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About stoles

09 April 2007 - 04:44 AM

God stoles require level 60 Prayer to wear. I currently have level 58 prayer. Would I be able to use the monastry/prayer guild's altar to get 60/58 prayer. Would I then be able to wear the stole?


Blog for .:0 0h:. ~ F2P Tank ~

01 February 2007 - 02:03 AM

Hey. I'm Hazardmaster. level 108 F2Per. I have made 2 pures in my RS time. My first, Hazard Range, was a range and mage pure (ignore the name lol). I got him 23 defence. Then I amde a new PURE. I was determined to keep him PURE. This pure was 0 0h.

0 0h was a hybrid. I trained him to about 40 Attack, 53 Strength, 1 Defence, 55 Ranged and 50 Mage. Then I got sick of getting owned when training his strength. 0 0H IS STAYING F2P

I succumed to the defence yet again. He turned to a rune pure. Then I stopped again, coincidentally, at 23 Defence. I was going to make him a rune pure, then I was training his strength 1 day, thinking about it. I met a tank. Yes, he sucked me into the tanking world and have now planned to become a tank. A day or two has passed sicne I met him: so my stats are:

40 Attack

54 HP

55 Strength

31 Defence

57 Ranged

50 Magic

52 Combat

So these are the stats I have as I begin this blog. I have no goals as of yet, but I do expect to get about 70 or 80+ Ranged, 60+ or so defence, and maybe 59 Magic. I wish to keep my Attack and Strength at their current levels and just train Defence.

Feel free to add me "0 0h" with zeros and we could train together. I am training ranged at barbarian village bar, minotaurs, guards on Varrock Castle roof, lesser demons, and defence on minotaurs/flesh crawlers.

Any donations of runes, arrows (preferrably iron), and food would be appreciated, but I'm not here to freeload off you guys like Donald Trump's wife. I am here to write a blog!

Day 1

Ummm...I'll write when the day is over :P

PS: If any of you guys have tips on where to train, what equipment and styles to use, good uncommon safespots etc then please do tell me. Also, I am debating if I should do Dragon Slayer and what quests I should do to get the QP to start it. I'd prefer NOT to do which require non-combat related skills to keep my combat skills the only ones. I already have level 7 fishing from Evil Bob's dumb ScapeRune however, and I will get the non-combat skills up for the quests if nessecary. PLEASE, VOICE YOUR OPINION ON THIS! Personally I would like a blurite sword and green dragonhide body, but is it worth it?

Hazzzy's Guide for High Level F2P training

27 January 2007 - 05:43 AM

The Stronghold of Security was a great update for F2Pers. Since its release it has become the best training area in F2P, and many players train there now. This is a guide for doing just that, training for higher levels in the Stronghold of Security.

There are two main areas for training in the Stronghold: Flesh crawlers on the second level and giant spiders on the third. Both of these get me around 30k EXP per hour. The first section of this guide will be for the flesh crawlers and zombies.

Flesh Crawlers

Posted Image

For anybody about level 75-100, train on the flesh crawlers on the second level of the Stronghold.


Varrock teleport (1 fire rune, 1 law rune, 3 air runes)

25 cooked lobsters


Full rune

Amulet of defence

Green dragonhide vambraces/any gloves

Rune scimitar

Posted Image

I prefer to have a amulet of defence rather than one of strength or power, because I will then last longer training there.

I'm sure you will all know where the Stronghold of Security is. It in the heart of Barbarian Village among all the rocks. It is the one with a hole in it.

Posted Image

Once inside, go across the room past the skeleton and click on the portal. Then go down the ladder on the other side of the room. Go into the portal again, if you can't the picture below will show you the path to the flesh crawlers, just follow the red line.

Posted Image

Now I, a level 107 with 88 attack, 89 strength, and 86 defence can last about 5 hours on flesh crawlers without banking with 25 lobsters. That's about 150k EXP for 25 lobsters! I am not sure how other lower levels will do. Anyway, basically they will attack you even if you're past level 90 (even though they shouldn't past double their combat level).

So yeah, once they stop attacking you and you have to manually click on them, follow the blue line on the map above to get to the other room of flesh crawlers. Keep doing this, going back and forth between rooms until you have run out of food and need to bank. So yeah, that's about it.


Pros: Good EXP per hour, they are weak, all-level aggressive

Cons: Zombies often hinder them from reaching you, resulting in less EXP

Giant Spiders

Posted Image

Giant spiders are for people level 100+. The technique is basically the same with the flesh crawlers. Exactly the same inventory and armour.


Down all the ladders and portals until you reach the third level of the stronghold, the one with all the green

Yes well that is my guide. Well, I hope you enjoyed it and hope that it will help your training in future :) Check out my other guide for all the ways for money making on F2P ;)



-RS KnowledgeBase for map images

-People giving feedback

-Doomster for some information

-Dougtnut for image corrections

-Icyhalberd for giant spiders agressitivity tip

© Copyrighted Hazardmaster 2007. No part of this guide may be used without author's permission.

Hazzzy's guide for money making on F2P! Up to 200k per hour!

26 January 2007 - 03:43 AM

Hello there. I am Hazardmaster, level 107 F2Per. Many times I have wondered how to make money on F2P, surprise surprise. I'm sure many of you do you, but no longer! For this guide is here. Yes, I couldn't think of a better intro <.<

Now, the way this guide works: basically I have the title stating basically the item/what you're doing to earn the money. Then there are multiple paragraphs on how to do it and all the information you need. then there is the lowdown and overall rating. This is throroughly explained below.


Multiple paragraphs here on explaining how, what, where, why, and all the information you need to earn money using this technique.


Worth: Tells you all the items related to the technique and their prices.

Necessities: Tells you what skill levels and items that you need for this. The levels, however, are reccomended and put there for your benefit.

OVERALL RATING: The overall rating of the technique on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best.

So here I go, dig in and enjoy :)

Big Bones

Big bones are a very good way of making money. They can see for 400gp or so each, and so each trip to the bank would get you at least 10k. It is a great way for earning money at the same time training. The higher level you are the better. I suggest that you be at least level 50 or higher with full rune or range. However, pures can do this well with safe spots. In fact, I reccomend you do this on your range/mage pure because their ranged attacks get the giants quickly.

The place I reccomend for this is the brass key door dungeon, beneath Edgeville. Then bank at Varrock. This is off topic, but if you want to bury the bones I suggest you go to the moss giants in the widlerness. It is a 1v1 area, so you have a small chance of dying. There are also chaos rune respawns :D


Worth: Big bones 400gp each average

Necessities: Main level 50+ ranging or melee. Or use a pure, preferrably ranger or mage.


Yew Logs

Yew logs are worth about 250-300gp each, so each load of yews (assuming you get 28 logs per load, which you should) should get you approximately 8k. You should probably get a woodcutting level of 70-75 before you start on yews, otherwises it is not worth cutting them. Yews are very slow and I do not reccomend this for making money. Of course, you should try and use the highest quality of axe you can get, so use a rune hatchet.

Good spots are south of Falador, Varrock Castle, Rimmington, and Draynor Village-Lumbridge.

At about level 75-80 woodcutting it took me about 20 minutes to get a full load of yews, so that means you get about 25k per hour (depending on your level really). Many autoers chop yews so overall, I do not reccomend doing this.


Worth: Yews 250-300gp each

Necessities: Rune axe, 75+ WC


Zamorak Wines

Zammy wines are great money on F2P. You can either telegrab them or grab them while killing the monks. If you telegrab them, that will take 1 air rune and 1 law rune. Air runes are 15gp each and law runes 350gp each. So then each wine will earn you 635gp. However, you can use an air staff, so it will be 650gp then. When you telegrab the wines, you gain about 7.5k-8k magic exp per hour. It's not much, but you still get it.

Posted Image

Go north of Falador and angle west. Follow the wall straight northward, past the house with anvils. Now instead of entering Goblin Village on the right, continue through the left. Good! Now there is a small room there. On the table at the far end of the room is a Wine of Zamorak.

The wine spawns roughly every 10-12 seconds, so in about 4 minutes you should get a full inventory. Run back to Falador (or tele, but then you lose 2.4k of wines and runes) and bank it. Then run back and repeat.

Selling them is easy. Go browse the official RS forums, somebody should be selling them for 1k each. PM them ingame and it's easy from there.


Worth: Zammy wine 1k each, law runes 350gp each, air runes 15gp each

Necessities: 31 Magic, law runes, air runes 15gp each, [Falador teleport]


Air Running

This is a great way of making money on F2P. Any level can do this, even a level 3 with no skills. All you need is to obtain 25 normal rune essences and an air talisman/tiara and you're on your way 8-)

If you ever get banned or something and start a new account, use this technique to get you off the ground and start up again. All you need to do is go to World 16, get the 25 essence from the bank along with your air talisman/tiara. It doesn't really matter which you use because it will take up no inventory space, for all you need is 25 essence, not 28. If you're starting anew it might be easier to obtain a talisman.

Posted Image

So once you have your essence and tiara/talisman, go into the air temple (it is south of Falador, you will probably see a long train of people going back and forth, and most of you should know). People standing next to the altar usually say "Open 2k + ess back". Go up and trade them. This may take awhile because many other people want the money too.

Posted Image

Eventually, he/she trades you, and put up your 25 essence. They will give you back 25 noted rune essence, and 2k. Accept and you just got 2k in a few minutes! Sometimes the people go up to 2.5k when it's busy and lots of competition.

So you get 2k for just running back and forth from the bank and to the temple. Not bad eh?

Note: Try to wear the lightest clothes possible.


Worth: 2k a run, normal rune essence 25gp each

Necessities: Air tiara/talisman, 25 rune essence


Steel Bars

Steel bars are a great way of earning money, regardless of level. WHat you will need for this is level 30 Smithing. If you are mining your own ores, you will want level 50-60 Mining or higher. So first of all, if you are NOT mining your own ores, you'll want to buy them. Try get coal for around 160gp and iron for 100. This will cost you about 400-460 gp depending on how much you pay for the ores.

Now go to Al Kharid bank. Pull out 9 iron ores and 18 coal. I usually pull out 10 iron, click 1 to put one back, then pull out 20 coal and do the same, but click twice to put back two. Anyway, run off to the furnace there and left click on the furnace. Click make 10.

Then once they have all been smelted, run back to the bank, deposit the steel bars then repeat the entire process. Steel bars are about 550-600gp each, and so each trip to the furnace you gain around 1k profit. This is probably the best way in low level F2P to gain experience in Smithing while not losing money, but actually making a bit.

If you are mining your own ores, which you can then get both Mining AND Smithing exp, AND free gp. Go mine coal at the Mining guild or dwarven mine. Get iron at the dwarven mine also.


Worth: 550-600

Necessities: 30 Smithing, 40+ Mining and rune pickaxe if you are mining your own ores



Coal is a good way for making money, but you have heavy competition for many people want it. You can get about 4k per load of 28 coal. Mine at the Mining Guild (banking at Falador east bank), underground Edgeville (go the opposite way fo the hill giants) and bank at Varrock west bank (you will need a brass key).

Underground Edgeville you can also get some addy and a mithril rock. You can also go to Lumbridge swamp where there are also some addy and mithril rocks to go along with the coal. Bank at Lumbridge (top of the castle).


Worth: 150-200gp each

Necessities: Rune pickaxe, 40+ Mining


Death Matching

Death matches, or DMing, is a good way of earning money as well. You will need to be about level 90+ combat. Skill training is very important here. You want the highest prayer level you can get and train your attack and defence a few levels higher than your strength. Example: 95 Attack, 92 Strength, 95 Defence.

With the high attack you constantly hit your enemy and break through their defence, while you are well defended with your high defence. Many people these days go with high strength to hit high, but I do not reccomend this. That is their downfall in DMs.

Basically, when you DM you fight to the death. No running, no teleporting, no PJing (pile jumping). Pile jumping is getting someone else to kill you after the person has been beaten. They usually get a mage. When you're looking for somebody to DM you ideally want someone around your combat level or lower. If your attack is higher than their defence and your defence higher than their attack, that's a good idea to challenge them.

When you're actually in the fight, you want to use the 5% attack prayer, Clarity of Thought. It drains much slower then 15% strength or something. Remember, pray at the monastry for the extra 2 prayer points.

In the DM you want to use the accurate style attack, and swordfish. 2 more HP than lobsters. 2HPx27 is 54HP, which can make a big difference in a DM. However, it is good faith to use whatever your opponent is using. Agree on all this before the match. Also, use a strength potion with 4 doses. Use a dose every time 7 lobsters are gone so you use all 4 ever quarter of food used, if you understand.

It is also optional to save about 5 prayer points for the end and Protect Item your rune platebody, but I find this dishonorable. Another optional thing is to bring a Rune 2-hander sword and when your enemy is low on HP, quickly equip it and try to finish them.

Basically if you win you get 200k. If you lose, then you lose 200k. I suggest trying to get very high Attack level.


-Full rune, rune scimitar, strength/power/defence amulet, green dragonhide vambraces (or any gloves if you can’t).

-Clarity of Thought prayer (5% attack bonus)

-Accurate style attack


Worth: Full rune 200k, lobsters 200-250gp each

Necessities: 90+ combat with high attack and def (e.g. 78 Atk 75 Str 78 Def), full rune, lobsters


Rune Mining

This is a GREAT way for making money, probably one of the best in F2P, possible THE best. However the real downfall is the leveling to 85. I don’t recommend power mining to level 85 on a level 3. There are pures in the lava maze ranging you. It’s safer on your main.

So basically I would powermine on your main at the Al Kharid chasm on iron ores, dropping the ores. Then you might want to dwarven stout (gives you +1 mining level for a small amount of time) at level 84 Mining.

Basically once you are rune mining, wear full rune/green dragonhide. Start mining in the worlds in anti-chronological, from the last F2P world (unless you wanna start in World 1, lol). So W136, 135, 134 etc. Rune ores are worth 11k each. When you are world hopping, run north and stand exactly on the square below the gate. From here you can see the rune rocks and see if they have ore in them or they don’t. Trust me, this precaution is worth it.

If you are ever attacked for any reason, run WEST. West through the spiders. This is a non-multi zone so anybody pursuing you will be atatcked by the spiders and therefore unable to attack you.

For rune mining I suggest you have at least 70+ combat. If you are going to level to get a higher combat leve, I suggest you look at my DMing guide above ^.


WIELDED Rune pickaxe - mining the ore

5 lobsters - in case you are attacked


Worth: Runite ore 11k, rune pickaxe 30k, lobsters 200-250gp each, dwarven stout (?) few gp from Falador pub

Necessities: Rune pickaxe, 85 Mining (84 with dwarven stout)


Iron Ore

Iron ore is a great way of making money. The ores are worth 100gp each, so a full load will get you 2,800gp AKA 2.8k. I believe at level 50 Mining (could somebody kindly confirm this for me?) you can 1-hit iron ores, which is very helpful. The best places to mine are the dwarven mine and southeast Varrock (when you can 1-hit I recommend here).


Worth: Iron ore 100gp each, rune pickaxe 30k

Necessities: Rune pickaxe, level 50+ Mining


Lobsters (raw)

Well, being F2P, we have no option but to go to Karamja. Raw lobsters are worth about 260gp each. I suggest you bring: 10k gp a lobster pot (Port Sarim shop). Pay the 30gp to the seaman at Port Sarim, then get off the boat onto Karamja. Walk straight down and turn right into the banana tree field. Go right across to the end to the dock and fish away until you have 26 raw lobsters in your inventory.

While you’re fishing, you may want to browse the Tip It forums, or read the rest of this guide. Then once they’re all cooked get back on the boat and walk back to Draynor Village and bank.

This is a very slow method of money-making, so I don’t recommend this. The bank is very far away. You can also use Falador teleport (wield a air/water staff to save 1 inventory slot) and teleport back to Falador, bank the lobsters, and run abck to Karamja. Overall, time consumption is high, so I do not recommend this.


Any amount of gp, preferrably a few thousand - for boat trips or any other reasons

Lobster pot -for fishing the lobsters

OPTIONAL Falador teleport runes 1 law 3 airs 1 water -for quicker bank access

OPTIONAL Air or water staff if Falador teleporting -for Falador teleport quicker bank access and save 1 inventory slot


Worth: Raw lobster 260gp, lobster pot 20gp

Necessities: Lobster pot, level 40 Fishing


Cow Hides

Cow hides are a great way of making money, especially for lower levels.

They are worth about 100gp each. You should be about level 5-10 or higher with some armour, maybe steel or full iron or so. Go to Lumbridge and there is a fenced area with cows inside it.

Usually other people have been killing cows there, and they leave the raw meat there, sometimes even the hides! Grab as many pieces of raw meat as you can, and go across the street into a little house with a cooking pot. Cook the meat, you will probably burn some. No matter. (If you’re a higher level you won’t need any food)

Once you have a few cooked meat pieces go back to the cows and start killing some. Then pick up their hides and meat. Go back and cook the meat, drop the burnt pieces. Then get a full laod of hides and bank on the top floor of Lumbridge castle (go up the stairs twice to find the bank).

There is also another pen north of Lumbridge, it is more deserted. It is located north of the mill and east of Draynor Manor, and I believe that Draynor Village’s bank is closer to here than Lumbridge.


Worth: Cow hides 100gp each

Necessities: Full armour set and weapon of iron or higher. Meat from chickens and cows, or no food on mains.


W16 Air Crafting

You will need at least level 77 RuneCrafting to make any profit. Go into World 16, and this time you will be doing the opposite of what I wrote in the air running part of this guide. Bring a lot of money, probably you want 100k+ in your inventory along with a few thousand rune essence in noted form.

Ok, so go stand next to the air altar in World 16(inside). Say "Open 2k + ess back". People will trade you, but if not say again and repeat until you get someone. Make sure your trade is set to "On". Now, trade the person and put up 2k and 25 noted essence. They will give you 25 unnoted ess. Accept, and check 2nd trade screen!

Posted Image

Keep doing this. The following quote is under the assumption the air runes are sold for 15gp each.

So at level 77 Runecrafting paying 2k per runner, with air runes sold at 15gp each and rune essence bought for 25gp each, you gain 375gp each trade and the RuneCrafting Exp.

Then, after all your essence/money is wasted, go and sell your airs for 15gp each and you will make a profit.


Worth: Rune essence 25gp each, air rune 15gp each

Necessities: 77 RuneCrafting, lots of money 100k+, lots of normal rune essence in the thousands



Luring. This a one of the best ways to PK and a brilliant money maker for high level players. Basically the idea is, you and a team hide on top of a hill and one of you goes down to a place with many PKers.

This person, called the lurer, will probably get attacked by the people there who can attack him. If not, the lurer will attack them. Then he runs up to your DD-ed team (death dot, I will explain later) and you all attack him. This is most effective with mages and binds.

Then you all attack him, and he gets killed. This is usually done past level 20 wilderness so that they cannot teleport away, and they cannot run (binded). All they can do is eat and hope the bind wears off to run down and escape.

You should be about level 80+ with at least 59 magic. You want about 40 binds, 100 fire blasts, and maybe a rune 2-hander in case the lured person is in dragonhide.


-Wizard hat

-Wizard robe top

-Amulet of magic

-Staff of fire

-Dragonfire shield

-Monk robe bottom

-Any gloves but no dragonhide vambraces


3 law runes -fire blast and teleport

410 air runes -fireblast and teleport

100 death runes -fire blast

120 water runes -bind

120 earth runes -bind

80 nature runes -bind

OPTIONAL Rune 2-hander -melee

OPTIONAL Strength potion (4 dose) -melee strength addition

Rest of inventory with lobsters/swordfish -health

Now, into the specifics. The main place for luring is at hill giants, north of Varrock. Now, a "Death Dot", commonly known as DD, is a well-known PKing formation. It is only really effective with a team. All the members of the team stand on a single square, so on the mini-map it looks like 1 person. This tactic is best sued on top of a hill or something, so if somebody comes they cannot see if it is a single person or a death dot until they run up there. And when they run up there, the team kills them.

Now, an ideal team would be about 7-10 level 80-110s all maging with fire blasts. Now, luring at hill giants. Go through the gap in the lava north of the hill giants (they are north of Varrock, a popular PK spot). Go up north and you will see a lot of hills. If you read the previous paragraph you should now understand what I meant about being unable to see. Death dot on the top of this hill shown in the picture below.

Posted Image

You can also death dot on the top of the hill further north at level 25 wilderness. I prefer this hill. It may be lower in level, but when the lured person comes and they run back down, you can see them to bind. If you try this at level 25, they run down and you can't angle the camera to see them. It's very hard to explain until you have done it yourself.

So basically send down a person to giants. Try get a populated world with 1500-1900 people in it. Get the person to PM someone in the death dot what level people he has lured. That person will then tell the others in the dot what level person to attack. Usually the people should be in full rune, you don't want to lure rangers.

Have your bind spell set (check the above picture's top left corner) and when you see them, quickly cast it on them. If you're lucky, they should die eventually. If you have a good team, you can get about 200k or more worth of rune items in an hour. Finding a good team is hard, personally I have a small group of friends which I constantly lure with, and we bring nobody else.

Below is an image of what you DO NOT want for your team, this is a team you want for deep wilderness like greater demons.

Posted Image


Worth: Mage outfit roughly a few thousand gp, staff of fire 2k, death runes 290gp ea, air runes 15gp ea, good team priceless (No, MasterCard does not pay me for promoting them :(), nature runes, water ruens, earth runes.

Necessities: Mage outfit, 10+ binds, 100+ fire blasts, 59 Magic, a team.



Basically, buy somthing and sell it for a higher price, therefore gaining a profit. I like to do with with coal at Falador east bank. I don't really like doing this with rares like trimmed armour ebcause they may plummet. I reccomend merchanting lobsters south of Varrock west bank or coal at Falador east bank.

I can't really give you many tips about it, but check the second trade window and look on the official RuneScape forums for some good deals. You can't post, but you can look, get people's RS names, and PM them ingame. I wish you luck.


Worth: N/A

Necessities: Money to start off, 500k+ maybe.



Thank you for reading my guide. Please post any comments, but if you are going to flame me please do it politely. Check out my other guide for high leveled F2P training within the Stronghold of Security.


Note: When mining/woodcutting, equip your pick/hatchet so you get 1 free inventory slot.


-Um Bong0 for air RCing information and images.

-C Ronaldo for luring with me, I know you use this forum so come out of hiding noob :P

-ImageShack for letting me uplaod my pictures for FREE on their site 8-) How cool is that?

-People commenting on this topic :thumbsup:

-Zaaps1 lowdown idea.

-Lord Gromit for W16 air crafting correction.

-Ltje for Zammy Wine

© Copyrighted Hazardmaster 2007. No part of this guide may be used without author's permission.

Ahhh, good ol' noob memories

23 January 2007 - 07:55 AM

Yes. We were all level 3s once. RuneScape has spoilt a lot of players into selfish and annoying people.

But forget that. Remember when you jsut joined RuneScape. You were like 'What the heck? Where am I!"


"Hey I'll buy those addy ores for 1k ea? Kk meet at edgy, use sceptre to telly"

If you could have seen your present self when you just joined RS, what would you say :shock:

But enough of that. Remember when some kind player gave you 500gp? Well, that happened to me. I went crazy. Back then I viewed 500gp as I would view 500M today. Then I found out we could take a boat ride to Karamja. OMG wow that was a cool island! I still remmeber that, and to this day Karamja has been one of my favorite spots in RS.

What about YOU? :?: