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ZMI Runecrafting

10 March 2011 - 07:55 PM

With BEXP weekend coming up I ask this question, does the abbyssal BOB's extra essence per trip mean more essence crafted per hour, or is the extra banking time of the zmi banker not worth it since we can't fill a familiar's inventory without closing the bank interface actually result in less essence crafted per hour?

Also how far should i let my Giant pouch degrade before repairing it?

Is the small pouch worth it? Two clicks to net two extra essence per trip (right click and select fill while in bank interface).

My Vision of Free Trade GE

31 December 2010 - 11:39 PM

The following is copied and pasted off my thread in the RSOF I have created today, I'd like to see the tip.it community's thoughts.

Under the current system of trading, the Grand Exchange is a convenient tool for the buying and selling of commonly traded/desired items that the players believe to be at the correct price. The GE's systems have not kept up with increase of value (in player's eyes) for certain items, such as discontinued items and the divine spirit shield.

However, Jagex has given us the hope that free trade will be reinstated. There are some questions as to how the GE will work if the vote passes. So far the only specifics I have heard from Jagex is that the lower and upper limits will be removed (no min or max or value). I don't know if Jagex already has set in stone how a free trade GE will work, or if they are still accepting suggestions. In the hopes of keeping the GE useful in the era of free trade (and perhaps even more useful than it ever was in the days of restricted trade), I offer my thoughts on how the GE would work to keep trade free while minimizing the threat of price manipulation and real world trading.

I'll start with what I think will be the biggest change to the GE, a change in the interface. When you select the item you want to buy or sell, instead of the gp range you are allowed to offer or accept for the item(s), you are instead given a sample of how other players are trading that specific item. You would be given the 5 or 10 highest buyers for the item (as well as the quantities that are being purchased at that price) as well as the 5 or 10 lowest sellers (and again the quantities). This does not deter you from inputting your own price, since this is free trade you can offer or demand however much you want. However this would just be a guideline to help you make an informed decision.

Items would be sold in priority of the lowest seller selling the items first (if two people are selling at the same price, Jagex could either give priority to the first poster or split sales evenly between the two, which would be usefull for common items like fire runes). In the same fashion, items would be bought in priority of the highest buyer purchasing the item first.

This priority is in place for 3 reasons. First, because it's fair, if you want the item or gp fast, you're willing to accept less or pay more. Second, this would prevent the ability to discretely RWT through the GE. If you tried selling or buying a bucket for 1 million gp, the order would instantly fill at the highest buyer's or lowest seller's price. Finally third, this would make DISCRETE price manipulation impossible. Jagex prohibited price manipulation on the forums for years before the GE was put into the game, with this implementation of the GE into the game, Jagex may want to ammend their item scamming rule to include price manipulation. Being able to see how much an item is ballooning up quickly will alarm players, and hopefully Jagex staff, so that an investigation can be carried out and appropriate action can be taken against the guilty parties.

What about the GE section of the website and market values and GE graphs? I think these things will still have a place in the era of free trade. In this model of highest buyer/ lowest seller, there is always a visible disconnect between the two. Fire items like fire runes this disconnect can be as slim as 1 gp. High end equipment, like the divine spirit shield, could have a disconnect potentially in the tens, or even hundreds, of millions. When the GE updates roughly once a day it could take a snapshot of the highest buyer's price and lowest seller's price and make the day's market value the median between those 2 (round to nearest gp). Again market value is merely a guideline, not a royal decree to make informed decisions.