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c2 fishing

20 June 2012 - 08:29 PM

Hey, I'm not seriously training fishing but I decided it would be good and efficient and stuff to pick up fishing xp from the floors that I have to rush anyways. I've been getting about 45k fish xp and 45k wc xp /hour by running through the floors and chopping/fishing everything (86 fish, 91 wc with prom hatchet, floor time ranges 5-10 minutes). Is this the best way to do this, assuming I value xp in both skills? I was wondering if it would be better to skip the spots/trees that give half xp... any suggestions?


new scam email

18 April 2011 - 09:59 PM

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are conducting research on the rise and fall of a popular MMORPG called Runescape. We have received your email address from a popular fan-site and would appreciate your cooperation in our survey.

We have come to the understanding that you no longer play Runescape. If this is not the case, feel free to ignore the following.

Our research will log the actions and game-play (including activities, time spent playing, social interaction, etc.) of several thousand retired Runescape players. In order to utilize your account in this survey, we require access to your account in order to view stat changes, adventure logs, chat logs, and possibly interview some players in game.

If you agree to help us with our research, please respond to this email with the following information. Participants will be reimbursed $19.95 via Paypal upon completion of the study.*

Username (Login Name):


Bank Pin (If Set):

Paypal Address (If payment is desired):

*Paypal address is NOT required. You may choose to receive no payment at all, or you can include mailing information for payment by check. Once payment has been issued, we are not responsible for loss of accounts.

Thank you for your time in reading this and your cooperation with our study.


The MMO-Research Team

amg account + pass + pin so they can conduct research on whether you scape

didn't know if there was a specific place to post these but it probably doesn't hurt to post in a place people actually read

!Start <insert 6 years of scaping> !Stop

20 September 2010 - 09:47 PM

I always intended to cancel my membership before going off to college, but I wasn't sure how difficult it would be. I probably wasn't expecting it to be this early (this is my senior year of high school), but during bonus xp weekend while I was grinding construction, it just occurred to me that I enjoy almost nothing in this game now. Since getting 99 slayer a year and a half ago, I've done various skilling projects, and gotten a pretty good bit of xp past 99 in slayer. For awhile I wondered if slaying indefinitely would be my occupation once I was finished with everything else, but it's too mind-numbing, and I'd rather not be doing something on scape that I don't enjoy than something outside of scape which if nothing else would probably contribute more to my real world well-being.

A brief history of my account, it was created during the fall of 2004. I didn't have a home computer until about a year after that, but I did play occasionally at a friend's house and the library where my mom works so I'm counting that year. :P I don't recall exactly when I got p2p, but I think that I did a summer and cancelled, a december and cancelled, another summer, another december, and then on spring break I bought it and just kept it (that would be in 2007 I think). In the midst of all that bouncing back and forth I got 99 firemaking and cooking. After that, I really devoted myself to combat, maxing magic and hitpoints at rock lobsters summer 2008 first, then getting 99 prayer a bit later that fall (funded by sara godwars). I slayed through the winter, maxing ranged and summoning, then my three melees, and then slayer spring 2009. Since then I've done random monster hunting and chillling with my friends and skilling, really. This year I also picked up the habit of merchanting, which was really the only thing I did consistently.

The fact of the matter is that most of the things in scape are pretty dull. Corp and dungeoneering aren't too bad, but I don't think they're worth $5/month just for the privilege of being able to waste time on them. Honestly there are funorb games which are more engaging than runescape's most challenging gameplay. So I'm ending my membership now with no regrets for the time I've spent on this game - I've made some excellent friends, whom I hope to keep in touch with as all of us go to college. Specifically I'd like to thank:

Alex for being cool and nice to talk to, and saving me from teh rc pkers
Nick for keeping the pimp hand strong
Raider for teaching me the very important lesson that "money in teh hands of newbs is just money that has not yet been given to me threw the ge"
Tanner for always banning e8
Cav for making me aspire to be more efficient, and being awesome
Conner for being funny and yet thought-provoking
Simon for being great at monster hunting
Brent probably won't see this, but thanks for giving me one of your spare santas when a friend took mine :(

To keep this from being too obnoxious, thanks to Gremmy and Chad and Chris and Matt and Officercarl and Jeroen and e8 and Gaige and Spa and everyone I missed as well. You guys are awesome.

On to the part we all care about.


Here's my closing bank:

I estimate that 350-500M of that was generated since the beginning of 2010 via merching; it's definitely an activity I'd recommend for people who like fast xp and nice items. To those who say it's wrong, I'd like to point out that merchants are making money off of you as I type. What can you do but merch back, and as long as everyone does it the system will break even. All that flipping does anyways is keep the market fluid.

Here's a bob to give an idea of my net:

Posted Image

And here are my closing stats:

Posted Image

In about 6 years, I played scape for 213 days even. That means that during those 6 years, 9.7% of my total time was spent on scape, not to mention time on forums etc. This is 14.6% of my waking hours assuming that I slept an average of 8 hours per night, or 29.2% of my free time, assuming 8 hours of school every single day, which wasn't the case of course lol.

During these 213 days (5112 hours) I gained almost exactly 300 million experience, meaning I averaged 58.7k xp/hour - could be worse.

Notable things I did:
- get a lot of hilts
- get a draconic visage (this didn't happen until I did the karamja elite diary a week ago actually haha)
- either top or get #2 on runemonkey for something one day (was when I did rock lobs for magic/hp)
- lose an ags pking
- do every quest, and love them
- be recognized by a complete stranger for my ranking on the hiscores (was when this pic was current, check teh summoning)

Posted Image

Things I didn't do:
- be good at pking
- place well in a tsg slayer competition
- be an active participant in a serious clan
- solo a hilt, despite 4-500 solo kills
- get a sigil, although I didn't kill corp enough to deserve one anyways


That's all I've got. Grats if you read this far, feel free to rate me haha. I'm glad I found a game that gave me so many good times. I'll probably be on arcanists for awhile yet. :P

Shattered hearts suggestion

02 August 2010 - 01:58 PM

Currently, it is not possible to get shattered hearts rocks while crafting battlestaffs. I, for one, find this highly discouraging as I am planning to get 99 crafting by making battlestaffs and the knowledge that I will spend hours and tens of millions on crafting without getting any crafting rocks saddens me greatly.

It's just a bit weird that people trying to rush through the rocks by making gold amulets (which the Jargonex Corporation has stated is exactly what they did not want people to do) are able to get rocks, yet people just minding their own business training crafting to get the attractive brown and yellow 99 crafting cape to earn internet cred from one's fellow runescapers do not. Battlestaffs being a completely legitimate and serious way of training crafting, the lack of shattered hearts rocks to be found therein disturbs me.

My suggestion is to change this and make it possible to get shattered hearts rocks while making battlestaffs so that I can get shattered hearts rocks while I make battlestaffs.

Also, fairly extensive testing has, I believe, revealed that it is not possible to get smithing rocks by making dragon platebodies. I believe that this is also a great wrong but am willing to compromise on this one as long as battlestaffs begin to drop shattered hearts rocks as dragon platebodies are not exactly a serious way of training smithing.

Picking up greens and golds

10 June 2010 - 11:26 PM

I just made this topic because I've been wondering recently if my policy of always pick up every charm is really in my best interest. I've always done it because gathering charms is just so slow and painful in general that it seems like a waste to not grab the xp since it really doesn't take much extra time (in fact, none if you time it properly).

Blue charms are 783.2 xp each, allowing 1.72m xp/hour when training. Each pouch represents a loss of 8,727 gp, making blues 11.14 gp/xp

Crimson charms are 422.4 xp each, allowing 929.2k xp/hr. Each pouch is a loss of 1803 gp, making crimsons 4.3 gp/xp

Green charms are 154.4 xp each, allowing 335.2k xp/hr. Each pouch is a loss of 2206 gp, making greens 14.3 gp/xp

Gold charms are 87 xp each, 191.4k xp/hr. Loss of 220 per pouch, so 2.5 gp/xp.

I'd say this implies that greens are [cabbage]ty, but to be truly scientific, one should analyze the opportunity cost of training with the charm types (presumably balanced against gathering charms while slaying). Sadly the easiest way for me to get this information has been polluted by the fact that I gained a few million summoning xp on super xp weekend, but I'm not sure exactly how much or at what bonus so I can't calculate slayer xp vs summoning xp gained slaying, and so I can't do average summoning xp/hour. If anyone else knows what their summoning xp was (if at or above lvl 96) when they got 99 slayer, or slayer xp when they got 99 summoning, that would be tremendously helpful (of course, you will also need to know how much xp was gained at what average bonus on bonus xp weekend).

But anyways, what's all of your opinions about using greens and golds, and why?

All of this is assuming 99 summoning in case anyone didn't catch that btw lols, but don't let that stop you from contributing.

idk if this is a questionnaire but i think there is some discussion merit