less time clicking in a very repetitive fashion as I am only a less then casual gamer now (<5 hours of week).

Things I want to ask the community are:
1) Did you ever feel any symptoms of RSI / Carpal Tunnel (often called out as well)?
2) Did you manage to overcome this?
3) If so, how did you overcome this? Did you change the way you play Runescape?
4) If not, were you forced to quit or did you do something else?

I'm very curious to know if there are even chances for me to get back into Runescape or that it is for the best that I stay away from it. Also I'm interested to see how big this problem really is.


Retirement fund

20 May 2010 - 03:50 PM

Hey there guys,

The last few months I've been enjoying Runescape quite a bit but lately my RSI (Carpel Tunnel) complaints started coming. Due to this,
I can no longer continue to play the game, risking permanent damage /complaints. Tough I do plan to get back once or so (like I always do), I was looking
for something to do with me fair cash stack. Currently I am at aprox. 45-47m in cash. Not enough for a rare, I am not exactly rich.

With inflation and future updates in mind, what do you suggest me to put my money into. Is there a product that is ''inflation-proof?'' Would ores / herbs / bones (or anything) be worth investing into?

I am personally thinking lunar runes at the moment due to the upcoming update later this year to the lunar spellbook, but this is kind of a longshot.

So please :D Give me ideas for a long period ''safe'' inflation-proof investment.

Runescape: Back to basics

15 May 2010 - 09:18 PM

Huge edit: my timing was very bad. There seems to be another topic around that goes around a new ''game'' on a blanco server. So uhm.. ye just bad timing. Feel free to remove this thread if you feel necessary mods.

As many of you once thought, what would it be like if I was there at the start? Or.. what if the start was now.

Over the past years the game has developed quite a bit. A lot was added, in a good way or a bad way. The way we train nowadays is nothing like when we started. Heck, it was nothing like 2 years ago! Let alone Runescape Classic or during the RS2 Beta. One thing was always important when doing an update: 'Does it work with the existing content?' When Jagex releases a new way to train a skill, it is either more profitable, more enjoyable or simply faster. But all this is compared to what already exists.

Now what would happen if we all started over. That creates room for a lot of things if you ask me! First off, nobody was set back. Nobody would enter the game thinking.. ah heck that 130 there has had plenty of years already. I will never catch up to him. We all had a chance to start the game at the same time. Training at your own pace and growing together. Heck, It is something I would sure like. A whole new economy that will form. €10,- bucks that prices won't turn out to be the same.

But more important, something that I would love to discuss. Room for rebalancing, room for removal! O yes, I said it. Time to remove certain aspects of the game. That small 10 minute quest.. remove it. That monster over there that nobody even bothers to take a glance at, remove it. Perhaps remove godswords? Make the King Black dragon a fierce opponent, but perhaps remove the Chaos Elemental or Tormented Demons. Different drop rates? But what about ivy's? Should they be there? Or to think of a minigame like trouble-brewing. Rebalance the rewards? Delete the game from existence? Reposition it.

Perhaps re-do entire skills? Jagex dislikes to change existing material. Perhaps now is the time to lower the level to make saramodin brews, but up the level for prayer potions? Watermelons now a level 70 allotment? Rocktails healing only 20, sharks healing only 16? You can rebalance every single skill you want out there, with the knowledge that you already tried it once. You got experience, now change it around a little?

As above said, there can be a lot of changes. How could we implement this? A side-game optional to some. Just like RS classic was optional to RS2. Having to reach a certain quest number or total level / experience level in order to be allowed to the new game? (this way eliminating certain amounts of botting / RWT)

If you've read this whole babbling, perhaps try to answer/discuss the following:

!) If the game started over, would you be interested to join in such a game?
!!) What are things you would love to see deleted from the game. (taking into account popularity / balance)
!!!) Would you love the new rebalanced game not to have any knowledge base: meaning players were to get their own info as they go.

Or try to ask you these questions
!) What requirement if any at all would you set to be allowed to play this new game?
!!) Do you think the new version (with its requirement) could become a version without trade limits or GE?

Heck I can think of many more aspects towards this subject. It is a pretty large subject. Please stay on topic that we are talking about a 'NEW' game, so no blabbering about how you want to change certain things in the game as it is. Think of it as a complete starting over. Meaning ;) no rares.. all stats back to 1.. No geepees in the economy. And perhaps even a lot of changes.

David vK 's Bank and Stats

27 April 2010 - 01:09 PM

The bank / stats / quest tab. All diaries except ardougne elite are done. Missing about 25 songs on the music list to complete it. Nomads Requiem all but the final Nomad fight. Failed 3 times already there.

Posted Image

My name is David vK. I am only a casual player who has a deep hatred against grinding things for a long time. Therefor I am a big fan of 'fun' things like minigames. The casual monster hunting from time to time and most important, my beautiful house. Dumped millions into construction which gave me quite the house I have now. My bankworth hasn't been this high ever nor do I plan to get much richer seeing I have no use for the money already. My latest goal was 85 farming which I reached a few days ago. My new goal is getting my combat stats up a bit. 90 Str and 90 att/def are first up. Ranged will be chinned later most likely if I feel like it (to 85 or so).
Magic will be final and most likely with lunar, up to level 90.

I managed to get a master penance horn which is still a quarter filled, will be used to reach 75 agility and 77 mining (all in time)

If you got ideas for me :) feel free to mention them. Questions are welcome. Criticism is welcome to.


12-Apr-2010 - Dungeoneering Skill!

12 April 2010 - 10:23 AM

Dungeoneering Skill!

"As my foot touched the first icy cobblestone, a sense of dread flowed through my already shivering limbs. I could feel a presence, powerful and malevolent, hidden in the darkness before me. Cautiously, I rounded the corner, and was hit by a blast of hot, sulphur-smelling air. There was a sound of gristle and cracking bone that turned my stomach. Then my eyes adjusted and I saw it: a hulking demon, sitting before a blood-spattered stone door and feasting on the bodies of my fallen brothers. It was in that moment, as I raised my axe and prepared to charge for vengeance or death, that I gave the place the name it now bears...the Dungeons of Daemonheim."

It’s out! The new skill is here and it’s available on free-to-play! You’ll receive all the equipment you need to train the skill when you arrive, so catch a boat to Daemonheim from behind the Al Kharid bank to start your new adventures!

Within each dungeon, the adventuring party is asked to solve puzzles and fight monsters, while using their skills to overcome the fiendish challenges that stand in their way. Use your skills to equip your party members, search for loot and keys and explore the floor until you find the epic boss monster at the end.

The environment contains hundreds of new objects, NPCs, rooms and locations covering an area more than 60 times the size of Falador – more than any single update ever has!

After adventuring (with a group of up to 4 other players), you’ll be able to access a wealth of new skill upgrades and reward items, including new weapons and armour for both the free and members’ game.

If you have any questions, please use the dedicated forums (Adventuring Parties, Dungeoneering Feedback and Dungeoneering Help) and read the associated KB articles.

Mod Mark
Lead Designer – RuneScape

Mod Trick, Mod Liono, Mod Chris L and Mod Benny
Principal Dungeoneering Developers

In other news...

The 2010 Easter event has been removed with this update.

We've added a button left of the minimap which you can toggle to show the total XP you have gained during your login session. After your feedback of this feature from the Bonus XP Weekend, this XP counter is here to stay!

Patch notes
The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).


* Adjusted a large portion of the code dealing with books you can read within the game.
* Fixed a problem with the recent changes to the mjolnirs and getting them back.
* The pet squirrel no longer shakes when it's standing still.
* Corrected a problem with the Bull Rush special move (minotaur familiars) against players and NPCs.
* Corrected the number of free quests on the login screen.
* Reduced the price/shop stock restrictions on the following items: bananas, apple pies, redberries, cooked and raw karambwan, lobsters and oranges.
* We are increasing the chance of receiving a blood talisman from the Columbarium. Here’s a reminder of how to use this:

o To get Columbarium keys, take the boat from the south of Burgh de Rott to Meiyerditch. In Meiyerditch, you will encounter vyrewatch who you can kill in order to obtain a vyre corpse (use an Invandis flail to kill the vyrewatch; a Guthix balance potion may also help).
o When you have your vyre corpse, take it to the Columbarium along with some pyre logs (which you can make in Mort’ton). To get to the Columbarium, return to the Salve temple under Paterdomus (the room with the statues around a well). In the northern wall is an entrance to the Columbarium.
o Inside the Columbarium are some funeral pyre stations where you should first place the pyre logs, then the vyre remains, then light it with a tinderbox – this will cause a Columbarium key to appear on the pedestal.
o Use this Columbarium key on a wooden recess, then open the wooden recess to claim your reward.