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The Gladiatorz vs Poison

15 January 2011 - 09:31 AM


Not sure who approached who but both clans agreed for a 60 min cap Turrets CWRI and the following rules;

Melee/Range/Binds Only
No Corrupt Allowed
Dungeoneerong ON
3 Sniper Cap
We prepped hard and on the fight day we happened to out pull Poison by a considerable amount, our numbers along with our mixture of styles gave us a comfortable lead from the start and even peak 38 people at one point and we never really turned back since then. Overall it was pretty fun, we had a chilled and relaxed time on TS and hope to do it again some time Poison on an even playing field. Goodfight Poison

The Gladiatorz: 66% of there ml
Poison: 53% of there ml
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Posted Image
Random Picture;
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The Gladiatorz vs BlacKnights

28 December 2010 - 11:15 PM

When Round 1's pairings were released, one fight stuck out to any Gladiator: Gladz vs BK.

Our last fullout fight with BK was in '05, so we also went one step further and organised a fullout war alongside our scheduled 20 vs 20 fight. BK have always been a tough nut to crack, and despite any problems that arose for them within the past week, we never took victory for granted.


Gladz: 20 (cut from 46)
BK: 20 (cut from ~21)

Posted Image


After waiting 30 minutes because of BK's TS being DDoS'ed, we finally began. Gladz members tanked; BK members were KO'ed. We gained 3 kills before their first pile was dropped. To be brief: we came, we saw, we conquerred. Gladz ended with 17 fighters remaining.


Gladz: 17
BK: 0

Posted Image

Thanks for the fight, BK. It's a shame you backed out of the fullout afterwards. Maybe next time?

The Alliance vs Hell Army + Tugas Revolution

16 October 2010 - 11:22 PM

I'm not sure how long we were PK'ing before the fight started, but I heard it was a while. I came back from putting my laundry on and they ended right before I had to go start the tumble dryer, so it was a productive evening for everyone. :shades:

Alright, so today we had an Alliance PK Trip. We massed up a nice ~111 (peaked ~120 opts) and started walking around looking for some action. Unfortunately, the Wildy was dead the first couple worlds so we walked around and killed random people for loot.


Posted Image

After checking a few worlds, we decided to go check out The Titans' war and found Hell Army + Tugas Revolution were there. They rushed our pile first, so we fought back with decent piles staying with them as well as some nice tanking from many of our members.

Posted Image

After some time passed, ROT started attacking our members at New Gate, so we decided to regroup/talk with HA + TR and take the war onto another world. After both clans reorganised, we walked up to Moss Giants to begin the fight once again.

TA Starting (96 opts):

Posted Image

HA + TR Starting (105 opts):

Posted Image

We started once again but had to stop due to BK killing our members (including our Leader). After restarting we started to place the pressure on HA + TR by KOing many of their members and picked up on our binding/switching styles. After a few good calls/transitions, we finally claimed the win! Awesome Job to all the Alliance Members!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Ending (105 opts):

Posted Image

HA + TR: Called off returning.

Few Kill Pictures:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thanks for the Fight HA + HR! It was an enjoyable war! Posted Image

The Gladiatorz vs BlacKnights

04 October 2010 - 10:47 PM


1 hour cap
All styles
Dung On
Corrupt off
No sniper cap
North spawn attack
No wearing other clan's cape

On Sunday, I was approached by our friend Vanzant for a one-day-prep CWRI fight. Seeing as we hadn't fought them in a while, I accepted the fight hoping for some good fun.

It was ten minutes before the fight and our pull was looking horrid.
Thankfully, we had around 5 more people join in the the last 5 minutes.
We started the fight with 26 people to BK's 34.
Posted Image

As the fight started, we kept up fairly well for being outnumbered so much.
Posted Image

Seeing this, we decided to go into overdrive mode. Still outnumbered, we started catching up quicker and quicker.
Soon, we were killing BK members faster than they could return with 1 hits and ko's almost every pile. It wasn't long before we took our very first lead.
Posted Image

However, our members knew that BK still had more people than us on voice so we knew we couldn't get over confident. We transitioned like mad-men. Downing 4-5 people in a row. There was no way to tank us once we got in the groove. The binds flew often, the arrows dealt heavy damage, the blasts suffocated, and the melee wrapped it all up.
Posted Image
Posted Image

The end was approaching quickly and we weren't slowing down. As time expired, The Gladiatorz reigned supreme.
Posted Image

Thanks for the fight BK. It was truly enjoyable.

To my fellow Gladiatorz, I give you the gift of flame broiled chicken!
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The Gladiatorz vs Forsaken

27 September 2010 - 02:17 PM

I shall scream at James Potter later for not posting here. :thumbup:

The Gladiatorz
Posted Image


Posted Image

G Starting ops: 100ish
Fsk Starting ops: 100ish

WE DID GOOD TATER! We started the fight good for the first couple kills. HOWEVER, after that we lacked on the binds and styles. We were then forced to regroup at RDG and it wasn't looking good. We kept with it however (and we thank you all for not giving up) and gained our ops back and began to hit them back. We stepped up the calling and the clan itself picked the pace up. We began hitting transitions and forced them to regroup at east tree. At the end of the day yeah.. we pulled through and got the win. Thanks to everyone who showed up and thanks Forsaken for the fight.

G Ending:
Posted Image
Fsk Ending:
Posted Image