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Question about laptop battery

07 September 2011 - 02:18 PM

My laptop which I'm using for university has an internal battery, as in I can't take it out. So this made me wonder, when I have access to an electrical outlet and my battery is already 100% charged, is it ok to keep on charging so that my battery doesn't drain, or would it be best to take out the charger and let the battery drain to about 20% or so if possible and charge again? I just don't want to overcharge my battery or something, as I'd like to keep this battery good for at least 4 years.

Bunch of skilling questions

17 June 2011 - 10:03 PM

Eventually I want to get all 80+ skills, but it's been ages since I've trained most of my sub 80 skills, so I need some advice on the best way to approach them.

Smithing: its at 79 already, so I'm thinking get 80 mining and then superheat at LRC, or just smelt+superheat gold?

Mining: at 73, I'm assuming mine granite until 77, then concentrated coal until 80? If so, where is the best spot to mine granite in that quarry area?

Agility: at 73, ape atoll until 80, using summer pies until I'm 75 so I never fail?

Thieving: at 72, and I have no idea. I heard of those monkey knife fighters after the do no evil quest, which I haven't done. I also heard of PP or blackjacking. Is doing DNE worth it over just straight away blackjacking, as PP is supposedly only best after 91 (I think).

Runecrafting: at 71, ZMI all the way to 80?

Hunter: at 71, red salamanders until a certain level, then herblore habitat? If so, what level should I switch over at? I tried HH and it was like 40k exp/hr right now lol, though that may have just been due to being unused to hunting there. At red sallies I got around 95 to 100k exp/hr last time I checked.

Training Hunter

31 May 2011 - 03:20 PM

Well I have no idea on how to train hunter, or how I trained it this far already (did like 2 years ago), so I was wondering what are the quickest methods to train from 65 to 80 hunter?

Spectral vs Eagle eye kite

20 March 2011 - 11:54 PM

Just wondering, for ranging nex and arma, what would be better? Or are they roughly the same? Wondering if I should free up 50m to put into other supplies, as the tokens aren't a problem. I know spectral is around 5 or less better in all defensive categories, and has 3 prayer over the eek. Though the eek has +4 range attack, which isn't much but is it enough to make it a good alternative?

First non-combat 99

01 July 2010 - 07:16 PM

Well, I never thought I'd get this level since I thought it was useless, but here I am now.

Posted Image
Posted Image

And my bank pic after getting this level.

Posted Image

And finally my potions tab now, hopefully enough to last me a long time other than buying some more brews/super restores/super pray pots.

Posted Image

As for how I did the leveling, when extremes first came out I wanted them right away, and sold my BGS/claws and other stuff to get 80m, which managed to get me from 72 to around 91 herblore making super energy potions and then special restores. Ever since then, my leveling has come solely from making more extremes, overloads, and the occasional brews or super restores. I used every herb I got from MTK and herb farming to make whatever pot I could, even though it would have been more efficient to sell those and buy the potion or buy cheaper exp, I didn't really mind (for example, making my own brews from farmed toadflax and nests from MTK instead of selling and buying brews and cheaper herblore exp). The total cost? No idea, I know at least 160m since I spent 80m originally and 80m last week to make 1k overloads for my own use, but in between that I haven't really noticed the cost since it seemed cheap to me.

Anyways, it feels cool to finally have a non combat 99, and one that has been useful for me.

So rate away or whatever, and thanks for reading.