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Europa Universallis 3, Victoria 2, Hearts of Iron 3

17 October 2011 - 02:58 AM

Greetings TIF. I decided to combine these three games into one thread, because they will not get enough traffic individually. They are all very similar in concept, but different in design.

These three games are grand strategy games covering three distinct eras of history: the age of colonization, the Victorian era, and WW2. These games try to model as realistically as possible and so far I have never seen a strategy game more realistic. These games easily make my top 10 favorite games of all time.

So! If you're a strategy player who wants more of a challenge, these games might be for you!
If you're tired of constant Zurg charges and want more thought, these games might be for you!
If you find annexing an entire country in 1 battle is bullshit, then these games might be for you!

What I love about these games is that you can be ABSOLUTELY ANYBODY YOU EVER WANT. Want to transform tiny Luxemburg into a world power? You can - and good luck! Want to be Stalin and crush not only Hitler but Churchill too? You bet!

Europa Universalis III (EU3)
Based on the era of colonization and monarchies, you lead your country through greatness. Considered as the easiest of the three to get into, it has a nice balance between militaristic conquest and peaceful exploration/colonization. You can colonize the Americas, marry off your heirs for a chance to inherit another kingdom, or take up arms for the French Revolution!

In-game screenshot of a player Sweden expanding his borders.

Victoria 2 (Vic2/Vicky2)
My favorate out of the three and considered the most hardest to learn out of them. Based on the Victorian era, you lead any country into an age of colonization, nationalism, and economics. Industrialize your country, influence communist revolutions, push for political reforms, kick the French out of Alsace-Lorraine, or start World War 1. A perfect balance of economics and military, this game is damn good at representing the Victorian era as an age of industrialization and militant expansion.

In-game screenshot of a communist Switzerland kicking Austrian ass. (It was technically a defeat because they pulled out)

Victoria 2 (HoI3)
The most militant game of the three and the most accurate in military strategy. Become any nation during WW2 and fight to an unconditional surrender! In this game, being a Nazi isn't as "bad". You command the military and very little of the economic system of your country. If you like WW2 this is a must-game for you. Send forces across the globe, research the ability to produce an atomic bomb, and liberate Poland from the Soviets if you wish! A very fun game if you like to kick ass on a global scale.

In-game screenshot of the Polish Invasion of 1939. RIP Poland.

And those are three of the biggest Paradox games. There are many others, such as a Europa Univerallis of the Roman Empire, Pride of Nations a simplier Victoria 2, and many more.

So, TIF. Anybody play these wonderful games? Anybody thinking of playing them? I know these games will suit a few of you. In fact, I believe Dusty actually made an AAR (After-Action Report, which is like a little commentary of your game you publish on forums) on the EU3 game.

Discuss or ask questions!


11 September 2010 - 05:14 AM

Yeah, so I figured after watching Machete, (no immediately afterwards of course) TIF needed a new debate thread. Don't shoot me please.

America (this thread is focused more on the American-Mexican border, but Swedish borders can be posted too) is a nation founded on immigrants and for that I believe we should continue to be so.

What has Obama done for immigration?

Regarding terrorists, should we be concered with them crossing our borders?

Why is our border so dangerous? And how can it be solved?

Legalized drugs may be a solution to that.

What's up with Arizona's new law?

Should TIF be deported for having an Italian extension?

Video Card Upgrade

10 April 2010 - 07:21 PM

I traded my computer with my parents to get a better CPU and RAM for video editing. Problem is, theirs had quite a low graphics card. I can't play hardly any games and (my first question) I think this reduces my FPS?

So anyway,these are my specs and this one part I have some concern over.

Video graphics

* Integrated graphics using nVidia GeForce 6150SE
* Also supports PCI Express x16 graphics cards*

NOTE: *Either integrated graphics or the PCI Express x16 slot are usable at one time; they are not usable concurrently.

So I won't have the extra 128mb (GeForce 6150SE)if I insert a new graphics card. Okay, so the new card has to be pretty damn good. My second question what would be a good "PCI Express x16" graphic card would be good to play games such as WoW, TF2, high-ended RTS, and (if) maintain 30 FPS when using Fraps?

Your help is very appreciated!

Video Compressor/Converter

16 March 2010 - 04:23 AM

I need loads of video needing to be compressed down into smaller file sizes to post up on the internet. What I need to know is how these things work and which software I should get. I used Prism Video Converter but that cuts out parts of my movie and the final result has horizontal lines that messes up the quality of the video.

What's the best video compressor or converter I should use and what details should I look for in choosing one?

Thanks in advance.

RuneScape Machinima

09 February 2010 - 03:07 AM

It's been a clear indication that the making of RuneScape movies is a large and popular part of RuneScape's community and has some impact on the members of Tip.It. Currently we can post videos in one sticky which is merged with sounds and pictures; and its also clear that the sticky is dominated by pictures.

The goal of the machinimator (one who makes machinima) is to reach his/her audience, receive feedback, and improve. Though the current sticky thread and it's picture dominance most people will not expect many movies to be shown there and thus will not enter it. This removes a big chunk from the viewing audience. The fact that it is only one thread shared with two other subjects, it makes feedback very difficult and spread out due to the constant bumping/other posts irrelevant to the video. The last issue, best fixed with a subforum, is the methods of improving editing, writing, and directing skills of filmmakers. Though help threads and constructive criticism (made difficult on the current sticky, reasons above) the machimator can improve his work to entertain better his/her audience.

The solution to fix these problems or even just help out machinimators a whole lot, is to change the way videos can be posted. Either Tip.it can include a machinima subforum within General to cover all areas of concern, an entire sticky just for machinima so it won't be overun by pictures and sounds, or be allowable to be posted on the General forum. To be orderly, a machinima would have to consist as a traditional "Hollywood" movie; that is, no bank videos, PvP or Boss kills, things best left in Blogs or Rate This.

I really hope Tip.It can improve the thing it's been lacking, even through minor update. Jagex did and it was well received. A last point I want to say is that clans have their forums, bloggers have their forum, PK'ers have their forums, artists have their forum, achievers have their sub-forum, and I think now machinimators deserve some sort of personal space in this rich community. :-)