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A warning

17 January 2014 - 07:57 AM

Hey guys, quick warning for you all who post here:


Remember how Tip.It got it's database hacked a while back?  Well, I think whoever did it either gave the email's away or is now using them to hack into accounts - make sure you have a secure email preferably with 2-auth protection.  I was hacked by someone I'm fairly certain at the very least browses this forum, probably using it, since they mentioned that they saw my good drops, which I've only ever posted here.  I'm about to lose probably 100m or so from my e-mail getting hacked due to crappy security measures on it.  Use me as an example.  Secure your email, change your email to a more secure one if the one you have is weak.



Thanks guys.

Short Nightmare Zone Guide

16 October 2013 - 01:26 AM

EDIT:  This main post is still okay for getting a basic gist of how to NMZ, but I have a lot of hard data in the comments that is useful too.  This guide will be overhauled once I get the time for it.





So, if you play OSRS, you've probably heard by now about the quick, 100% afk xp you can get in the Nightmare Zone (NMZ), but you might not know how to take advantage of it.  Well, here's a quick, basic guide on how to do so.




There's two ways to go about the set-up, dharoking or whip/scimming




Dharok's set up:


Full DH (duh)

Zerker i>Zerker>Warrior i> Warrior > any

Fury>Glory>God stole>other

Barrows gloves/best you can get>combat brace

Rune Boots=climber boots

Fire cape>trimmed skill cape> skill cape/obby> legends



Other set up:

Dscim/whip>other weapons

Prossy top>monk robe

Prossy bot>=monk robe

Zerker i>Zerker>Warrior i> Warrior > any

Fury>Glory>God stole>other

Barrows gloves/best you can get>combat brace

Rune Boots=climber boots

Fire cape>trimmed skill cape> skill cape/obby> legends

Rune defender> DFS > others






Dharoks inventory:

Rock cake

DDS (optional)

Coins (for coffer and paying booster)

Holy Wrench (optional) (can be replaced with extra prayer potion)

6x Overload (4) (obtained by paying 1.5k NMZ points/dose, can only be used in the minigame)

19 Prayer potions (4)


Other inventory:


Coins (for coffer and paying booster)

Holy Wrench (optional) (can be replaced with extra prayer potion)

7x Overload (4) (obtained by paying 1.5k NMZ points/dose, can only be used in the minigame)

19 Prayer potions (4)




What is boosting?


Once you get to the NMZ, you'll want to look for melee-only boosters.  What are these?  They are accounts with only specific quests done that will create a party and invite you to it, enabling only melee bosses, making for easy training.  However, most of these accounts will charge between 20-40k per rumble, so be prepared to pay up before you enter.  This is a trust trade, and while I've never been scammed, I'm sure there are a few untrustworthy people out there, so if you're worried, look for folks who have a lot of people trading them first.





Quests needed for boosting:


Boosters tend to have the following quests done, and will require you to complete them as well:

   - Vampire Slayer

   - Mountain Daughter

   - Lost City

   - Gnome Stronghold

   - Fight Arena


Some may have more done, including the rare account that is designed to boost the Dream Mentor bosses, but these are rare, so just the above quests will be fine.






Method 1:  AFKing

 For this, all you need to do is drink a dose of overload, turn on protect from melee, use up your special attacks if you brought a spec weapon, and then proceed to come back every 4 minutes or so to top off prayer/re-overload.  Very simple stuff.  If dharoking, use your rock cake after you overload to drop yourself down to 1HP.


Method 2: Not 100% AFKing

 You'll basically be following the above plan, but with some slight modifications.  If you notice yourself gaining HP while dharoking, just rock cake back to your minimum HP.  Another thing you will notice are the randomly spawning power-ups, of which there are 4 kinds: zapper, ultimate force, power surge, and recurrent damage.


 Zapper works as an AoE attack, doing low damage to every NPC in range.

Ultimate force will instantly kill every NPC on the field, however no points will be gained.

Power surge will instantly replenish your special attack, and continue to replenish it for a short period of time.

Recurrent damage will do an extra 75% damage on each hit, but you won't get xp for it.


If your goal is solely XP, you will mostly be using power surge, and largely ignoring the other power ups.  Power surge is pretty obvious, you'll take out your spec weapon and continually spec until it runs out, leaving you with some great XP gains for a short period.  The others, however, don't get you much of an xp boost except in some specific circumstances.  When you're fighting, assuming you're using the quests/bosses outlined above, the hardest boss to kill will be the black demon.  If you end up with 3 or 4 black demons, you will then want to use the other power ups in an effort to kill them faster and get more vampires/Kendals for better xp.


If you want points in addition to XP though, you can use all the power-ups freely, except for ultimate force, which you will only use when there are 3 or 4 live black demons.




You're going to end up fighting in this arena for hours with these supplies, but eventually you'll run out of prayer potions, die, and leave with 600k+ points.  After that, you just find another booster and repeat.  Feel free to spend points on various supplies, as normally you can make back your money spent depending on prices, which I'd suggest checking on Zybez before you buy a lot of one item over another.  You can also imbue various items, like DK rings, crystal bow/shields, and the black mask.  The minigame is pretty enjoyable, and very, very afk friendly, perfect for working on projects, doing homework, playing GTA:O, whatever.  I know this guide isn't the best, but I figured if anyone was wondering about the NMZ, this should help.




If you have any questions/comments, post em here and I'll get back to you.

We should have a tip.it old school world

26 July 2013 - 09:38 AM

Figured it might mean we can find some other tif'rs in game at some point. Even though there's only like 10 of us. I think we should pick either 370 or 366. Any thoughts?

Spa is back! OSRS blog - GWD time, 4 shard, 6 ss, 1 hilt, 1700 total

09 May 2013 - 10:22 PM

Hey everybody, it's me Spa_Ins. I used to have a blog wayyyy back when that I semi-frequently updated for like 3-4 years, and I thought about reviving it, but I figured I'm basically restarting Runescape with the addition of Old School Runescape, so may as well make a new blog! If you knew my last one, it was pretty large and had a lot of subsections, I decided this time around I'm going to keep it short and simple and just post some of my progress every day, and make weekly stat/quest point/bank value updates on this main post. So, without futher ado, here's my blog!

Long-term Goals

Week 0
Week 1
Week 3
Week 5
Week 6
Week 8
Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

Week 15

Week 17


Week 19

Fastest way to a) do fight caves and b) train attack

26 December 2010 - 04:20 AM

Pretty self explanatory questions, though I'll fill in some details:

95 attack, 99 strength, 92 defense, 95 prayer, 92 herb, 99 hp, 99 range, 99 mage.

1 - I'm pretty poor right now, so don't tell me to do the fight caves with dragon bolts (e) the entire time, keep it fairly cost effective. I wouldn't mind 1M a run or so, but anything insanely high is out of my reach. Same goes for attack training, so I cannot do in the ape atoll dungeon with dharoks and turmoil, takes up too much time.
2 - AFKable for attack training is a plus.
3 - Forgot to include I don't have any chaotic, but I do have every void set + the void shield thing.

Please include which prayer book is best to use too, as I'm not really sure if anything has changed with the new prayer book.

If you need any more info, just ask, I'm sure there's plenty of factors I missed.