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Ectophial -empty-

11 June 2010 - 03:23 PM


It says you have to refill after each teleport. While the full version is correct, this one's still outdated.




Ectophial (members only)
The Ectophial is the reward for completing the Ghosts Ahoy! quest. Click on it to empty it at your feet, and you will immediately be transported to the Ectofuntus at Port Phasmatys. Your first action there should be to refill your Ectophial, to have it ready for your next use.

Bracelet of Clay & Varrock Armour

07 June 2010 - 10:26 PM


In these pages Bracelet of Clay is said to be usable for 28 wet clays, however, while technically not a use of bracelet, with Varrock Armour you are able to get more than 28 clay out of one bracelet (double ore mining, mines double wet clay for 1 charge). It might be worth mentioning!

Penance Horn's call

06 June 2010 - 04:48 AM


Nowhere it says that when wielded, you can operate the horn for an emote: You call the horn for a great sound and all your mastered roles' icons circle around your head. I can not confirm, however, if it works so with the normal penance horn, or just the Master Horn.

Jungle Strykewyrm

30 May 2010 - 02:35 PM

Jungle Strykewyrm follows the pattern of other strykewyrms and drops double drops as well, though so far they drop only nature runes+seed IIRC. Still, a double drop.

Pics (Only took two, but theyre quite common):
Posted Image
Posted Image

Castle wars brace

29 May 2010 - 10:55 PM


Spelled as "Castlewars brace", but in game it's "Castle wars brace", which makes it harder to search for it.