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Member Since 19 Jun 2004
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In Topic: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

13 May 2005 - 04:15 PM

I'm a MASSIVE fan of the books/radio series/tv series and I'm hoping to go see this soon. From what I've heard it has lost some/all of the charm the books have and parts that have been missed out seem a real shame in my opinion (marvin and the police ship for example).

p.s. the whale bit is one of the funniest things ever :wink:

In Topic: Teenagers

10 March 2005 - 06:56 PM

Even I think some very young kids these days (round 12) are way to harsh.. They have no respect for anyone, and they go out to clubs, drink alcohol and girls wear short skirts. I'm 16 I'm not like 'old' or an 'adult' at all yet, but at least I do show some respect to other/older people, and Im smarter then going out only to get drunk every weekend. :?

yea same here, younger kids are way worse than when I was that age, and I don't mean to sound like an idiot but they treat people with no respect sometimes, and I don't mean all younger kids obviously, but there are quite a few like that.

In Topic: Funny Examines!

31 January 2005 - 01:41 PM

examine a town guard in the freminik area and it says "who would steal a whole town anyway?"

In Topic: Rate my sig

11 January 2005 - 07:40 PM

lol??? so i made the whole 3d lawrune for nuttin? UR NOT EVEN 54 RC U ********!!!!!!! anyway: cheers m8 ;)

lol... i will be in a day or two.. i promise :wink:

In Topic: Sig for sale! Added an alternate version!

19 October 2004 - 06:10 AM

Posted Image

i love it :D

add me on rs and i'll pay you when i'm on

edit: what's your rs name? GreatSilverWyrm is too long for an rs name :wink: