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What to do... Reporting a well-trained scammer.

09 August 2007 - 02:39 PM

I have recently been scammed out of over thirty-seven million RuneScape GP by a well-trained scammer. This scammer, whom I sadly cannot name due to the forum rules, attempts to become a friend with unsuspecting players, and when he succeeds, uses the "Trust Trade" routine to lend items from players. At first he borrows one or two items and uses the reason that he needs it to level up his skills. Then, he returns it to the players after a certain period of time, gaining their trust (which I have mistakenly given him). Eventually, he will request to lend items of greater value (For example, barrows items, which he would generously offer to repair after he is finished with them, and the dragonfire shield, with the reason that he wanted to find out the maximum defence possible by a player. When he got a hold of these items, he logs out with the reason "Chores", and never talks to you again. I even caught him having a bank sale on the forums and in world 2! I had my friend check out what he is selling, and what do you know, it is every item I have given him sold at a reduced price. Three players have fallen victim to the scammer:

Posted Image

My question: How do I report this scammer if he has not actively expressed his intentions of scamming? Would he get away with it, or would he be IP banned? Please reply. Do NOT flame me. I am slightly annoyed how I have not discovered this trap sooner, given my 168 IQ.


P.S.: Here are the items he "permanently borrowed" after pretending to be my friend for 2 months, in ascending order of value:

-DDP++ (45K)

-Dragon Scimitar (100K)

-Dragon Battleaxe (170K)

-1100 Soft Clay (275K)

-1100 Law runes (330K)

-Abyssal Whip (1650K)

-Full Dharok (3455K)

-Full Guthan (7875K)

-Dragonfire shield (Depleted) (23150K)

Total Loss: approximately 37,000,000 GP

3rd Age Armor overpriced and overpowered?

18 January 2007 - 11:36 AM

The New 3rd Age armor is a bit overpowered in my opinion. The warrior plate already beats the dragon chainbody by a lot of defensive stats and is more powerful than even some barrows plates.

This defeats the purpose of the Dragon Chainbody (Best unbreakable members chest armour) and Dragon Platelegs/skirt (Best unbreakable members legwear).

The 3rd Age Mage and Range Armor is better than Karils and Ahrims Sets now, which is why I detest the 3rd Age armor so much: Unbalances the game.

You can get dragon chainbody from KQ at a low drop rate, but now anyone that can kill level elves and jellies can get these armor easily.

I say nerf.